Research Services

Specializing in Basque records
Spanish/English Translation

• 25 years experience, 20 years specializing in Basque records
• Previous Residency and Research in Spain
• 1987 Honors Graduate in Spanish Literature, University of Utah
• Expertise in Spanish/English Translation
• Compiled database of more than 60,000 family names (all linked)
• Author of the instructional video: Who Were They, Heroes or Horse thieves?
• Access to the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Fee Information:

Beginning Search:.................. $75.00
This is a preliminary consultation and overview of what research has already been done.
The client should provide copies of family group records and/or pedigree charts, research
logs and any additional information which may be useful in the search. The beginning search
will include a review of all materials provided, two hours of search time, and a report on the
availability of records for the specific localities in Spain, as well as any documents found.

Single Record Search..............$10.00
This is a special search for those clients who know the exact name, date of event and place where a particular record is found. For example, those who have searched on the net and found a summary of ecclesiastical information, but do not wish to have to pay $30 (or more in Euros) for a copy of the record.

Single Record Search plus Transcription and Translation.........$20.00
Same service as above with a transcription (what the copy says, because they are hard to read from a facsimile), and translation into English for those who don't read Spanish. Do be careful to note that if you have multiple records you wish to access, it is probably to your benefit to just commision the work hourly.

Research: $25.00/hr. plus expenses

Translation: ................................$15.00/hr. (copy expenses additional)

Consultation Services ...........$10.00/hr.



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