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Here are comments, feedback and information shared by fellow Fruit Pie lovers.

= Christopher W. -- "I just sent an e-mail to Hostess asking them to bring back Fruit Pie the Magician. Fruit Pies just aren't the same without him!"

= Ellie -- "I also miss the wonderful Fruit Pie the Magician, and have sent an email to hostess letting them know!"

= Gary C. -- "I want the little chap on all packaging, even tho we dont get their products in the UK!! :("

= Chris M. -- "Great site. I told the hostess folks that they have erred in consigning the magician to the dustbin of history. His jaunty wand was a key component of the fruit pie experience. Perhaps he will rise again."

= Sarah L. -- "I am a true fan of these products! ... These characters are such a part of my life, my kids don't know any of them besides Twinkie the Kid..."

= Jack T. -- "Sent Hostess a nice note asking them to bring the little guy back. Hope our efforts aren't Fruit-less! Pardon the pun."

= Tony -- "Hi, Brandon. I, too, am a part of that Hostess generation. (I'm 32). I did, and now do, so love the tastes and characters of Hostess. Some wrappers you left out: Pineapple Fruit Pies, (yes, there were!) and Twinkie's alternate, CHOCOLATE Twinkie the Kid! (Remember those?) Also, my all-time fave were, and still are, Yellow (Orange-flavored) cupcakes. They're a little hard to find now, though, but are worth the hunt! I love your site, especially the commercials. Keep it up!"

= Jerry R. -- "Sent a letter out via the feedback form. Long live our magic dark sweet lord!!"

= B H -- "Heya...I expressed my outrage to hostess!!!"

= Paula -- "I was saddened to hear of the removal of the Magician. I wrote to Interstate Bakeries which (Hostess) to let them know I was not pleased with their decision to remove the Magician--I received a generic reply stating that they had no plans to return the mascot to the label."

= Ed -- "I e-mailed Hostess and expressed polite outrage at the lack of Fruit Pie on their wrappers. He will be sorely missed."

= Joe A. -- "Here's a copy of the comment I left at Hostess: Please bring back Fruit Pie The Magician. He is truly a magical pie and candy to my eye. Your pies will always be fantastic but without him on the wrapper I have less reason to smile about them.

= Evan C. -- "I love Fruit Pie the Magician!!! Thanks for the page and the links. I had started a discussion about Fruit Pie's disappearance at [link below] and someone swung in and showed me your page. Link To Discussion

= Irene Y. -- "He was half the reason I bought those pies. I just wrote Hostess asking them to not fall victim to the unimaginative product designers of this generation."

= Cheryl B. -- "Hello...I was touched by your web site. I voted to bring back Fruit Pie the Magician."

= Reference to this site made on the "Siftin' " Blog

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