Surnames from Other Parts of the World

Keifer (Kiefer/Kieffer), Crosby, Thomas, Monk, Miller, Collier, Froment, Cox, Eckert, Kleckner, Hopkins, Davis, Hayes, Fulce, Ritt (Rith), Dubig, Staud (Staut), Pfeitzer, Bickelmann, Wachter, Moritz

Cosney, Phillips, Tate, Riegert, Hopper, Comiskie, Flugal, May, Nix

Reddick, McGill, Frietch, Brinker, Blue, Kraus, Smith, McIlvaine (McKlveen), Shannon, Pennington, Rippinger.

These are also part of our family tree at RootsWeb.

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