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Slow Scan Television

TARA uses Slow Scan Television (SSTV) to transmit visual information. Tara members can transmit images from any part of the city. Images received at the Torrance police station can be viewed live on screen in the communications center, attached to email to the EOC during an emergency, or printed out to provide a permanent documentary record.

Andrew W6YB with VC-H1 SSTV unit

Armed Forces Day 2006 Slow Scan Gallery

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On the right is Andrew W6YB preparing to transmit a slow-scan image from the parade route using the Kenwood VC-H1. The VC-H1 is a handheld slow scan unit that can transmit and receive pictures from anywhere.

Joe NZ6L portable On the left is Joe NZ6L demonstrating SSTV reception at the Torrance Disaster Expo. He is using his portable ham station with a laptop computer running the (free) MMSSTV program by Mako Mori, the same software we use on the computer in the TARA station.
Laptop running SSTV

Sample SSTV images from TARA nets and activities.

Sample SSTV image Sample SSTV image Sample SSTV image

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