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( saving the world from un-magical Fruit Pies since June 2006 )

The cape-wearing, magical pastry known to millions as "Fruit Pie The Magician" has graced the Hostess Fruit Pie wrapper since 1973.

Sadly, late in 2005 he was phased out in favor of a new and decidedly un-magical package design. (Old and new wrappers shown below.)

Join the revolution and save Fruit Pie The Magician!

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*UPDATE* 09/28/09 -- fixed broken links on the commercials page and added a Chocodiles commercial


Above we see our hero, circa 1990s, sporting his blueberry-flavored duds.

Below we see the 2006 Hostess Fruit Pie wrapper. Sure, it's a zippy new design, but alas NO Fruit Pie The Magician...


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