hammered dulcimer, flute, whistle, EWI, bass, vocals

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Playing Celtic, Old Time, and English country dance music for dances, concerts, historical events, weddings, and private parties.  
Available as a solo act, duo or larger group.



Full Circle is Veronica & Ted Lane#*, two former military musicians who traveled extensively and played many styles of music with the Navy band and their own trio, "Seabreeze."  Now Ted & Veronica enjoy playing Celtic, Irish and Old Time tunes on guitar and hammered dulcimer for contra- and English Country dances. 
Full Circle usually performs as a duo.  Occasionally, they add guest musicians including woodwind specialist, Robbie Zukauskas.

Since 2002, Full Circle has become a well known English Country dance group in the Southeast and has had the privilege of playing for such renowned callers as Kathy Anderson, Michael Barraclough, Reg Battle, Nicolas Broadbridge, Barrie Bullimore, Brad Foster, Beverly Francis, Brooke Friendly, Sharon Green, Bruce Hamilton, Robin Hayden, Nikki Herbst, Scott Higgs, Colin Hume, Orly Krasner, David Millstone, Gene Murrow, Mady Newfield, and Jacqueline Schwab.

When playing for contra dances, the band uses a combination of acoustic and electric instruments.  They mix the percussive hammered dulcimer with flute, saxophone, EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument) and fiddle.  Rhythm backup comes from acoustic or electric guitar as well as looped electric bass and electronic drums for extra punch.  By varying their instrument combinations and rhythms for the different tunes, the group can sound traditional.........or not.



*Orange Park/Jacksonville English Country Dance (led by Veronica Lane) is a Group Affiliate of the Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS)

#members of Florida Folk Dance Council



3/10/19 Celebrate the Green ECD party, Orange Park
4/6/19 ECD with Kathy Anderson, Cocoa Beach
10/11-13 Sharpes Assembly with Kalia Kliban, Cocoa Beach


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