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Items marked "FFL" require a Federal Firearms License to purchase.

No refunds on shipping or FFL transfer fees.
Please do not order something if you are not sure what it is.(duh!)

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MILITARY HOLSTERS, $6/package. Bender=Military Holsters of World War II, by Eugene J. Bender.  GPH=German Pistols & Holsters by Robert Whittington, volume III. Most recent items first: 

>Savage 1907 or 1917, Portugese contract, russet, EX, $50ea.   Marked AE.                                                                                                                                   >CZ27 black Nazi flap holster, G, $50. Marked: WaA170 (eagle) 42 JAP.                                                                                                                                                >WALTHER PP left-hand holster, $20. Replica of a rare German universal type.   >Browning High-Power holsters: Belgian black leather or canvas box holsters, GPH p.185 , VG, $40 & $30...Unmarked WWII German style, GPH p.186,  G, $45. 

>Italian ersatz, fits 38H best, VG, $50. Unmarked long flap type made of gray-green cowhide during the German occupation of Italy.
>Unmarked P.08 shoulder holster, VG,  $75.
>Russian Nagant revolver ersatz pig-skin w/rod, VG, $45.
>Austrian post war P.38, VG, $10. 
>US shoulder holster for 1911 pistol, WWII brown leather, G, $50. Repaired strap and replaced buckle, some flaking. Good for display, but too fragile to use. Marked US Boyt, but no date.
>AKAH marked brown holster once dyed black on front only. Similar to GPH p.245, fits  Walther PP best. 4 small holes in flap for a pin, otherwise VG, $45.
>Belgian 1922 Browning, black hardshell w/nickel hardware, EX, $40... Another, brown, like one on p.18 Bender,  or GPH p.193, VG, $40.
>British holsters: WWI black leather open top for .455 Webley revolver, G, Portugese rework with buckle belt loops, rod, $20...Artic white web full-flap .455 revolver, EX, $20...Tan or grey web .455, VG, $40... WWI  brown full flap VG, $75...Grey web for .380 revolver,  VG, $20... Repro full-flap brown leather WWI type, $20( choose right or left hand).
>French post-war tan leather full flap universal type, VG, $20.
>US M1916 WW2(standard holster for 1911 pistol), brown leather, G, $20-$40
>US WW2 tan leather unmarked full flap S&W Victory Model, EX, $40.
GUN PARTS: None other available than what is shown.
>AK-47 rear trunion for under-folder, $45.
>ASTRA 600 mag, VG reblue, $50.
>ARGENTINE ROLLING BLOCK rifle rear sight, EX, $50.
>ARISAKA TYPE 38 firing pin, EX, $50, original.
>ARISAKA wooden muzzle plug, G, $10. Very rare.
>BROWNING INVECTOR rifled choke tube, EX, $20.  Makes your 12ga Browning shotgun almost as accurate as a rifle, like the classic "Paradox" gun.  Blued and ported tube extends 3.5"; rifling is 5". Can also be used on other guns-- see Cabela's catalog($40).
>COLT ROOT Revolving Rifle mainspring. $10. Broken in half, came off a .56 cal., 115mm, no rust or pitting. Repair by brazing together and re-tempering... repro East Taylor  spring, $50($75 list)... 18.5" cut down barrel for same, G, $50. Unrifled bore mikes .535"; forcing cone is .600". Couple extra dove cuts. This could be used to make a carbine, but outside needs turned down.
>Crosman 400 parts--ask.
>C-96 MAUSER pistol original commercial hard rubber grips, G, $50/pr. Fits large stepped grip frame. Small chip out of one; not warped... Another, plain walnut with screw, $15. Flat grip frame.
>DAISY piston assy, NOS, $20. Rubber cups, $5.
>DANISH KRAG ACTION w/stock bolts, VG, $150, FFL. Good blue w/rust spots. Barrel  threads are V type, 1"x12.
>JAP Arisaka Type 38 critical parts: VG, $100. Bolt assy w/early safety knob, guard w/mag parts(broken spring) extra extractor & collar. These parts would cost $150 from Gun Parts Corp... if they had them!
>JAPArisaka Type 99 bolt body & extractor only, G, last ditch, $50.
>us KRAG parts: VG complete bolt assy, $100; EX 1896 type 4 rear sight, $150; EX 1901 rear sight, $150.
>Japanese TYPE 26 REVOLVER cylinder, VG, $150.
>LLAMA .380 mag, EX, $30.
>M-1 CARBINE walnut sporter stock by Fajen, unfinished, cheek roll, white spacers, $40. Will not fit Universal carbines.
>MANNLICHER-SHOENAUER complete action, G, $160, FFL. Mismatched #s, moderate pitting. Marked BREDA 1927(Greece). Your custom M-S rifle project begins here!
>MARTINI- HENRY carbine nosecap and band, VG, $50.
>MARTINI-HENRY CADET parts: complete buttstock, VG, $50...  Barrel, .32-20 w/sights, VG, $100. Bore mikes .315". This can be easily converted to use the 7.62 Nagant case, just extend the neck... Complete forend w/pins & band, $50. No reciever parts; get from Numrich.
>PPS-43 parts set, G, $150. Complete, except for 8" section removed from upper reciever, barrel and hinge pins. Earlier importation, no finish. One cut thru barrel shroud; good hinge and trunion. Has rear sight and 10" barrel(shiney bore). 10" blank reciever section included. 1 unissued mag. Can't tell which country made this. Assembling these parts into a working gun is illegal.
>POLYCHOKE: 20ga, EX, $20. Ventilated.
>REMINGTON ROLLING BLOCK  rifle 1910 7mm  rear sight, $50.
>SHOTGUN BARREL, 12ga English percussion SXS hooked breech, F, $40. Gold inlaid(not plated) "WARRANTED LAMINATED" in Gothic script on rib with some filigree. Engraved tang, loose ribs, rough 35" cylinder bores, forend section with wedge, one nipple hole enlarged, missing thimble, no dents or twist pattern.  $50 worth of gold.
>SIAMESE MAUSER dust cover, G, $10.
>SKS stock sets (Chinese ex-military), complete w/hardware, G, wood--$20, brown fiberglass--$40.


MISCELLANY: $5-$10/package. Most recent items first.
>Shoe Pac instructions, dated 1951. FREE copy.
>Colt M261 .22lr conversion kit for M-16 rifle, VG, $250. Works. Comes with 2 original 10-rnd mags in 20-rnd bodies, and 2 Black Dog 25 rounders.
>1860 AMES CAVALRY SWORD, G, $400. Good grip, pitted blade measures 34.4". Nice scabbard with no dents or rust. Only readable marks on ricasso are 'US'. 'A.D.K.' on pommel and '62' on guard.
>Type/model 98/15 saddle drum magazine, EX, $750. No gov't markings, just the red 25, 50, & 75, which are positioned differently than on the MG 15 type. Also, the 0s are sideways, and there are other differences. I believe this to be Japanese, but can't find any marks or info.
>H&R handcuffs, G, $40. Pitting, ~50% nickel remaining, w/key, no box.
>GERMAN WWII utensil, mess kit, folding cast aluminum fork & spoon, G, $20. Marked "HMZ40".
>Civil War repro tin canteen, smooth type, EX, $30.
>SHERMAN TANK telescopic sight, M70c, VG, $250. Made by Bulova in 1943. Optics are good, but some minor scratches on objective, which is unprotected. Good rubber face piece. Camera tripod adaptor.
>British 6x30 binoculars, G, $100. Kershaw No2 MII, dated 1941. No scratched lenses; good collimation. Work fine, but optics are dirty. Broad Arrow marks, individual focus, range finder on R side. Unlike others, these have never been repainted or reworked. Comes with a nearly new canvas case dated 1943(no strap).
>Polariod filters for 7x50 US WW2 USN binoculars, $40. Interesting device works like the WW2 Polaroid goggles which use 2 rotating lenses to adjust darkness. Surplus Shed has similar ones for 6x30, but unlike theirs, mine get very dark. An example of a good idea which has fallen by the wayside. In original box... Also have the binoculars & case for $100.
>Prism(head assy.) for M4 tank periscope, $10. In original sealed package dated 'Jun21 '45'.
>MG-13 bandolier & magazines: L&R 4-mag pouches and harness, VG, $50. The 25-rnd mags are $20 ea, dated 1938. These can be adapted to Hakim, Ljungman, G-43 & K-43. Ask for photos of the >Ford Model T battery charger, 6v, VG, $100. Tungar type, works! Made by GE.
>BMW R75 & ZUNDAPP KS750 1/35 scale model kits w/riders and decals, EX, $20. In original wrapper, discontinued.  SEE FINSHED MODELS and how much I paid!
> CARTRIDGE DISPENSER: NIB, $5. Smoke-colored tapered box that clips to belt. Holds 10 .308s or other cartridges of the same dimensions
> KUKRI MINI-KNIVES: These can replace those frequently missing from the large scabbards. $10ea., wood handles.  Blades are from 2.7"-3.4"(specify). Also have the sharpeners which look similar, but have a flat edge. These can be reground into knives. Blades are 2.5"-3.1", $5ea. Get 2 sharpeners, and regrind one if you want a matching set.
>U.S. round steel mess kit, M.1874, G, $75. No dents, but some rust.
>FLEAM, 3-blade, VG, marked "T. Malt, March, 1848", $40. These are folding lancets used to bleed animals. Horn scales.
>NYDAR gun sight, VG, $100. The original sporting reflex sight made in the '40s, derived from a WWII aircraft machine gun sight. 38mm lens w/bronze mirror coating. White circle & dot reticule. Steel base mounts directly to 1 1/4" radius receiver. Powered by ambient light-- uses no batteries.
>GOGGLES: Unmarked Afrika Korps brown leather with round dark tinted lenses, VG, $50. Manion's had these for $100. Also featured in the movie "Big Red One"...Unmarked, unknown WWII phosphate steel folding goggles in green tin, VG except that yellow tint sandwiched between the flat oval lenses is clouded, $20...Another, this time plain glass in aluminum frames, VG, $20.
>M.1895 Austrian/Hungarian Mannlicher clips, G, 3 for $10, Nazi or Hungarian marked(specify).
>M.1886 Austrian Mannlicher clips, 11mm, $5ea. 
>M.1888 Commission Rifle clips(repro), $5 each ppd.
>Dutch or Romanian Mannlicher clips, for 6.5mm or rifles based on this action in other calibers, G, $10 ea.
>Swiss 7.5 cardboard clips, VG, $5 ea.
>1895 HUNGARIAN MANNLICHER 2-pocket slanted ammo pouches, unmarked, right & left styles, WWII ersatz canvas/leather type, G-VG, $20 set. Also have the ammo on clips(10rnds) in the slanted boxes, Nazi marked, EX, $10 ea. 
>REMINGTON ROLLING BLOCK cleaning rod tips, 5/$10, ask for photo.
>CANTEEN, British WWII style O.D. w/harness in sealed bag, EX, $20.
>COMPASS, Soviet: Materials are Bakelite, aluminum, brass & glass. Marked "Made in Bulgaria" on back, but has 2 Cyrillic letters on front. 2" diameter, needle lock, wrist band, EX, $10.
>Kuwaiti Gulf War campaign medal in plastic box, European mfg, EX, $10.
>G.I. Shoe Impregnite(or BP patch lube), 8oz., $3.
>Set of 5 matching brass G.I. padlocks with keys and requisition dated 1972, G, $20.
>Switchblade knife without spring, EX, FREE with any other purchase over $50(ask, one per 21+ customer). This is the only way that I can legally ship them; I never got the springs anyway. Now it's just a lockback, made in Taiwan, with 3" stainless clip point blade, stainless liners, and other parts chrome plated or black plastic. Springs can be made from .090" wire, 3.1" long and inserted into a slot in the back spring. You may also have to grind down a rivet protruding thru the liner. Solvents will ruin the grips. May be illegal where you live, so check your local & state laws.
BULLET MOLDS: .38 DEWC 2-cavity, VG, $20, #J-358-610...  RCBS 58-500-M, VG, $20.
RELOADING:   .577, RCBS, 1/14 threads, $100. 4-die set, no shellholder. 2 expanders, .569" & .589" + trim die... .41 Action Express, Redding, looks unused, $50. 2 die set + taper crimp. Size ring, powder thru expander... Pacific 8x57 2-die set with RCBS trim die, $40... .25acp die set, RCBS, NIB, $25. Made in 1982....44-90 Sharps Bottleneck dies, C-H, $40. With sample case... 7.7 Jap 2-die set with shell holder, RCBS, $20. You can use 8x57 brass and .308"-.311" bullets. 30-06 brass needs trimming...6.5x55 Swede. LEE 2-die set  plus "factory crimp" die, $10... Vintage .25-35 Win 4-die set, 310 Lyman, $50...RCBS Bullet Puller, NOS, .30 & 6mm collets, $10.
>Gallager brass cases, $4 ea. Also have .50AE cases which can be adapted, 50c ea.
>Smith brass cases, $4 ea.
>Maynard new brass cases, $4 ea.
>Burnside tapered brass cases, $4 ea. Turned from solid brass, unfired...DGW has brass sealing rings.
>BERDAN PRIMERS: can't get them anymore, try
>.50 BMG, new unprimed brass in box, 25pcs, $25.
>.32 Short Colt(.320 Revolver) new brass. This is what most of those Belgian 7mm/32s use, not .32 S&W which is too fat. Load with Speer Plinker .30 cal bullets in .32acp dies.  $7.50/50 w/box & tray.
>.351 Winchester Self-loading, 56 spent cases, mixed head stamps, in Remington box, $20. Reload with .357 mag dies; get bullets from
>9mm indoor range brass, mixed headstamps, $2/100 bulk or $3/100 boxed.
>8x50R Lebel, new Boxer unprimed reloadable cases, EX, 50c ea.
>.303 Savage unprimed cases, NOS box of 20, Winchester, $20.
>.348 Winchester new cases, 50c ea. Not available retail now. These are used to make several obsolete calibers.
>6.5x54 Mannlicher-Schoenauer new Boxer brass, 50c ea.
>.315 RWS Knallpatronen blanks, $10/50.
STEEL SCOPES: For collectors only(dirty optics). Weaver KV 60, VG, $75. Redfield rings. Clear view, but lenses need cleaning... Weaver V22 w/rings, $40...Weaver K4, VG, $30...Weaver K4 Widefield, VG, $50...Marlin 4x MicroVue, $20...German copy of Weaver B4, VG, $20...J.C. Higgins Rifleman Senior 2.5x, EX, $20. A quality 1" tube scope w/ machined steel rings made in USA, but lenses are separated... Weaver K6/L, lenses need re-cemented, $100.
COLLECTOR AMMUNITION: Most recent first.
> .32 COLT NEW POLICE (same as .32 S&W Long), 60 rnds, most tarnished, $15.
> STEEL CASE M1 Carbine 1943 dated 1x fired cases, 80pc, $15. Boxer primed.
> Winchester .22 short, dated 11-8, full box partially sealed, G, $20. "Smokeless/Target Cartidges/Greaseless Bullets"
>9x23 Steyr, $10/50. DWM non-corrosive berdan FMJ in original boxes. Looks very clean, but I haven't shot it.
>.38 ACP, 'Mushroom' bullets, 50/$40. Original Remington green 50rnd box, missing 1 flap, marked '.38 Super Automatic Colt'.  Ammo is very clean. Don't know how old, but price was $2.25.
>.38 S&W black powder blanks, ~40/$10. In original old box(G).
>.32 S&W blanks in old box, 17/$5.
>.30-06 WWI blanks on strippers, 20/$10.
> 7.35 Italian Carcano. Shiney ammo on blued steel clips, no rust, in boxes of 18, dated 1939, $9. Also have  the original lined wooden case, 1/2 full, 60lb FOB 30329.  (41 boxes + 12 rounds at this writing, 40c/rnd)   Also 2 boxes partial/ modified ammo for $10.
>.257 Roberts in old blue & yellow Western Super X box(20), VG, $20.
>6.5 Jap WWII ammo, $2 ea.
>.32-20 blanks, UMC, wood tipped. 37ct, $20
>German 8x57 in original 15rnd boxes, steel cased, dated 1939 or 1940, $10ea. Marked 'Fur MG'. These do not come with clips.
>LEBEL rifle original packet of 8 rnds, torn, made in 1946, $10.
>Whitworth Cylindrical Projectiles, $5ea., 3 only.
>.43 Spanish, G. $2 ea. No headstamp, balloon-head, unpatched lead bullet. Don't shoot old BP cartridges; the cases will split.
>.42 Berdan, G, $3 ea. Resized .43 Spanish, as above.
>.43/11mm Reformado, G, $3 ea. These were used in the Spanish copy of the Remington Rolling Block rifle and will not fit the latter. The fabled "Poison Bullet" of the Spanish-American War in Cuba; the unique brass-jacketed bullets would sometimes turn green from corrosion. Mine have been polished. Head stamp dates of 1877-1887.
>11mm Austrian Mannlicher ammo on clips(not for M1895), G, $10ea. Also used in Werndl rifle(not carbine). The 5 rounds are dated 1887, paper-patched, and should not be shot. Clips only, $5 ea. Also single rounds for $2 ea.
>Patr. S. m. K. L'Spur (Patron en Spitzgeschoss mit Stahlkern und Leuchtspur)  is the cartridge with a pointed armor-piercing bullet and tracer, identified by the red coloring on its primer seat and a black-tipped bullet. 14rnds on 3 clips in original box dated 1935. $20.
>Italian submachine gun, 50rnd box, 9mm, VG, headstamp GFL 9M38 1949, $20.
>7mm Remington, partial early display box of 10, UMC, VG, $20...Another partial early Winchester box of 14 headstamped S.F.M. T, VG, $20.
>7mm Mauser, Super X, full box of 20, VG, $20.
>9mm Largo, 25rnd  MT boxs for display, VG, $1ea. 1946
> Fiocchi NOS 32 gauge or 24 gauge plastic loaded shotshells, $15/25. These can be made into some obsolete calibers.
>Turk 8x57 in 70rnd bandolier w/clips, $35. Berdan.
>7.62x54 Russian, Chinese steel case, $10/20rnds. Berdan.
COLEMAN CORNER: Most recent first.
>AIDA EXPRESS RECORD 500CP, $50. Nickel bottom and chrome & red top, G. Appears complete except for globe, no dents.
>KAMPLITE KFL-1, VG, $40. Single mantle 1st model made in the 50s. Competitor to Coleman which used special propane cylinders. 
>SEARS 72216: LIte Blue, G, $30.  Double mantle.
>Early nickeled "Quick-Lite" lantern, double mantle, all there including original mica globe, extra mica, not working, no dents, G, dated 1925, $125.
>Coleman Model 242C, G, single lamp, Shrader valve(missing cap), green painted brass fount and porcelain shade(chipped), new globe, works, 5-1 date, $75.
> Coleman Model 200A, red w/rust, single mantel, F, CO2 charger, Accessory Safe, flint lighter, 2-60 date, $50.
>POWERHOUSE UNLEADED 295 lantern, VG, dated 11/90, $50.
>US MILITARY, O.D., marked 'ARMSTRONG PRODUCTS CO 1977', VG, $75. Some chipping on shade, but never lit.
>G.I. 1-burner gasoline camp stove, dated 1982 w/manual, EX, $50.


OLD REVOLVERS(mostly). Items marked "FFL" require license, otherwise 21+.  "Shooter grade": works OK and has a good bore, but the gun has been altered or has a bad finish. May not be safe to shoot, which applies to all my guns. "Zhuk"= "The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Handguns", by A.B.Zhuk... "bore mikes"= groove to groove measurement... HOLSTERS NOT ORIGINAL unless stated otherwise.

ALLEN & WHEELOCK side hammer, 4th model: .22, G, $300. Cute little Civil War era gun that you can shoot with short CB caps. Right grip missing a couple chunks, good bore and lock-up. Test fired OK. Never use .22 Shorts in 19thC .22 revolvers; they fit just fine, but will blow the cylinder.

AMERICAN BULLDOG revolver: .44, VG, $250. Nickel plated, made by I.J.. I can convert to .44 Russian, but you have to use 200 gr flat-nose bullets. Factory ammo is too long... Another, chrome plated, $250.

ASTRA Modelo 1921(400): 9mm Largo, VG,  $225, FFL.  Arsenal rework with replaced slide numbered to frame(pitted), dull grey finish, pitted bore... Another, this time with thinning blue, VG, also matching and bore pitted, $325, FFL. Either gun comes with original mag, checkered wood grips, import marks, and a holster.

ASTRA 600/43: 9MM, EX, $300, FFL. Mismatched #s, P date, original mag, holster. No German or import marks. Missing lanyard loop.

ASTRA 300 PISTOL: .32acp, VG, $700, FFL. Wood grips... Another, EX, $800. sn 594249. Neither are Nazi marked. Holsters for both.

AUSTRIAN m.1844 AUGUSTIN horse pistol: .67cal, EX, $500. Belgian conversion from tubelock to perscussion. Highly polished and nickel plated, nice bore, nice wood. All markings thoughtfully removed. Original guns go for $3500!

AUSTRIAN GASSER, M.1874: 11mm, VG, $900. One of the largest revolvers ever made. Mine is complete and looks good, but doesn't work and someone has filed back the forcing cone and cylinder sleeve. See below.

BABY LUGER: .380acp, VG, $350, FFL. Made by Erma. Missing extractor, but gun ejects the shells most of the time. It may have been removed to improve function. It's just a flat piece of steel. Holster.

BACON 2ND NAVY revolver: .38rf, VG, $3000.  I usually don't have investment-grade guns, but sometimes I get lucky. I bought this pistol at the Dec '13 Civil War show in TN for $600. All the heavy-hitters were there, and the night before too, so I don't know how they missed this. I didn't know much about Bacons, but recognized that this one was fine & rare, so I didn't quibble on price. When I got home and turned to p.466 in 2007 Flayderman's, I was stunned. Base value is $2250 + 20-40% for the Rollin White patent date on cylinder.

This may be the very first revolver with a swing-out cylinder. Made to stop half way, by slot in recoil shield. Only 325 produced. Grey mottled finish, sharp edges, shiney bore, works perfectly. 'C.W. HOPKINS... 1862' on barrel.

BAVARIAN WERDER m.1869 pistol: 11mm, VG, $2000. Peabody variant. This is not the one at the bottom of this page which was painted black. Yours will have the original finish. Works perfectly, no repairs, and shiney bore mikes .460". The Bertram 11mm Montenegrin cases fit this gun best; load with .455 Webley dies and bullets. I also have .480 Ruger cases which can be used, 50c ea. Unit marked '3 Ch R 4 16'.

BELGIAN OPEN-TOP revolver: .38 S&W, G, $225. 10% nickel remaining, medium frame. Works OK, but firing pin is too short. Both Belgian and German proof marks. Similar to gun #1253 in Zhuk. 

BELGIAN WARNANT revolver: .450 Adams, VG, $500. Large topbreak with ring extractor and single Pryse latch. Works perfectly, and is very tight. ~30% nickle remaining. Nice floral gutta percha grips with weird gargoyle motif. Unmarked except for Belgian proofs, but I have 2 others, and one is marked 'ML', which stands for "Manufacture Liegeoise d'Armes a Feu". They were competitors of Francotte. Although I have 3 of these now, they don't appear anywhere on the Internet or in any book. Similar to Zhuk #328. Can also use .455 Webley, but factory ammo would be too hot. Good bore mikes .451". Holster.

BELGIAN CONSTABULARY REVOLVER: .38 S&W, G, $100. Pocket 6-shot type with lanyard ring. Works perfectly. One chamber is cracked and filled with lead(barely visible). This is what can happen when you shoot modern ammo in antique guns.

BELGIAN TOP-BREAK revolver:  .38 S&W, VG, $300. Pryse type w/ring extractor and checkered wood grips. ~75 nickel. Not working.                                                         

BERETTA, 1934 shooter: .380, VG, $250. FFL. "RE" marked and dated 1942, holster. Re-nickeled.

BERGMANN-BAYARD, M.1910: 9mm, VG, $1200, FFL. Made in Belgium, reblued, works fine. (sold)

BROWNING HI-POWER, Inglis No. 2: 9mm, VG, $750, FFL. FTR 63 rework of 1944 pistol w/90% black enamel finish. 3 matching #s (4T9403), perfect bore. Comes with an original unissued holster, rod and lanyard. Original 'JI' mag, replaced lanyard ring.

Nazi marked BROWNING 1922: .32ACP, VG, $400, FFL. Original checkered wood grips & magazine, C-range, mirror bore, Nazi marked holster.

BRITISH BULLDOG revolvers: Out-of-Stock now; check back in 3 months. .32's & .38's are $160, .44's & .45's are $250.

COLT 1862-1962 Centennial pistol: .22short, EX, $260, FFL. Rock Island Centennial single-shot miniature 1860 Army. Barrel and cylinder must be removed to load each time. Comes in a nice padded presentation case. 6" rifled barrel should shoot well if you can see the sights; I can't. Low sn- 140 RIA.

COLT S.A. FRONTIER shooter: .44-40, VG,  $900. Typical cowboy mod: barrel cut short and funky front sight installed. At least he crowned the muzzle this time. '50s re-nickel with Franzite grips added; now you've got B-western. So you have the best of both worlds. Early round head ejector with original brass spring. Works perfectly. Good bore mikes .431",  matching #s. Made in 1888, at the height of the Old West era. Comes with a black quick-draw holster.

COLT NEW ARMY revolver: .41LC, G, $400. Made in 1898-- Yay! Loose lock-up, but timing is OK. 6" barrel, repaired H.R. grips, shiney bore. Military Police type holster. See discussion on Home page on how to make ammo. Not ready.

COLT 1903 ARMY DA revolver: .38, VG, $450, FFL. Mottled brown finish, with a few pits. Works perfectly, but most of these are a little loose. Timing is fine, bore is good. RAC 1904, matching. The chambers on these were bored straight thru, and .357 mags will fit, but are too hot. Groove dia is .365". Contrary to what you've been told, the .38 Long Colt can be deadly... Another, a rare Cuban contract "Guardia Civil", G, $450.

COLT 1902 MILITARY auto shooters: .38 acp, G, $900, FFL.  50% old re-nickel, repro grips, modified 1911 sear spring affects disconnector... Another, chrome plated long ago, tested O.K. with 9mm Largo ammo, $900. All original parts. Book value is $3000 ea.

COLT 1911A1, 1943: .45acp, EX, $1200, FFL. Main defect is that the rear sight dovetail has been widened slightly for an MMC sight. I glued in the correct sight, and no one will notice unless you tell them. You could shim the dovetail. The MMC sight is included. G.I. front sight replaced also. Only other "defect" is a polished ramp. Ordnance wheel mark is not bright, so probably arsenal refinished. Some tiny pitting on slide not visible in pics. MARKINGS: Frame> sn 947563, GHD, G, US ARMY, US PROPERTY...Slide> sn 947606, P... Barrel> Colt 45 Auto, F... Keyes 26 grips. C-R magazine. All other parts look correct. Blued barrel, barrel nut, and mag release. Bore is EX, but has lead smear. WWII  holster, G, unmarked. 

COLT 1878 "FRONTIER SIX-SHOOTER": .44-40, G, $850. Repaired grip and mis-matched loading gate. Pitted bore has good rifling, original 5.5" barrel. 2" groups...Another, made in 1899(darn!), .44-40, brown finish, $750.

COLT NEW SERVICE: .45acp, VG, $450, FFL. British proved, h.r. grips(1 chip), nice bore,  tight lock-up, Brit holster. Converted from .455. 

COLT NEW SERVICE, old model: .44-40, G, $500, FFL. 4.5" barrel, good bore, lanyard ring. Repaired grip and light pitting overall. Made in 1906, holster... Another with 7.5" barrel. Good lock-up, dovetail front sight, nice bore, no finish, chip to left h.r. grip, replaced swivel. $400, FFL, made in 1903.

COLT NEW SERVICE shooter: 38-40, VG, $400, FFL. Reblued, ringed barrel groups ~3"@10m, sights are right on, replaced swivel. Bore mikes .408". holster... Another, VG, $500, FFL. Earlier version made in 1902 with 5.5" barrel. Rare factory nickle(50%), nice HR grips. Some pitting on cylinder. Very tight lock-up, nice bore.

COLT OFFICER'S MODEL target: .38sp, VG, $500, FFL. 7.5" barrel, both original and target walnut grips, G, made in 1939. This is a flat-top revolver with adjustable sights, and works well. It has an old black enamel coating externally and on some internal parts. Good bluing underneath. I have an S&W with the same treatment, but it has British proofs. Good bore with light pitting.

COLT POLICE POSITIVE TARGET: .22, VG, $395. FFL. 50% finish, a few pits, adjusable front and rear sights, good h.r. grips, EX bore. Model G made in 1914... Another, Good, 10% finish, with good checkered wood grips and non-adjust front sight, good bore, $295. Locks up tight when trigger is pulled- no lead shaving, made in 1912. Your choice of period flap or shoulder holster with either gun.

COLT POLICE POSITVE: .38spl, VG, $225, FFL. Made in 1919. Replaced ejector head and grips. Shoots good, 6" barrel, holster.

1873 COLT SAA ARTILLERY revolver: .45lc, F, $500. 5.5" barrel, mismatched #s, 'US' on frame, replaced grips & ejector; burned in fire. (sold)

1849 COLT INFRINGEMENT revolver: .36, P, $100. Made in Belgium. Cylinder turns, but hammer won't stay cocked.  Cracked barrel is mismatched and missing the forcing cone.  Nice bone grips, rammer needs fitting.

1861 COLT NAVY: .36, G, $750. Very low sn: 1065. 1st year(maybe 1st month!) production. All numbers match, including the wedge. Repro creeping loading lever and nipples. Grip is angled more than usual-- seems to have been made that way. Some loss to top of hammer. Works fine, and bore is shootable. Not ready.

1860 COLT ARMY replica: .44, EX, $300. Navy Arms Uberti. The fluted cylinder's finish is duller than the rest of the gun(came that way) when I bought this gun new in 1978. Original box.

1847 Colt WALKER revolver copy: .44, VG, $300. Largest revolver ever made in quantity, weighs 4.4lb. Early Uberti with niter blue finish. This is the only revolver where you can load 2 balls per chamber.

1877 COLT LIGHTNING revolvers: .38, VG, $650. 2.5" barrel, ~50% original nickel, works well. Good grips from another gun. Made in 1886... Another, 3.5" barrel, VG, works SA, but hammer won't trip in DA. Made in 1887, $550... Yet another, no finish, missing trigger & bolt/sear springs, $450. 4.5" barrel w/ejector. Made in 1908(FFL)...My best yet, prettiest gun I own, a 2.5" Storekeeper w/ pearl grips and nice rust blue finish(95%), EX, $1300. Colt refinish #4 stamped twice on frame under left grip. Sharp edges, internal surfaces not blued. Some markings are faint. German silver front sight. Made in 1880, works perfectly... All have 3 matching #s, good bores and good grips. I blew up a Lightning once with a .38 special round.

1877 COLT THUNDERER: .41, G, $450, FFL. Made in 1900, sorry. Grey finish, works fine SA, but in DA the hammer won't release, a common problem with these. 4.5" barrel has ejector and a good bore. All parts are present, matching, and original except for the repro grips, cylinder pin latch, trigger spring, and one screw. Some pitting on cylinder and grip frame. 

CZ 27 auto pistol: .32acp, EX, $400, FFL. High-gloss post war export version. Comes with an original CZ 24 holster dated 1938(missing strap).

CZ 1938 (p.39t): .380, VG, $450, FFL. Several dings, ~90% blue, original mag, CZ 52 pigskin holster. Groups ~2" @ 10m and drops the spent cases in a small circle at your feet... A better one: $550. 

DREYSE 1907: .32acp, G, $160, FFL. Funky WWI German auto pistol with early slide serrations & matching #s, but with pitting and poor bore ...Another, late type, VG, $225 FFL(not ready). Holsters.

DUTCH 1922 BROWNING auto pistol: .380, G, $300, FFL. Pre-war marked with large (crown) W. Matching #s, early horn grips, no import marks, holster, shoots great.

ENGLISH PINFIRE revolver: 12mm, G, $450. All original, works perfectly, good bore. Marked "Canderwood & Son, 14 North Earl St, Dublin".  Large frame, British proof marks, nice checkered rosewood bag grips.

FEMARU, Nazi 1st contract auto pistol: .32acp, G, $400, FFL.  'jhv 41'. Several spots of pitting, HK mag, holster, works OK .

FEMARU 37M: .380, VG, $400, FFL.  Colt-style pistol with minor pitting, nice grips and original mag, holster. No Nazi marks.

FOREHAND & WADSWORTH OLD ARMY: .44 Russian, G, $1500. Extremely rare Old West single-action revolver with faint California Bear mark on frame. No finish, moderate pitting. Works pretty good, but sear is buggered. Repaired grip, replaced ejector rod, good bore, holster. I test fired this gun and got a 2" group @ 10m.

FRENCH ORDNANCE revolver M.1873: .455 Webley(!),  VG, $550. Converted from 11mm.  All matching, including  renumbered cylinder. Grey finish, nice bore, nice grips, holster, works great.(sold)

FRENCH PINFIRE revolver: 12mm, VG, $350. In the white with lots of engraving. Marked "AL" on cylinder and "Laine Bte. Rue Rivoli 21" on barrel. German (crown) U proofs. Replaced ejector. Barrel was cut long ago to 4.5" and front sight relocated; muzzle crown is old and pitted. Nice bone grips from another gun are undersize(crude wood grips that came with it are included, remind me). Not ready.

FROMMER STOP: .32acp, VG, $325, FFL. WWI Hungarian auto pistol. Unusual long-recoil action. Replaced magazine, horn grips, brown German holster. 

GERMAN REICHS REVOLVER, M.1879 relic or shooter: 11mm/.44, G, $400. Severe pitting & file marks, matching #s, nice replaced grips. Works OK, good bore. Unit marked "1.M.II.??.6.?. Converted to .44 Russian. Adjust windage on these by twisting the barrel in the frame.(sold)

GERMAN FLARE PISTOL, WWI: 26.5mm, G, $160. No maker's name, but good unit mark: L.J.R.16.1.K.

GERMAN HEERES Model 1928 signal or flare pistol: 26.5mm, VG, $225. All-aluminum model made in 1938. 10 Nazi marks, 'eagle 26' and 'WaA28'. S/237 code. Works OK with replaced barrel spring, ~75% black finish remaing. Nice brown bakelite grips. Black leather holster w/smudged stamps under flap.

GLISENTI m.1910 shooter: 9mm, G, $300, FFL. Replaced walnut grips, cross key and disconnector; no missing parts. Damage to trigger & guard. Appears to have been hit by a bullet or shrapnel. Works OK. SSN 416-16-5450 etched on sideplate I.D's to a Robert Lardent of AL, born 1918. Most likely he brought it back from Italy in WWII. No import marks. These use a low-powered version of the 9mm Luger-- hand loads only. 

HAMMOND BULLDOG: .44rf, G. $550. Single-shot boot pistol that used .44 Henry ammo. Nice grips, grey finish, not working. Patented 1864.

HERTER POWERMAG hogleg: .44mag, VG, $350, FFL. More powerful than Dirty Harry's S&W(6.5" barrel). Larger grip than a Ruger's,  46 oz., Dated '68'. Replaced front sight. Made in W. Germany by J.P. Sauer & Sohn. Gun comes with 2 sets of grips- wood and plastic. Get ivory grips here.

HILL tip-up revolver: .38 S&W, F, $350. Extremely rare British 6-gun. Marked "Hill's Patent Self Extractor" on barrel. Works, but grip frame is cracked. Similar to Zhuk #378. Holster.

HOPKINS & ALLEN XL D.A. revolver: .38 S&W, G, $225. 1886 date. Medium frame 5-shot, 5" barrel, target grips, tight action, nice bore, 50% nickel remaining, replaced sight, old holster. Not in Flayderman, so must be rare.

HOPKINS & ALLEN XL No. 5: .38 S&W, G, $160. 5-shot spur trigger revolver works well. ~40% nickel, Merwin dog-head grips with initials carved in both.

Double Barrel Pinfire HOWDAH pistol: 20 bore, G, $225. Two SxS .61 caliber rifled bores, works! Topbreak. Replaced grips, lots of pitting, some engraving. Crude construction.

H&R TRAPPER revolver: .22, G, $175, FFL. 6" barrel, 7-shot, decorated target grip, weighs only 14 oz. Brite bore groups ~2" @ 10m. 80% finish with minor pitting. DA almost works, but return is a little weak. Woodsman holster fits perfectly. Use standard velocity ammo or CB caps.

ITALIAN BODEO revolver: 10.4, VG, $450, FFL. Marked "CORPO GUARDIE MUNICIPALI NAPOLI" on left h.r. grip. Right grip has a crest. This was a special unit formed to protect Naples officials from the Mafia. Comes with holster, lanyard, and cleaning rod. Ammo is currently made by Fiocchi.

JAPANESE TYPE 26 REVOLVER shooter: 9mm, G, $300, FFL. Lots of dark rust and pitting, but works perfectly and has a nice bore. Theater-made right grip, chip from left one. These are fascinating DAO revolvers, top half is S&W, bottom is Rast-Gasser. (Squeeze trigger guard to open side plate.) Make ammo from .38acp cases. Groove dia is .374", use LEE .36 heel bullets. Holster. (sold)

JAPANESE NAMBU TYPE 14 last ditch: 8mm, EX, $750 FFL. 20.2 date, smooth grips, all matching including mag! ... Another, 19.5 dated, VG, $350. Replaced firing pin,  f.p. follower, trigger guard and grips... Another, G, '14.6' small guard shooter,  pitted reblue, repro mag, no grips, fair bore, $300. Old holsters for all...Add $50 for an original leather T-14 holster(repaired) or $100 for holster only.

JAPANESE NAVAL PAPA NAMBU: 8mm, G, $900, FFL. Test fired OK. TGE type with engraved anchor. About 20% pitting, mostly around the grip area. Matching except for the revarnished grips, repro bolt lock, and magazine.(sold)...Another, converted to .30 Luger with 6" barrel and reblued, EX, $1000, FFL.


JIEFFECO auto pistol: .32acp, VG, $225, FFL. Rare early version of the Melior & Robar pistols, made in Belgium  c.1926. Reblued, original mag, period holster. Test fired-- works perfectly, ~3" groups @ 10m. Also have a .25acp Baby Melior, pitted, $100. Nice horn grips. Both for $300. Take down is the same. 

JO-LO-AR shooter: 9mm Largo, G, $250, FFL.  Scarce & weird Spanish cavalry pistol made in 1925. These are the only auto pistols which can be cocked and loaded with one hand. This one  is missing the lever(palanca) which made this possible, but it could  be easily fashioned from 5/16" bar stock(remind me to furnish a photo copy of one). Instead, someone has installed a cocking knob, because the slide has no serrations. This gun has been thru a lot, probably fired with .38 Supers which fit fine, but are way too hot. It works perfectly, but the slide is bent slightly, the hammer pin is incorrect, and there are some file marks in the barrel hinge area. Repaired left grip, holster... Better one with palanca, $600.  Learn more


M.1854 LEFAUCHEUX pinfire revolver: 12mm, G, $550. made in Italy by Glisenti!... Another made in Belgium, F, only $200.


M.1854 LEFAUCHEUX pinfre revolvers: 12mm, VG, $750. Replaced front sight and ejector. Sn: 29120, likely used in our Civil War. Not ready... Another, reblued, VG, replaced ejector rod, short barrel, ~10% pitting, sn 22522, made in Paris, strong markings, $500... Another, G, $350. 'Fanner' modification: hammer sear ground off, but cylinder indexes OK.  Trigger sear is good. missing sight, ~20% rust/pitting, sn 34315. Made in Paris... Another, missing front sight and ejector, won't hold cock, numerous dings, G, sn 29120, $450.


LEFAUCHEUX type double barrel pinfire: 9mm, VG, $160. Attractive small-framed gun, engraved, with blued barrels. No markings-- looks Belgian. Appears unfired, but chambers have been enlarged. Make cases from 9mm Largo. Rifled bores mike ~.370".


LLAMA Model I auto pistol: .32acp, VG, $425, FFL. Rare WWII miniature 1911 copy. Partial '0' date(1944).  This one has the earlier 'W' safety spring. No 'Made in Spain' or Geco marks. Holster... Another, "U"  dated, w/grip safety, $425.


MANHATTAN Series V revolver: .36, G. $425. 6-shot, 12 notches in cylinder, nice grips, rare 6.5" barrel. Not ready.


MARLIN "38 STANDARD 1878": .38 S&W, G, $225. Works good, but a little loose. Funky spur-trigger tip-up revolver. SASS approved.

MAUSER 1910 auto pistol: .25acp, G, $225, FFL. Not ready.

MAUSER HSc Eagle L pistol: .32acp, VG, $450, FFL. Original mag and grips,  EX bore. Holster.

MASSACHUSETTS ARMS BELT REVOLVER: .31, VG, $1300. Wesson & Leavitt version. 5" barrel, not ready.

MASSACHUSETTS ARMS BELT REVOLVER: .31, VG, $1200. Maynard primer version. This interesting revolver has 4 named patents, the result of losing a lawsuit by Colt on their earlier guns. It features a hand-turned cylinder with 6 vents and one nipple. 6" barrel, not ready.

MERWIN & BRAY revolver: .41rf, G, $450. Brass-framed  cup-fire converted to .41 rf.

MERWIN HULBERT DA large frame revolver: .44-40, F, $750. Works, but springs are weak. Barrel cut to 4.3" long ago, and brass sight added. Severe pitting on L side, broken latch. Good suction, good bore.(sold)

MEXICAN LUGER: .30, G, $1100, FFL. Standard DWM 1900/06 commercial BUG model w/grip safety and 4.75" barrel. Long slide on short frame, the 2 groups matching. Works perfectly. No Mexican markings, but has German sliver grips with brass Aztec calendars and heads of the Eagle Warrior. Also 2 blank plates that you can engrave 'P. Villa' on or whatever. Replaced grip screws and numbered wood bottom mag. Comes with a period Luger shoulder holster(F).

MONTENEGRIN revolver: 11mm, G, $250. Works, but  f.p. hole in shield is too large. Loose lock-up, good bore. Repaired bone grips. Hand made ejector, crane and safety.  Original 3.7" barrel, shortest I've seen, and it is partially stamped 'MONTENEGRO'. not ready.

MOORE 7-SHOOTER belt revolver: .32 rimfire, G, $500. Rare 'sterile' version, made without markings.  5" barrel, engraved brass frame, replaced ejector rod, replaced grips fit well. Works perfectly, tight action, good bore, sharp edges. Spot of pitting on cylinder. No blue or silver remaining.

MOSSBERG BROWNIE copy: .22, VG, $160, FFL. Compact 4-barrel pistol. Chrome finish w/ivory plastic grips, made by EIG in Italy. Works fine.

MUFF percussion pistols: 1) .45, G, $75. Belgian style center hammer, octagon barrel, 7" OAL. 2) American style, .32, G, $75, 6.5" long. Both unmarked, both work, and both for $130.


PARKER HAMMERLESS revolver: .32 S&W, VG, $225. Didn't know Parker made revolvers? This was the first "hammerless" type made in ~1888. Too rare to appear in Flayderman, but it is similar to the Spencer Safety Hammerless revolver. Unusual solid-frame design with thumb safety. ~60% nickle. Tight lock-up, but cylinder tends to index too far. Nice grips, nice bore.


PERRIN revolver: 11mm, VG, $2000.  550 DA Perrins were imported during our Civil War; mine is a later version with SA and topstrap added. In-the-white, light pitting over all, engraved. Works perfectly. 3 replaced screws and the ejector knob. Perrin apparently invented the barrel-collar ejector, later used by Nagant and F&W. Good bore mikes .424". This gun uses the French Rim cartridge which had a swelled base instead of a rim. Also, it is the earliest center fire revolver cartridge, c.1854, inside primed.


PIEPER revolver copy: .32-20, VG, $100, FFL. Heavy-duty 6-shooter made in Spain for the Mexican market. "Crucero" (Cross-Bearer). Checkered wood grips, tight lock-up, nice bore.



PINFIRE revolver, Belgian 6-shot: 9mm, G, $225. Works sometimes. Light pitting, replaced ejector, nice walnut grips, refinished bright. see below.


Pinfire FOLDING BAYONET revolver: 12mm, G, $400. Bayonet is original. Basque markings, some inlays. Works perfectly, good bore. Replaced front sight, folding trigger. (sold)

PINFIRE double barrel pistol: 15mm, G, $160. Made in Spain, works perfectly. 

PROTOTYPE SA revolver: .45 LC, VG, $650, FFL. SN #1, marked "F.J. PIERCE". Replaced Colt cylinder, 8" barrel, shoots great. Most likely made in the late '40s when Colt had stopped production of its single action, and Ruger hadn't yet started.


RADOM P.35 auto pistol: 9mm, G, $350, FFL. Last ditch 2-lever type with phosphate finish and replaced wood grips. #s match, but frame # is scratched. (sold)


RAST-GASSER 1898 revolver, Austria: 8mm, VG, $550. Tight action, nice grips, nice bore, matching #s. Replaced ejector button and swivel. holster. Shoots .32 H&R mags(.330" bore).


REMINGTON ROLLING BLOCK m.1871 Army pistol: .50, F, $300. Good for display or parts only, not safe to fire. Works, but has an altered chamber, breech block, hammer & frame. No extractor, poor bore, severe pitting, wrong springs, muzzle filed. Grip is VG and forend has a small loss.


REMINGTON SMOOT No.3 revolver: .38cf, VG, $550. Early 1878 production w/o barrel rib. Works perfectly, with tight action and sharp edges. 90% nickel remaining, some minor pitting. This is one is in the most desirable caliber; all other Smoots are rimfire. .38 Special cases will fit, but cylinder has to be removed first; .38 S&W is too fat. Nice bore mikes .365".


REMINGTON Model 51 shooter: .380, VG,  $400, FFL. The best  pocket pistol ever made, and only 3/4" thick. Shoots OK, but slide is not flush with frame at back. Original mag.


REMINGTON NEW MODEL POCKET conversion revolver: .32rf, F, $300. Works perfectly, but metal has been sanded. Missing firing pin, but there is a dovetail for it. Nice grips. The Ruger Bearcat was based on this gun.


REMINGTON NEW MODEL ARMY: .44, G, $650. Good bore, works fine, but with battered cylinder and repro hammer, hand and cylinder pin. Nice grips with cartouche. Not ready.


REMINGTON 1858 BUNTLINE revolver: .44, EX, $150. Reproduction made by Armi San Marco in Italy. Awesome hogleg with polished brass frame, 12" barrel, adjustable rear sight and ramp front. Cut-out in frame is larger than the originals', and .451" 230gr bullets(swaged) can be loaded. Previous owner reports that it is more accurate than a Ruger Old Army(and a lot cheaper).  Remingtons were not cut for shoulder stocks. Cabela's once sold these for $350.

REMINGTON 1875: .44 Remington, G, $1400. Barrel cut to 6", shimmed recoil shield, dovetailed front sight, "EW" marked on frame and 4 kill notches on grip. Serial #163. Minor pitting, no finish left. Works fine; can also shoot .44-40s.(sold)


1860 REMINGTON CONVERSION revolver: .44cf, G, $750. Bobbed hammer, one buggered chamber filled in, grip repair, original loading lever and cylinder pin. Works.

REMINGTON double derringer, Type III, 3rd variation: .41, G, $300, FFL. Extremely rare-- only 500 made of this version. No barrel rib. Unfortunately it has been reblued, has a cracked hinge(repaired before), and is missing the firing pin spring. I paid $500 for it at auction.


RHEINMETALL 1922 auto pistol: .32acp, VG, $300, FFL. A sleek and well-made German pocket pistol similar to the Ortgies, but much more rare. Especially mine, which has the early top serrations and partial barrel sleeve. Not the earlier Dreyse, also made by Rheinmetall. They were known mainly for machine guns. Nice grips, wrong mag. Crown N proofs, no export marks. Holster. This is the type of gun commonly used in the street riots of 1920's Germany.


R.I.C. revolver: .38-40(!), G, $300. Earlier version of the Frontier type with checkered wood grips and brass front sight, made before 1893 in Belgium. Works well and has a good bore. Replaced lanyard ring. Marked "THE SHATTERER" on top strap. Barrel is marked 'C.F. 44 W', but the bore is too tight for that caliber(.405" groove). This is a common problem with Belgian revolvers. 10mm bullets are a good fit.


ROTH-STEYR 1905 auto pistol: 8mm, VG, $750, FFL. Complicated & funky early Austrian cavalry DA semi-auto. Thinning blue, minor pitting, nice grips. Fiocchi makes the ammo...Another, moderate pitting, $650. Holsters for both.


RUBY 1915 French Contract pistol: .32acp, G, $250, FFL. The original early 'RUBY', made by Gabilondo y Urresti. Original magazine. 'HE' stamped on tang. Complete, works OK. Holster.


RUGER SA COPY: .22lr/mag, G, $100, FFL. Rohm model 66, made in Germany. Similar to the Bearcat, but sized like the Single-Six. Works perfectly.  ~1" groups @ 10m. 2 cylinders, wood grips, blade rear sight, nice bore.  Zamak frame can't rust. Holster.


RUSSIAN 1895 NAGANT revolver: 7.62mm, VG, $300, FFL. Not reworked or import marked & works perfectly. Comes with lanyard, cleaning rod, and composite holster. Dated 1944. These have a unique gas-seal design in which the cylinder moves forward, and the case mouth enters the bore. Ammo can be made from .32-20.

SAVAGE 1861 Navy revolver: .36, F, $800. Fascinating gas-seal design where the cylinder moves forward over barrel cone. On this one, cylinder rotates, but hammer won't hold cock. 3 mashed nipples, repaired hammer and dent in cylinder. Complete, except for loading lever and trigger spring. It appears that a lever from an 1861 Navy Colt could be adapted.


SCHEINTOD 3-shot gas pistol: 12mm, VG, $125. Lightweight aluminum, refinished, with original Nico walnut grips. Ammo can be made from .410 shells. These were also used for signal flares. Comes in repro box, with instructions in German. Not ready.


SCHEINTOD revolver: 12mm, VG, $250.  5-shot type made in Belgium of low quality, but works perfectly. Folding trigger, checkered walnut grips.

SAUER 38H: .32acp, VG, $325, FFL. Late type with grey finish, aluminum trigger, and no hammer safety. Repro grips, mag & holster. Works perfectly.


SIMEON NORTH M.1819 percussion conversion: .69, F, $225. Burned in fire, missing hammer, dated 1822.


SPANISH copy of SAA revolver: .44-40, VG, $400, FFL. Hybrid Colt-Remington design. Basque inscription on 4.5" barrel, nice bore, works perfectly. Holster.


SPANISH PINFIRE revolver: 9mm, VG, $350. In-the-white folding-trigger type with engraving and minor pitting; works perfectly.


STAR MODELO MILITAR 1920: 9mm Largo, VG, $350, FFL.  (sold)  An important piece to have in any auto pistol collection, this model was the first of a long series culminating in the Argentine Ballester Molina. It combined the configuration of the Colt 1911 with the lockwork of the Ruby and used a slide-mounted hammer block safety, originated by Star, then dropped, only to re-appear on other makes. Like the Astra 400, it can shoot several calibers. A scarce gun issued to the feared Guardia Civil(state police) and obsoleted by 1921.

STARR revolver c.f. conversion: 11mm Montenegrin, G, $500. Or maybe .476 Enfield caliber. See similar gun on p.4. Incorrect rear sight, original loading lever(usually discarded on conversions). This 5-shot conversion of a D.A. Starr was done in Belgium. Not ready... Another, $750.


S&W 1913 auto pistol: .35, VG, $450, FFL. Tested perfectly with .32 acp's and the bullets do not keyhole. SN 4110.


S&W M-13 aircrewman: .38 spl, G, $1600, FFL. Frame crack under barrel, which is probably the main reason these were destroyed, not the aluminum cylinder. Mine was carried a lot. One ragged hole @10m. It is identical to this one, except for condition:

I know the price is high, but I like these too much.


S&W AMERICAN shooter: .44, G, $550: Barrel cut to 4.6". Nice grips glued on. Broken frame screw, broken latch spring, cylinder stop hangs up.(sold)


S&W model 1917 revolver: .45acp, VG, $550, FFL. Brazilian contract, made in 1946. Blued finish... Another, parkerized, $450... Or a shooter, just $300: replaced crane, sideplate, grips, some screws & hammer. Cold blue finish. Nice bore, good lock-up.


S&W REGULATION POLICE: .38 S&W, VG, $225. I-frame? Tight lock-up, 80% original nickel finish, sn 9467, w/old police holster.


S&W DA 3rd model: .38, G, $125. Smaller version of the .44 DA Frontier, with 3" barrel. About 75% original nickel w/blue trigger guard. Needs trigger return spring, sear work, and the replaced pearl grips fitted and repaired. This gun was designed for black powder.


S&W RUSSIAN 1874: .44, G, $750. Repaired top strap, trigger guard spur, hand, & sear. Test fired 12x-- fair bore groups ~3" @ 10m, w/no keyholes. Tight action, nice walnut grips, replaced swivel. ~50% nickel remaining. (sold)


S&W 1903 HAND EJECTOR 3rd model: .32, G, $160, FFL. I- frame, cylinder rotates left, 4" barrel, works good. sn 281xxx.

S&W LADYSMITH, 3rd model: .22, F, $125, FFL. Complete, but has no finish, severe pitting, replaced grips, flared barrel cone, poor bore. Works, but bullets keyhole. Cheapest on the Internet.


UNIQUE model 51: .22lr, EX, $225, FFL. Reblued, replaced "FR" grips, 3" barrel. Shoots good and groups ~3"@10m. Similar to Spanish Ruby. Holster.


WALTHER  Model 4 pistol: .32acp. VG, $400, FFL. Comes with the original holster. Attention Southpaws! Ejection port is on the left.


WALTHER ac PP: .32 acp, VG, $350, FFL.  A legitimate variation, assembled by occupation forces at the end of WWII. See p.39 in "German Pistols and Holsters", volume II. Slide is marked '385741 ac P', and frame is '387286 p'. Both #s are within range. Repro mag, holster.


WEBLEY MARK I AUTO PISTOL: .455, VG, $1600, FFL. With original mag. Grips are original, but one is black and the other is brown. Other parts are matching.

WEBLEY MARK VI revolver: .45 acp, VG, $550, FFL. 6" barrel, rare walnut grips. (sold)


WHITNEY No.2 spur trigger revolver: .32rf, F, $100. Works, but steel parts are severely pitted. Brass frame, 6-shot, replaced grips, loose lock-up. Only 2000 made.


WHITNEY MODEL #1 spur trigger revolver: .22, VG, $300. Works perfectly, good bore. Brass frame w/traces of silver, short fluted 7-shot cylinder. Marked 'Whitneyville Armory'. Unusual feature is that one grip is walnut and the other rosewood, but both are factory numbered to gun. Do not shoot .22 shorts in this pistol, only CB or BB caps.


I also have many broken guns that are missing parts, but not listed. I can usually let these go at cost, but I probably paid too much. No list, but tell me what you want and I will know if I have it.












The UNCOLTS, all single action. Stock photo, not for sale. How many can you identify? Hit END key for answers.

British TRANSITION REVOLVER: A c.1850 hybrid incorporating features of the Pepperbox and a wedge-frame Colt. Very well made and working well; could probably be shot, but I haven't tried it. DA bar hammer is offset to allow use of sights; well-rifled bore is about .42cal(60 bore). Lots of floral engraving and light pitting. On top of barrel is the inscription "W.A. BECKWITH, LONDON" and a "TFB" in gothic script on medallion on back of grip. Appears to be made in the style of John Blissett of Liverpool. $800. (sold)

Transition revolvers were some of the best products of the British gun makers art, and the Guild system which worked well for small production, but fell into disfavor when interchangeablity of parts became important. The market for these elegant weapons was mainly the British privileged class; most were engraved and it seems that no two were exactly alike... Such is the nature of gun collecting that the once-prized possession of a nobleman is now worth less than many mass-produced weapons, and is affordable to those of much lower social standing.

Second gun is an 1872 Tranter in .32rf Long. These were competitors of Webley, more complex in design. $250(sold).


The revolvers of Leopold Gasser (Austria). Not for sale.
1) M.1870(iron frame). Markings from Austria, Montenegro and Turkey. Surplused to Montenegro, then captured by the Turks during the Balkan wars. 2) M.1874(steel frame). Note that the bar safety is engaged, a distinguishing feature of Gassers. 3) Belgian Gasser made by Francotte in 12mm Galand cal. 4) M.1878 Officer's model, 9mm. Can shoot .38 S&Ws. 5) M.1898 Rast-Gasser, 8mm. Can shoot .32 S&W longs. 6) Montenegrin Gasser. Marked on knoxform with cypher of Nicholas I of Montenegro. The huge 11mm Gasser/Montenegrin cartridge had 6 variations(see Starr conversion on p.4).


1) top. The Bavarian Werder, 11mm. See Werder sporting rifle on page 2. 2) 1878 Belgian Gendarme pistol, Remington Rolling Block patent, 9.4mm. 3) Spanish pinfire double, 15mm. 4) Lefaucheux type, .450 cal, p.202 in 1911 ALFA catalog. 5) Spanish copy of Remington derringer.

The UNCOLTS(see above): 1) Spanish Colt. 2) Pierce prototype. 3) 1860 Remington conversion. 4) 1875 Remington. 5) S&W American. 6) S&W Russian. 7) Merwin-Hulbert 3rd model. 8) Merwin Pocket. 9) Forehand & Wadsworth. 10) Hopkins & Allen. 11) Civil War Bacon, converted to .38cf. 12) Plant cupfire converted to .41rf.