Moonrest Cottage on Pelee Island.
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About Moonrest
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Moonrest Exterior Remodel 2009
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Our family has owned Moonrest for 14 years as of 2014. We found the cottage just by chance when we were camping for a few days on the Island in 2000. While exploring the Island we decided to make a hard left turn while driving South on East Shore Rd. and headed Northward on to Lorain Lane. To our surprise, we found a really ugly cottage on a beautiful beach for sale. Yes, it needed some TLC after having sat unused for several years, but we were in love with the scenery, and it has been worth every minute of toil! We have put much thought into making her as nice and as fun to stay in as we possibly could. We hope you will agree!

Moonrest Cottage 
 Pelee Island, Canada