We now offer portrait composite drawings to help identify the ancestors in your family tree.

We have already helped solve many cases of missing images of ancestors. Composites were created based on old photographs, descriptions by family members, pictures of close relatives and other clues.

For more info on this service E-mail us at
In the Utah Valley area, and need forensic art services you can call: 801-850-0635


NEW! -Coat of arms service now available through

Get your COAT OF ARMS, origin and
meaning of your surname for just$50.00

Now you can order your custom coat of arms and have the option to pay
with your card instead of having to mail a check!

Visit our Etsy Store and click on the coat of arms example to order. Start by sending us an E-mail at with the details of your request to make sure we have informaiton on your surname, then you can choose to either send a check, the traditional way or use for more convenience and faster service!

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