Gloria London
Ph.D. Ancient Near Eastern Studies

7701 Crest Drive N.E.
Seattle, WA 98115

I am affiliated with the Madaba Plains Project as the Ceramic Technologist. Ethnoarchaeological field projects include traditional potters in The Philippines (1981), Cyprus (1986, 1999, 2008, 2013), and Jordan (1989). My DVD, Women Potters of Cyprus presents potters at work. I was the Director of two NEH Summer Institutes for Schoolteachers. My field work involved industrial, domestic, burial, and ceremonial sites in Jerusalem, Tell Ber Sheva, Mt. Carmel caves, Negev Salvage excavation, Arava Expedition to Sinai and the Arava, Timna copper mines, Tel Yarmut, Tall al-'Umayri, among others.

Museum of Traditional Pottery in Agios Demetrios (Marathassa)
In 2014 I founded a new museum of traditional pottery technology in Cyprus together with Patir Dometios. I currently serve as the Scientific Advisor. For more information and to see potters at work:
Facebook Link
Agios Demetrios, Limassol, 4842, CYPRUS

Editorial Work
Editorial Board: Ethnoarchaeology Journal, 2013 – current.
Editorial Board: Leiden Journal of Pottery Studies, 2004 – 2012.
Series Editor, ASOR Archaeological Reports Series, 1996 – 2003.
Editorial Committee, The Biblical Archaeologist 1993 – 1997.
Abstract preparation for Abstracts in Anthropology 1981 – 1982.
Editorial Assistant, Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental     Research 1980 – 1981.

NEH Institutes for Schoolteachers
Link to 2009 Institute:
Daily Life in Ancient Times: Archaeology of Israel and Jordan

Ph.D. Ancient Near Eastern Studies. University of Arizona 1985.
    Dissertation: Decoding Designs: The Late Third Millennium B.C.
    Pottery from Jebel Qa'aqir 1985.
M.A. Ancient Cultures of the Near East. Tel Aviv University 1976.
B.A. Prehistory. Tel Aviv University 1973.
B.A. Geography. Tel Aviv University 1973.
Philadelphia High School for Girls 1968.
Gratz College Hebrew High School, Philadelphia.

Post-doctoral Awards
2008–2009 PI for NEH ($180K) Summer Institute for School Teachers.
2004–2005 PI for NEH ($150K) Summer Institute for School Teachers.
American Schools of Oriental Res. 2005 Membership Service Award.
National Endowment for the Humanities 1999/2000 for Cyprus.
White-Levy Program for Publication Award 1997, with L. Herr.
Frances Goldman Fellowship, Hebrew Union College, 1987.
Fulbright Research Award for Cyprus. 1986.
Samuel Stroum Fellowship, University of Washington. 1985.

Bicommunial Event
Special Grant: U.S. Embassy in Cyprus Bicommunal Grant
to conduct a 4-day Pottery Partners Workshop, 2001,
at the Ledra Palace Hotel, Nicosia Buffer Zone, for
modern Cypriot potters with M. P. Maurice Grossman.

Traditional Pottery Making in Cyprus
Link to description of DVD:
Women Potters of Cyprus

Pacific Northwest Regional Coordinator for ASOR

Selected Publications

Ancient Cookware from the Levant: An Ethnoarchaeological Perspective. Equinox Publishing. Forthcoming 2016.

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