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"To understand the gun is to better understand history"--History Channel.

Items marked "FFL" can only be sent to licensed dealers(need signed copy of FFL). For antique guns, airguns, knives and ammo I need a copy of your D.L.(must be 21).
All used guns should be checked by a licensed gunsmith before shooting. No refunds on shipping or guns with swapped parts.

If I don't have what you want, e-mail me and I may get you with someone who does(no charge).
I'm looking to buy percussion-to-cartridge conversions for my collection.


AIRGUNS: $10 pistol/$15 rifle/package. Photos at bottom of page.  The NRA system of grading is used on all items in this website, i.e.  NIB-new, EX-excellent, VG-very good, G-good, F-fair, P-poor.
ABT Air-O-Matic gallery gun: .1875(!)cal, VG, $300. DAO repeater powered by compressed air. This is the bolt variant, with fixed sights. Patent dates 1942 and 1949. Bore mikes ~.200" and carrier is .190", so .175" BBs are too small, but work OK. Uses 10-shot paper tubes filled with  3/16" ball bearings; I'll include 6 of them. Also, the hammer spring is weak, so the gun shoots low. It is contained in a brass body that is pinned together and I couldn't get it apart. Only defect is a small loss of wood on the toe of the buttstock. Refinished, no leaks. A very rare American air gun that few people have heard of. LEARN MORE (sold)
ACCLES WARRIOR pistol: .177, G, $250. Wrong spring, wrong grips. See below. (sold)

AMPELL ACRO 1, MS22: .22, EX, $75. Heavy all-metal single-shot replica of the Thompson-Center Contender pistol. Shoots good, rifled barrel, and no leaks; original box. Uses Crosman CO2 cylinders. See below.
APACHE PNEUMATIC AIR RIFLE: .25/BB, VG, $125. Works, but power is weak. Plastic stock. .25 caliber rifled barrel with .177 smoothbore insert. Made in Pasadena CA. Use 6mm airsoft BBs. (sold)
BEEMAN P-1 pistol: .177, EX, $300. Similar to HW45 spring gun with superposed barrel & massive aluminum construction. Earlier type with matte anodized finish, San Rapheal address. Extra .20 & .22 cal barrels are available, but not from me. Original foam box(P). This is the best single shot air pistol you can own. High powered and accurate. Uses 1911 grips.
BENJAMIN 3600 repeating rifle: BB, VG, $160. Standard model, brown finish. Shoots great, but leaks bad. Uses the short Co2 bulbs. Sold
BENJAMIN 710 repeater: BB, VG, $225. Sold.
BSA No.2 Standard Air Rifle: .22, VG, $400.  1st variant with CS prefix. Works perfectly, with a strong main spring. Beautiful pre-war quality, adjustable trigger. Williams rear sight & small repair to wrist(BSA). Groups ~1" @ 10m. Patent dates 1906-1908. Photo etching on tube is excellent. Also called Giant or Long Tom.
CHICAGO AIR RIFLE: BB, VG, $350. Wood construction. Works, but spring is weak. See below.
CROSMAN 451 auto pistol: .22, VG, $350. Works great, no leaks. 1911 style. Some paint flaking, repaired right grip. (sold)
CROSMAN 140 pneumatic rifle: .22, G, $100. Not ready. Shrouded bolt type.
CROSMAN 400 bulk-fill gallery rifles: .22, G, $150ea. I have 2, both professionally converted, with reservoirs extended to muzzle. May have been done at the factory, because Crosman parts are used, and they take the 10oz cylinder. No history available; must be rare. Both are complete, with mags, except the safeties are missing. One is the earlier type, and the other the later. Both have seen hard use...Also have the quick-fill adapter & hose for another $20 with gun, otherwise $50. Extra mags are $30ea., and I have internal parts.
CROSMAN 'MARK I' TARGET pistol: .22, VG, $125. Single-shot Ruger look-alike. With box(F) and original manual. Shoots great, adjustable trigger. Holds gas for several days... Another, no fiinish, box(F), $75. PDF color copy of above manual, $2. May shut down your e-mail.
CROSMAN 1861 SHILOH revolver: .177, EX, $125. With original box and papers.
CROSMAN 38T revolver: .177, EX, $125.  6" barrel, 6 shot. Original box(G)
CROSMAN 99 lever rifle: .22, VG, $60. Refinished, wrong buttplate, won't hold gas. See below.
CROSMAN 160 target rifle: .22, VG, $160. 1st type.
CROSMAN 600 PISTOL: .22, EX, $300. Can't get these cheap anymore. W/original box, repaired. Late-type solid tube cap. Tested, works perfectly... Another, VG, no box, $200. Early piercing knob cap. Not ready...These are true semi-autos, in which the gas cocks the hammer and loads a pellet, not DA repeaters like most so-called 'semi-auto' Co2 pistols made today.  

CROSMAN 600 manual copy, $2ppd.

CROSMAN M-1 CARBINE: BB, G, $100. Works, but barrel is rusted and other parts corroded. Williams peep sight installed. Rare transitional type with wood stock and plastic handguard. Missing the fake magazine, but I'll include an M-1 carbine mag that you can adapt.
CROSMAN 101 SS pneumatic rifle: .22, VG, $100. Refinished, with knurled bolt knob, works great. (sold)
CROSMAN 102 pneumatic repeater: .22, VG, $200. Works, but needs pump seal. 5-ring knob, no markings on receiver. 10-shot mag...Another, $150, 'clickless' pump handle, bronze barrel and tube, long knurled knob, bad finish, complete, won't pump up.
CROSMAN 118 rifle: .22, G, $225. Rare gallery repeater w/10oz Co2 tank, complete but not working. ~50% black paint remaining, scratched stock, chipped buttplate, incorrect magazine and sight aperature.

CROSMAN 116 pistol: .22, EX, $150. In original simulated-leather box with cylinder & instructions. Gun leaks, but bottle tested OK.
CROSMAN 123 rifle (Shoot-A-Score): ,22, VG, $300. Rare slant-tank gallery gun w/4.5 oz CO2 cylinder. Repainted metal and sanded stock, missing rear sight/bolt stop, gouged chamber. Tested with compressed air--no leaks.

Copy of  Crosman manual for the early bulk-fill CO2 pistols: $2 ppd. 
CROSMAN 130 pistol: .22, EX, $100. Original box and papers; works perfectly with no leaks. Sn C1517. . . Another earlier model with aluminum reciever and wood forend, G, incorrect rear sight,  $75.  Works!.. Yet another, G, $40.

CROSMAN 1100 TRAPMASTER shotgun: .38, VG, $325. Also have the empty shells for $1 ea. These can shoot .375' round balls with great force; ~3" group @ 10m. PDF copy of flyer-- FREE.
DAISY MODEL 94 RED RYDER rifle: BB, G, $60. Rare J.C. Higgins "Cactus Carbine" variant. Complete & working, but 25% of paint is gone, w/some rust. Daisy #303 2x scope installed, complete and working(Rogers). Weird crosshairs adjust individually. Early brown plastic stock and forend show moderate warping, but no cracks. Power is weak.
DAISY 104 SxS: BB, G, $800. Original finish(worn), wood stock. Both barrels shoot fine; one has replaced tube. The Holy Grail of BB guns, see below.

DAISY 107 BUCK JONES SPECIAL: BB, G, $250. Works perfectly and shoots great.  Good sundial and compass, minor dent to tube, 50% blue. All original. See below.
DAISY No.195 BUZZ BARTON SPECIAL: BB, G, $200. Model 32. Strong shooter, good stencil.

DAISY NO. 101, model 36: BB, G, $30. Works, strong spring, but no compression or air tube.

DAISY NO. 102, model 36: BB, EX, $40. Blued steel, wood buttstock, aluminum lever, Plymouth address, no compression.

DAISY TARGETEER pistol: .118, VG, $100. Blued steel, works perfectly. Comes with bottom half of original box, 4 spinners on 2 wire rods, and an original flyer. Uses #6 lead or steel shot (not BBs)...Another, VG, painted finish, works but no compression, $50... Another, chrome, $100.

DAISY TARGETEER period flyer copy, FREE.
DAISY TARGETS: Original 4.75" x 4.5" red targets in pad of ~20, $5. 4 free samples sent by email.

DAISY MODEL 25 pump rifle: BB, EX, $225. Best one I've seen. Wood stock, 6-groove pump handle, color-case pump lever, engraved receiver, brite blue finish, weak power... Another, works OK, G, $60....Still another, this time the early 1919 3rd Variant, G, $150. Shoots OK, strong spring.

HAENEL SPORT MODELL 33 JUNIOR rifle: .174, G, $300. Type used by Hitler Jugend, but no special markings. 7/8 scale military bolt-action trainer resembling the Kar98. Supposed to use special 4.45mm lead balls, but I tested with steel BBs, and it works fine. Power about the same as a Daisy. Rifled bore, 6-shot mag, original sling. Mauser-type wing safety is missing... A nicer one, post war, for $400.
HAHN lever rifle, CO2: BB, G, $60. Works great, but needs refinish. See below.
HAHN 45 SAA pistol CO2: BB, G, $100.  Works perfectly, and will hold gas several days. Someone spilled glue on it, so the finish is a little rough. Neck is too short on current Crosman cylinders to pierce. I tested with an older one. Will hit a soda can @ 25'...  Hahn guns are rare now, because Crosman bought the tooling early on and made their own versions.
HW 35 BARAKUDA: .22, G, $500. Battered stock, missing ether unit. One of only 20 made up for Beeman's in 1981. sold.
HY-SCORE single-shot pistol: .22, EX, $160. Standard model. Shoots fine... Another, .177, G, $100. Also shoots great.
LARC M-19a sub-machine gun: BB, NIB, $150. This is the late type with warning labels.  In original box with manual and a silly shoulder stock. Uses canned freon for propellant. Cheap blow-mold construction. Appears to be unfired. Only defect is small cracks around 2 screws. Pic on page 4. (sold)
KESSLER pneumatic: .22, VG, $200. not ready.
MARKHAM No. 22 rifle: BB, G, $150. ~50% nickel remaining, nice wood, works perfectly. Marked "KING 500 SHOT".

MARKSMAN pistol: .177, NIB, $75. Rare early type, ~50 years old, but in perfect condition. Comes with original box, instructions, pellets, BBs and darts...Another, refinished w/shot-up box, $30...Later die-cast type for parts(bent slide), $10. Works OK.
MARS 115 rifle: 4.5mm, EX, $450. German repeating trainer styled like a K98. Original sling and cleaning rod. Shoots BBs OK.
NEW YORK CRANK GALLERY RIFLES: .28, F, $200/2. Also called BUGLESPANNER, but that is the German version. Both guns are missing the cranks, racks and mainsprings. 2 halves of a broken mainspring are included. Gun #1 is also missing the sights and is marked "Geo Smith-New York". Couple chips to buttstock...gun #2 is missing the forend, but has the sights and some engraving. No markings, some rust.
PALMER CAP-CHUR tranquilizer gun: .50, EX, $250. CO2 powered rifle; rifled bore. I have 2. Muzzle-load patched .490" round balls. For syringes, GO HERE

PLAINSMAN 175 pistol: BB, EX, $50. DAO repeating pistol uses the short CO2 bulbs(not Crosman), which you can get on Ebay. (sold)
SCHIMEL GP22: .22, VG, $225. sold.
SHERIDAN SILVER STREAK: .20, EX, $160.  Shoots great. Resealed, rocker safety, low sn.
S&W Model 79G pistol: .177, EX, $160. No leaks. Comes with original box, Co2 cartridges, and manual. Original NOS full tins of .22 S&W pellets, 250, $10 each.
S&W Model 80G CO2 rifle: BB, VG, $100. Extremely rare model, even more so than the pistols.   Springfield address, minor rust spots, works perfectly. Safety converted from auto to manual. Now it shoots DA, instead of SS.

S&W model 77A rifle: .22, VG, $100. Massive pump gun, with an interesting SS action, similar to Ruger #1. Not ready.
WALTHER LP53 copy: .177,  EX, $125.  Made in Poland in 1970 by Predom-Lucznik of  better materials(steel & aluminum) than the originals were which used a lot of  pot metal. Holster.  Power and accuracy seem about the same as my LP53. 
WEBLEY JUNIOR pistol: .177, VG, $150. Smooth bore. Heavy but low-powered design works best with darts(included).
WEBLEY PREMIER MKII pistol: .177, EX, $295. Painted cast aluminum frame. With original box & sleeve. Looks new.
WEBLEY SENIOR pistol: .22, VG, $250. Repaired grip, shoots OK.
WEBLEY early MKII pistol: .22, G, $160. Refinished, some rust and pitting. Stoeger marked.
WEBLEY MKI pistol: .177, F, $60. No finish, pitting, bad grips, no seals. Stoeger marked. Not ready. Get parts HERE
REMOVING & INSTALLING AIR RIFLE SPRINGS:  This can be very dangerous unless you use a bar or pipe clamp as shown below. (correction- screw should be extended) Replacing with square-section springs can increase power, but also increase vibration and affect accuracy.



LONG GUNS:  "R&R"= Repaired and Refinished. "Shooter Grade"= Lots of pitting, or other defects, but good rifling. May not be safe to shoot. "Not Ready"= waiting on parts and/or restoration. "On Hold"= waiting on payment. 
AFGHAN BLUNDERBUSS: 47mm, VG, $200. Very ornate, with lots of MOP pieces(missing 5), but non-shootable due to the fake light weight barrel, engraved. Only the flint lock is old, but it works. Crude construction. "Fusil Tromblon Afghan A Silex". Remind me to include some extra pearl pieces.
ARISAKA TYPE 38 rifle: 6.5mm, G, $160, FFL. Nagoya. This gun has seen a lot of action: 1st in the Japanese invasion of China, then with the Chinese Nationalists, then with the commmunists. Buttstock branded with unit mark, a kanji #, from the Kuomintang army. Blue is gone, and the wood battered from rough storage(repaired). No visible pitting. Worn bore is shootable; the muzzles on some of these were counterbored. Incredilbly, it still has the original dust cover, but no mum.
ARISAKA TYPE 38 carbines: 6.5, VG, $250, FFL. Nagoya, nice bore, broken cleaning rod, R&R wood, no mum...Another, G, $150, FFL, no mum, incorrect rod, shootable bore, '00' marked, test fired.
ARISAKA TYPE 2 PARATROOPER rifle: 7.7, G, $1200, FFL. Matching #s except for front band, perfect Mum, aircraft wings, original dust cover and rod. Buggered stock: sanded back half and Type 99 forend. Some pitting on metal parts.
ARISAKA t-38 SPORTER: 6.5/257 Roberts, EX, $300, FFL. Relive the 1960's. Polished & jeweled action, Lyman reciever sight, ramp front, Herkner 1" scope mount. Beautiful left hand walnut Herter's stock has white line spacers. It actually works better for right hand shooting because the scope mount is so low. Also, having the cheek roll on the right side displays better. Bore is worn but shootable. This gun could be easily converted again to 6.5x55 Swede, a better cartridge. It feeds and almost closes on it.
AUSTRIAN m.1842 FRUWIRTH CARBINE: .71cal, G, $1000. These were very popular during the C.W. on both sides. Good 12-groove bore takes Lyman 12ga slugs. Lockplate marked: (crown) 853 TOWER 1863. Converted to percusssion from tubelock using original hammer. Refinished.
Bavarian 1858/67 PODEWILS-LINDNER rifle: .56, G, $2000. This is a percussion breech-loading conversion of a caplock musket using an interrupted-thread bolt action. Supposed to be .54 cal, but that just drops thru. Groove dia. is .575", but .58 minie balls won't fit chamber. Some .560" minie balls included(remind me).  Test fired OK; seals pretty good & nice bore. Replaced nipple. Use loose powder, or make Sharps-type paper cartridges. Missing wood around sideplate screws on replaced stock. No markings other than proofs and #s, no rod. MORE INFO
m.1889 BELGIAN MAUSER rifle: 7.65mm, VG, $1000, FFL. Made by Hopkins & Allen during WWI. Includes H&A bayonet(no scabbard). Most of these rifles were converted in 1936, but mine is original, including the rod and sling, but bolt is mismatched. Good bore.
BELGIAN TRAPDOOR rifle project: .45-70, F, $250. This appears to be a conversion of an 1863 Springfield, markings removed. 350K were sent to France in 1870. Uses a Chassepot barrel, rear sight, and a smaller forend spliced in. Stock broken in half and missing a couple chunks. Missing parts are: lower band, tang & side screw &  washer, 2 lock springs & sear, all available. Bore is good(.457") and the 1866 style action is tight. Stump your friends with this ultra-rare variation, the "1873 prototype".
BURNSIDE C.W. CARBINE, 4TH: .54, G, $900. Minor rust, pitting and wood loss where buttstock joins reciever. Cracked trigger, good bore.(sold) Cases are $4 ea., turned from solid brass.
Children's CARCANO carbine: 6.5, G, $200. This is the blank only type made for the "Figlia del Lupa" fascists youth. Marked GIL/1938/Verona. Action and other parts brass. Warped and cracked zinc magazine will not feed.  Closest case I can find to fit is the .30 M1 carbine. Folding bayonet. See gun in action HERE
CARCANO M.91 carbine: 8x57(!), VG, $160, FFL. Missing the folding bayo assy; appears to have been made that way, the 18" barrel not turned down for it. This seems to be a rare Cremona conversion, done under German supervision in 1944. New barrel and receiver are unmarked except for sn on barrel and a '7.9' stamped on the fixed rear sight. No other markings except 'S' on bolt, and none appear to have been removed... All the pundits insist that these are unsafe to fire, so I decided to shoot some hot surplus ammo in it, but couldn't find any signs of stress(fired case included).  I wonder if  the "experts" know that the bores on these are oversize(.329"),  which would certainly lower chamber pressure. Only problem was that the bolt was hard to open, so maybe hand loads would be best. Try using 125gr bullets.  Trapdoor in butt plate for folding cleaning rod(missing).
CHASSEPOT M.1866 NEEDLE FIRE shooter: 11mm, VG, $495.  Dated 1867. Yes, you can easily shoot these, but wear face protection.  Refinished brite and converted to shoot a special bullet(included), made by gluing a percussion cap backwards onto the base of a .45-70 bullet. Fill chamber with loose FFG black powder, no cartridges needed. Modification consists of a longer needle and new rubber obturator. Gun has the original rod. This was captured in the Franco-Prussian War, by the Germans who thoughtfully removed the French markings.(sold)  Bayonets are $25-$50 w/gun.
CLEMENT-NEUMANN: .401 Win, VG, , $900, FFL. Similar to Winchester 1910 blow-back semi-auto; less than 1000 made(in Belgium). See p.120 ALFA catalog. Replaced sights and mag, chip to wrist, repaired bolt(not safe to fire). Clement also designed the .35 S&W auto pistol. 
COLT LIGHTNING rifles: All are antique and have pitted bores w/good rifling. 25" barrels.
1) .38-40, VG, $1200. Finish mostly gone, but very little wear on wood or metal. Works well-- test fired, one-hole group @ 10m, nice bore. Round barrel & dust cover.
2) .38-40, VG,  $1200. Refinished. Early type without dust cover & round barrel. Test fired OK.
3) .44-40, VG, $1400. Octagon barrel,  missing dust cover. 50% original finish. Test fired OK.
4) .44-40, G, $750. No finish, bad buttstock, not working. Bolt won't retract fully, and firing pin is loose. Appears complete. Round barrel. Slide grip is good, has dust cover, but front sight is wrong.
M.1882 Belgian COMBLAIN shooter: 11mm, G, $650. Forend, bands and barrel(dated 1872), are from a Chassepot. Appears to be chambered in the original caliber, but the bore is larger, .457". 11mm Dutch Beaumont ammo can work, but are tight at the head. Use .45-70 bullets. Old pitted reblue, stained stock. Martini rear sight is soldered on backwards and dovetail front sight is Mauser. Gras bayonet included.
CZ 52(she)rifle: 7.62x45, EX, $425, FFL.  Comes with ammo, sling, sight hood, and blank adapter.
DANISH KRAG rifles: 8x58, G, $200-$300ea, FFL. 8x56R Mannlicher ammo can be used in these.
DANISH ROLLING BLOCK rifle: 11mm, VG, $750. Original chamber; .45-70s won't fit.
DREYSE M.1861 NEEDLE GUN: .60, G, $2500. Beck conversion, sanded stock.(sold)
DUTCH BEAUMONT-VITALI M.1871/88 rifles: 11mm, VG, $300. Original finish & rod, nice bore...Another, G, cracked stock, w/1" missing chunk, no rod, good bore, $200. Both of mine are complete with ejectors, which are frequently missing on these, as they just fall away when the bolts are removed. Both guns have mismatched bolts.
DUTCH M.1895 #3 ENGINEER OR ARTILLERY CARBINE: 6.5, VG, $425, FFL. This is the type with the wood mag cover on left and the long handguard(cracked & chipped). Good bore, lots of blue. Mismatched bolt, original finish, no import marks. For some reason the polish on the mag is rougher than on the other parts, but it is matched to reciever.
EGYPTIAN HAKIM semi-auto rifle: 8x57, VG, $550, FFL. Comes with bayonet, scabbard, sling, and extra 25-rnd mag. ~90% original finish. Shiney bore. I was able to hit an aersol can repeatedly at 200 yds with this gun.
ENFIELD m.1861 Artillery carbine copy: .58, G, $300. Made by Armi San Paolo(I think). This gun has been "chronologically enhanced" and barrel markings thoughtfully removed. Fooled me. Bore is good, 5 grooves. Not ready.
EVANS 3RD CARBINE: .44, G, $1050. The 19th Century "assault rifle", 28 rnd capacity. Replaced forend and band, missing swivels, pitting on barrel, good bore, works fine.
EVANS 3RD sporting rifle: .44, VG, $600. Missing gate, mainspring, extractor, and rear sight. Good bore mikes .431". Magazine works OK.
FRENCH GRAS m.1874 rifle: 11mm, VG, $325.  Refinished, mismatched #s, sanded stock, original rod. Brite bore mikes .457", larger than normal: use .45-70 bullets and squeeze the necks down after loading them. Use Lebel or .348 Win cases. Not ready.
FRENCH GRAS MUSQUETON: 11MM, VG, $550. Sanded stock, mismatch carbine bolt, brass fittings, original rod, 2 extra 1/4" holes drilled in buttplate, nice bore.
FRENCH LEBEL rifles: 8mm, G-VG, $350-450, FFL. Tube feed, mismatch #s, Minor pitting, bores are pitted but rifled, all the same. Spike bayonet for another $50.
GERMAN 1819 percussion conversion musket: .72, G, $500. Made in the kindom of Baden at the St. Blasien arsenal(marked). Original rod shortened ~6" for plugged ramrod channel. Some losses to channel and area behind lockplate, old finish. No rust in pitted 42" bore, mikes .725". Uses standard US musket nipple(replaced). Breech plug easily unscrews for cleaning. Use 12ga components. Tip of sear broken off, but works OK. Dovetailed rear sight.  Unit marked on buttplate in Prussian style: 'III.1116.'
M.1888 German Commission Carbine: 8x57J, VG, $750. R&R stock, mismatched bolt, 2 railway unit markings, spring ejector in dust cover.
GERMAN LEFAUCHEUX  C.F. shotgun: 16ga, VG, $600, FFL.  29" Krupp Stahl barrels, pitted bores, F&F choke, marked "NITRO", 2 3/4" chambers. Mostly German, with a couple Belgian proof marks. "Paul Pipps, Buchsenmacher/Mulheim A.D. Ruhr" on top. Engraved & silver plated(tarnished, some rust). Refinished stock w/small crack. Horn grip. Very tight lock-up. Rebounding hammers are a little loose.
   This gun follows the original 1836 design very closely, but is centerfire instead of pinfire, and should be safe to shoot with modern ammo. Comes with sling and a leg-o-mutton case(needs repair).
    There is ~$1000 worth of engraving on this gun. The back-action locks feature a hare on one side, and a pheasant on the other.
GERMAN SPORTER: 5.6X35/.22 Hornet, VG, $400, FFL. Crown U marks, pre-war. 'ZI-DI, D.R.G.M.' Weighs only 6lbs. Stock has been repaired, sanded, and re-checkered. Cheek piece, detachable mag, modified express sights. Bore looks new. The solid top reciever would be easy to mount a scope on.  
GERMAN .22 LEVER SHOTGUN: .22, VG, $300, FFL. Weird garden gun made for the European market sometime in the 1980's (RECK). Die cast reciever, steel 24" smoothbore barrel, and tubular mag holds 9 shotshells. Adjustable rifle sights. Reciever grooved for scope mount, but it's top eject(?) Patterns ~6" @10m and will penetrate both sides of a beverage can. Could probably break clay pigeons, but I haven't tried it. The crimped Winchester shotshells are supposed to be stronger than the CCI types. Can also shoot BB caps singlely.
GERMAN TARGET RIFLE: .22lr, G, $125, FFL. Full-size single-shot bolt action marked: "BERNH.PAATZ.WAFFENFABRIK ZELLA-MEHLIS/THUR." Continental sporting sights and swivels, repaired stock with cheek piece and checkered pistol grip. Needs extractor. Shoots one-hole groups @ 10m.
GRANT PARLOR RIFLE: .17, G, $500. Not in Flayderman's, so must rare. Made in Newark NJ starting in 1869. No maker's mark, just a patent date. Brass engraved frame with traces of nickel. 5" barrel extension has fair rifling. Uses #11 percussion caps and 4.4 mm lead balls which are muzzle loaded(included). No powder needed. This early firearm appears to have established .17 as a caliber, and has the power of a modern airgun. Comes with a special rammer. Not ready. 
GREEK MANNLICHER-SCHOENAUER 1903/14: 6.5MM, G, $200, FFL. Cheapest M-S on the Internet. Replaced bands and incorrect handguard. Mismatch #s, no import marks. Sound stock, no cracks or dings, pitted metal, gouged chamber, good bore. Made by Beretta(Breda 1927). Also have a pitted action, G, for $100.
HOPKINS & ALLEN JUNIOR 932 rifle: .32rf, VG, $150. Single shot takedown falling block, w/octagon barrel. Missing extractor, and front sight is too short. Fair bore mikes .314".
HUNGARIAN 35M bolt rifle: 8x56, VG, $550, FFL. Correct and matching, but with tiny specks all over one side; appears to have been sprayed by a tomcat.(sold)
HUSQVARNA rook rifle: .32/7.65, VG, $400, FFL. Beautiful gun, with graceful lines. Checkered walnut stock w/tiny swivels, heavy octagon barrel, miniature 1871 Mauser action, excellent sights(replaced), fair bore. Bolt appears mismatched, with a hand made extractor. This gun can shoot 3 calibers: .32-20, 7.5 Nagant and 7.5 Swiss revolver. Groove dia. is .315". Test fired OK with .32-20s; groups ~1" @ 10m.
P.1842 INDIA PATTERN E? FUSIL: .75, F, $350. No Nepalese or Indian markings, only a 'Lacy & Co./London' on lockplate. 33" barrel is marked '525'; no other visible marks. Stock has numerous old putty repairs and splices. Hanoverian Spring bayonet retainer, 4-square rod, 3 stock wedges, brass fittings, fixed rear sight, replaced front swivel. Pitted smooth bore mikes .770".
ITALIAN VETTERLI M1870/87: 10.4, VG, $350. Revarnished wood, good cartouches, wrong rod, nice bore.
Japanese Type I Carcano rifle: 6.5mm, G, $250, FFL. Nice stock, pitted metal. Worn bore mikes .270"
Japanese Type 99 LONG rifle: 7.7, VG, $350, FFL. Rare. Has a 31" barrel instead of the usual 25" one. Mismatched bolt, ground mum. Missing sight wings, dust cover, monopod and rod. Minor rust spots and wood dings; perfect bore.
Japanese Type 18 MURATA rifle: 11mm, G, $700. (sold)
JAPANESE TYPE 30 rifle: 7.7, G, $450, FFL. "Hook Safety" ground Mum. Incorrect rod, mismatch #s, good bore... Another, VG, $550, FFL. Mum lightly overstamped with small circles. Original brass-tipped cleaning rod. No assembly #s. Bores on both are worn with good rifling.
JAPANESE type 99 rifle: 7.7mm, G, $225, FFL. Light rust, ground Mum, original rod, mismatched bolt, repro dust cover, missing anti-aircraft wings and monopod, nice bore. Nagoya. You can polish the rust with a 45 degree wire cup wheel. 
JAP TYPE 99 LAST DITCH rifle: 7.7mm, VG, $225, FFL. Ground Mum, mismatched bolt w/cylindrical handle and rare straight-grooved safety knob. Nagoya...Another, G, $150. All matching #s. Stock has been varnished, but not sanded. "STADIG" letter-stamped in stock under bolt. Since it is stamped and not carved, you might be able to steam it out. Missing the .3" thick wood buttplate, which was just nailed on. Brown finish, shiney bore,  3-pc stock, plum bolt knob. Toyo Kogyo.
JAPANESE TRAINING RIFLES (hot collectibles of the future): .30?, EX, $225, FFL. Resembles the rare Type 99 Long Rifle with 31" barrel. No firearm parts other than the replaced bolt. Repro sling, receiver polished brite... Another, VG, $160, FFL. Matching #s! Cut for dust cover. Missing sight ladder latch... Another, G, $160, FFL. Unusual single-shot type with full-length cleaning rod, not ready...Yet another, this time the rare 7/8 scale child's rifle, VG, $450, FFL. Can use 7.62x39 blanks...  2 other types I've seen are one that can shoot Greenie Stick-Um caps, and a single-shot made from an 1888 Commission rifle. I also have  training bayonets w/scabbards, G, for $45. I know that these don't require an FFL, but try telling that to UPS, USPS, and FedEx.
JOSLYN RIFLE project: .56-50rf, F, $500. If you are good with wood, this is an opportunity to own a very rare C.W. rifle for little outlay.  Stock cut off at lower band. New walnut section included; fits barrel perfectly. Use 1863 Springfield bands(3) and nosecap. Only 3007 of these were made at Springfied Armory in 1865, and half of those were converted to .50-70 and sold to France. Later, those guns were converted again into 20ga shotguns. Rusted bore mikes a tight .512" and has good rifling. Action is tight and it works OK. I've got $485 in it.
JOSLYN C.W. CARBINE, 1864: .54rf, G, $900. Breechblock converted to c.f., but firing pin is r.f. Cracked wrist, good bore...Another, VG, $1500. This is the best condition CW gun I have ever owned. Only defects are minor stock dings and repaired tang. Brilliant bore. US on buttplate, but no other marks or cartouches
KARABINER 98K: 8mm, G, $400, FFL. No import marks; looks like a G.I. bring-back. All #s match except bolt, which matches itself. Nice bore. Reciever marked '42 / 1939'. Early laminated stock has been sanded.
KAR 98a: 8mm, EX, $450, FFL. Double-dated Erfurt, R&R stock and metal. Checkered bolt handle, scrambled #s, replaced handguard, nice bore. Also have a long Erfurt bayonet, G, sans grips, for another $50.
LEE-ENFIELD SMLE: .303, G, $160, FFL. Import marked, shot-out bore. Gun has the cut-off and a nice patina. Peculiar thing about this piece is the bolt # matches reciever's, and the mag matches to nose cap, but the 2 groups do not match each other. No other #s visible. Stock appears original. Dated 1916, no volley sight. Sling & bayonet(remind me).
"LONG BRANCH TRAINING RIFLE": VG, $160. Canadian version of the Swift trainer, dated 1944. Uses a bolt and front sight from a Mk 4 Enfield. Heavy walnut stock, missing the buttplate safety mechanism. The target puncher works fine, and I have extra needles, if you need some. This gun does not shoot anything. Not ready.


M16A2 TRAINING RIFLE: .223, VG, $225. Remarkably detailed solid black rubber 8lb replica, with original Colt barrel(rifled!), flash hider, bayonet lug and working front sight. Complete Colt and gov't markings; looks better than most I've seen. Current production is blue plastic. FSN: DVC-T7-83B on butt stock. SN 6510879(1986)... Another earlier M16A1, sn 804005(1967). Rubber-covered cast iron reciever. Rare 3-prong flash hider. $225. Marked TASCO-FG on buttstock; Colt markings on lower.
MAG-7 M1 TACTICAL SHOTGUN: 12ga, VG, $600, FFL. Weird slide-action, made in South Africa. This thing should be in a movie. Originally these were made as pistols, but ~200 long gun versions were produced for the US, so are super rare. Could be converted back to a pistol, but that would need permission from the ATF. Detachable mag in grip holds 5 shots. Supposed to take special 60mm shells, but the mag is only 56mm wide. Fortunately, the 50mm Aguila and NSI mini shells(included) fit the mag perfectly, and cycle through the action. I haven't shot it, and it looks like it was fired only a few times.  Fake muzzle brake has accessory mount.
MANNLICHER-SCHOENAUER M.1905 carbine: 9x56, VG, $1300, FFL. Made by Steyr. Double triggers, 17.7" barrel, trapdoor buttplate, never had a scope. Good bore mikes .356". Stock repaired in 2 places with thru bolts, lower swivel missing. Checkered full-length stock. Beautiful gun.
1881 MARLIN rifle: .38-55, G, $800. Lightweight version, works OK. Dark bore w/good rifliing. Sanded stock, cracked forend, stripped metal finish. Replaced Marble's sights.
1894 MARLIN rifle: .38-40, G, $500. Replaced stock and buttplate. Not ready.
1893 MARLIN rifles: .32-40, VG, $750, FFL. Dark bore mikes .314/.321". Lever screw buggered, small gouge to forend, otherwise all correct. "Special Smokeless Steel" marked on 26" octagon barrel... Another, this time in .38-55 caliber, VG, $1100, FFL. Shiny bore with some pitting. Marked "For Black Powder" on octagon barrel. Original sights on both guns, both drilled for tang sights.
1893 MARLIN SRC: .30-30, VG, $750, FFL. Worn bore with good rifling mikes .310". Minor dings to stock. Tiny swivels added. No blue left, but no extra screw holes either. Original sights. The forend looks correct, but the band partially covers the barrel inscription. Original 20" barrel length.
1888 MARLIN rifle: .38-40, G, $750. Rare early top-eject type. Lots of old rust and pitting, but it works, is complete with original sights, and sound stock. Good bore mikes .413"; use .41 cal bullets; see Home page.
MARLIN 1898 pump shotgun: 12ga, G, $225, FFL. A neat old gun suitable for SASS. Test fired OK with Winchester Low Recoil shells, which is best to use in these; high wall brass won't extract. Wood is VG, but some pitting on metal; both have been refinished. Button slide-release. When examining old Marlins, check the inside extractor: most are broken off, including mine. This doesn't affect the extraction, as long as you use low-wall brass and deepen the hook in the outside extractor, but will help in negotiating a price....Another earlier type with no button slide release, VG, no finish, no pitting, same price...Also a Model 17, similar to above, G, $160. Missing buttplate and forend is cracked and missing screws.
MARTINI-HENRY musket: 20ga(!), VG, $450. Looks like a standard rifle with 33" barrel, full length forend, and the original rifle sights. 3" chamber. Dark blue arsenal refinish over pitted metal, new stock.  Markings on receiver are: (CROWN) V.R, ENFIELD, 1889, AC, and 2 Indian proof marks. Looks unsafe, but I test fired it 5 times with Federal Truball slugs which can group 2" @ 50yards. Muzzle energy and velocity are the same as the original .450/.577 load. GO HERE
MARTINI-HENRY cavalry carbine: .450 shot, EX, $595. All correct, including the chamber, but the 530" bore is smooth and highly polished. Could be a .577/.476 Indian Police Musket, but there are no Indian markings, only Brit. 'Enfield 1884' on receiver, and an 'S-X' over chamber(Strengthened Extractor)... Another, this time arsenal made from a cut-down rifle, with original bore, G, $595. Marked 'Enfield 1879' on receiver, 'NMP'(Natal Mounted Police) on stock, and an Indian? mark over chamber. Earlier importation.

MARTINI-ENFIELD carbine: .303, VG, $450. My best condition Martini, but not military. Made in England. Repaired wood, some pitting in good bore.

MARTINI carbines, Indian? mfg: These fascinating guns were brought out of Afghanistan by a State Dept. official recently; I have his name and number. $450 each, NRA Good condition, very little pitting, but no finish. All have the Afgan crest depicted on the right side of the receiver, along with an inscription, and a date in Arabic. All have tight actions, sound wood, cleaning rods and are polished brite. These were made to a higher standard than the Khyber Pass types and the parts are interchangeable with the original Martinis, but they are not reworks and there are no Brit marks at all:
The first one is a Martini-Henry artillery carbine in .577/.450 cal with swivels but no bayonet lug. Nice bore has Henry rifling. Dated 1315 in Arabic, you do the math. Parts not numbered.(sold)
The 2nd one is a Martini-Metford cavalry carbine in .303 cal, fair bore, matching #s(10 visible), with another inscription on the butt plate. (sold)
The 3rd one is a Martini-Enfield artillery carbine in .303, matching #s, good bore, and lug for '88 pattern sword bayonet(included, but you'll have to shorten the forend. Remind me). 
Last 2 guns test fired OK; spent cases provided.
MAUSER SPORTER: 9.3X62, VG, $550, FFL. Guns in this chambering tend to be very pricey, and the powerful caliber has enjoyed a resurgence. It is one of the "dangerous game" calibers used in Africa.  This is a pre-war ex-military sporter 'Made in Germany' (stamped in wood ahead of magazine). Reciever ring is marked "IDEALSTUDSAREN/ F.S.(head of a raindeer) Z.M./ ALGEN".  Milled iron sights, trigger safety, spoon bolt handle, swivels. L side of receiver drilled for scope. Old recoil pad needs replaced. Good bore mikes .370". Graf's has Sellior & Bellot 9.3x62 ammo for $20/box, and all the dies and components.
MAYNARD CARBINE, 2nd model: .50, VG, $1200. Brite bore has rifling and some severe pitting.(sold) Also have new brass cases, $4 ea.
MEXICAN MAUSER rifle. m.1910: 7mm, G, $250, FFL. Sound stock battered from rough storage, good bore. Deep-struck reciever crest w/eagle&snake reads "FABRICA NACIONAL DE ARMAS/MEXICO D.F./1931". Mismatched bolt, replaced rod. Nice included Turk bayonet fits perfectly on the  29" barrel.
MOSIN-NAGANT M44 deer rifle: 7.62x54, EX, $100, FFL. Russian, all matching, bayonet and lug removed, $66 MOJO peep sight installed, so the gun only costs you $34! Dated 1946 on chamber with the hammer & sickle. Rubber buttplate.
MOSIN-NAGANT 91/30, Spanish Civil War: 7.62X54, G, $160, FFL.  Marked "Made in USSR" and "No." before serial # which identifies this model. No import marks. Dated 1933 and mag floorplate # matches receiver, but bolt does not. Dark bore.
MURATA TYPE 22: 8MM, G, $1300. Missing handguard, peened mum. Mismatched bolt, rusted bore w/good rifling...Another, G, $600. Missing handguard, bolt head, mag spring & follower. Cracked stock. Mum thoughtfully whacked 3x. Pitted bore w/good rifling. Sear won't release striker.
NEEDHAM CONVERSION shooter: .58cf, G, $450. Repaired & sanded stock, good bore. Springfield marked lockplate. Ammo can be made from 24 gauge. Not ready.
NORWEGIAN m.1842 KAMMERLADER: .71cal, F, $700. No finish, missing rear sight and 3 brass barrel bands, duffle cut. Replaced screws, tight action works, good bore mikes .710". Use 12ga slugs, loose FFG powder. Early percussion breech loader.
Conneticut PEABODY rifle: .45-70, VG, $900. Polished brite, good bore.
SWISS? PEABODY rifle: 10.4x38rf, VG, $800. Original sights, Vetterli cleaning rod, replaced r.f. breech block, horrible bore with strong rifling. No markings other than the Peabody address... Another, EX, with blue barrel turned plum, white receiver, brilliant bore, revarnished unsanded stock, $1200.
PORTUGESE m.1860 Artillery Carbine: 14mm, VG, $750. Copy of the French "Mousqueton D'Artillerie modele 1829.T". All parts are matched with either #s or 'AE'. 1865 date on lockplate and 'FA 1883' stamped in stock between lock screws. Tiny inspection marks are a cross, a triangle, and a crown. Short bar for either saber or socket bayonet.
Nice 3-groove bore mikes .595". R&R stock, replaced rod, not ready.                    LEARN MORE
PORTUGESE KROPATSCHECK rifle: 8x60, EX, $450. Made by Steyr. Repaired stock, mismatched bolt #, shiney bore...Another, VG, mismatched, sling, good bore, $350.
POTSDAM MUSKET (Prussian M.1809) percussion conversion: .75/10ga, G, $450. Huge gun with lots of brass(original patina), the perfect wall hanger, and not a lot of money. Dated 1833, and brass buttplate is well marked. Dark beechwood stock, with tiny worm holes. Minor wood loss and cracks to forend and around nipple bolster, and barrel eroded there too. Unrifled bore is dark but smooth, no dents. Replaced swivels and rear sight. Original ramrod, bayonet hook. These were imported during our Civil War...Also have the bayonet for another $50 w/gun, but it is too tight. I can ream it out if you wish.
REMINGTON MODEL 24A auto rifle: .22lr, VG, $250, FFL. Bottom eject, good for leftys. Works perfectly, and groups 1/2" @ 10M. New style ejector. Refinished wood, even dark patina on metal. Ring of pitting inside bore ~6" from breech. Replaced mag tube.  Also have the old style ejector and rod for $20, which came off this gun.
REMINGTON MULE-EAR DOUBLE SHOTGUN, 1889: 12ga, G, $400. 30" steel barrels, choked M&M, couple small dents, not Damascus. Bore has some severe pitting. Sanded and repaired stock, replaced hammer screws, missing buttplate, tight action, not ready.
REMINGTON #6 BOYS RIFLE: .22lr, G, $125 FFL. Single-shot take down w/folding peep sight. Bullets keyhole in target. Replace the gun of your youth, or the one you wished you had.
REMINGTON-LEE 1885 USN shooter: .45-70, G, $900. Pitted reblue, numerous stock repairs, good bore and action, all original except for rod and middle band. I've had this gun for over 20 years and have shot it.
REMINGTON-KEENE rifle: .45-70, G, $1400. Broken stock, nice bore, works OK. Trapdoor rear sight and Bubba front... Another in .43 Spanish, G, broken & spliced stock, $1200.
REMINGTON SPLIT BREECH carbine: .50rf, G, $1600. Good bore, good action, battered wood, Siamese marks on buttstock.
REMINGTON ROLLING BLOCK rifle: .58(!)cf, G, $800. Exellent bore  mikes .590". 39" barrel, tight action, light pitting and heavily worn stock. No special marks. Conversion of C.W. 3-band musket. Made without band springs(rare). Make ammo from 24ga shotshells. 
REMINGTON ROLLING BLOCK, US NAVY: .50-70, VG, $1100. Good bore, tight action, original dark red varnish finish on wood(repaired). Trapdoor rod fits well, but seems short. Missing rear sight ladder; S&S has them. Marked '(eagle) USN SPRINGFIELD 1870' on receiver. Of all the military R.B.s, these are the most desirable.
REMINGTON ROLLING BLOCK,  NY State: .50-70, VG, $800. Metal polished brite, brite bore. Dinged stock marked '65th REG.S.N.Y.'
REMINGTON ROLLING BLOCK 1902 rifle: 7mm, VG, $350, FFL. No markings, late rear sight, beechwood stock, fair bore, some storage dings to wood...Another, F, hand stamped "REPUBLICA MEXICANOS"(pre-1904) under reciever. Rode hard and put away wet. Poor bore, tight action. Large german silver & brass shield attached to buttstock(eagle, snake, and cactus). Appears to be some kind of commemortive. Good for display. $300.
REMINGTON ROLLING BLOCK shooter: .43 Spanish, G, $350. Standard rifle fitted with brass-plated furniture, brass rod, Danish? bands, and nickel-plated hammer. Battered stock. Good bore mikes .440".
RUSSIAN BERDAN II rifle: 11mm, VG/G, $900. Bolt action; handle locks at 45 degrees. Nice metal, but stock is battered from rough storage. Mismatched bolt. Several parts have a bow & arrow mark, probably factory. Volley sights, repro rod, nice bore. (sold)
SCHMIDT-RUBIN rifle, M.1889: 7.5mm,  VG, $350. Mismatch mag, original sling.
1911 SCHMIDT-RUBIN carbine: .7.5, VG, $400, FFL. Bolt and mag are matching, but refinished stock is not. Go figure.
SHARPS 1853 Slant Breech rifle: .54, G, $1500. Nepalese copy. Tight action, repro sight, no markings, light rust. Stock painted brown. Replaced pivot pin. 40" barrel & Lawrence disc primer device. Nice bore mikes .555". Test fired 3x with 120grs of powder & seals well. If your Sharps is leaking gas, then clean your breech block. The cavity is undercut, which forces the breech block forward. There is also a sliding sleeve in the chamber, but this is not as critical.
SHARPS BORCHARDT musket: .45-70, G, $1100. R&R stock and metal, missing swivels, good bore.(sold)
SIAMESE TYPE 45 Mauser: 8x50R, VG, $225. Original caliber; most were converted to 8x52R w/sights altered. Shot-out bore, repaired hand guard, replaced cleaning rod. Made at Tokyo arsenal.
SMITH cavalry carbine: .50, G, $1200. Dark rust on buttplate, rear sight, band, & latch spring. Hammer and sideplate from another gun. Missing sling bar(cavalry type), repaired trigger, sound wood, good bore, S&S has the sling bars.
SPANISH MAUSER CARBINE: 7mm, G, $160, FFL. Pitted reblue, repaired stock. Lange-Visier type rear sight and hinged floor plate. 22" barrel with fair bore, mikes .295" at muzzle. Side swivels. Crest reads "Fabrica de Armas/Oviedo/1923". No import marks...Another, G, $160, this time the "sterile" Spanish Civil War version, fair bore, nicer wood w/original finish and regular sights and floorplate. Import marked. The rear sights on both guns have graduations for 2 different cartridges. $250 for both guns.
SPENCER 1860 carbine: .56-56, G, $1400. Replaced front sight and sling bar,  cracked buttstock, works fine. No cut-off, good bore mikes .535". sn 42317.(sold)
SNIDER MARK III 3-band rifle: .577, VG, $650. Polished brite, good bore, marked 'BSA 1871' on lockplate. All original and unfooled with. Came out of Afghanistan recently, but has Brit markings only. This is the best version for shooting, with the thumb latch breech block and steel barrel. I have some plastic 24 ga shotshells from which you can make .577 Snider ammo. Use with .575" hollow-base bullets.
SNIDER CAVALRY CARBINE: .577, G, $500. Appears to be an Afghan souvenir. Mark III, >< condemn marks, good bore. 'Enfield 1869' on lockplate. Unusual feature: trapdoor in buttplate and 2 holes for cleaning rods.
SPANISH REFORMADO rolling block rifle: 11mm, VG, $350. Missing rear sight, no holes for it. Test fired with a .45-70 cartridge-- case bulged but did not split(included). Sample cartridge made from 8mm Lebel. Accurate. Bore mikes .451". Use lead bullets.
SPRINGFIELD 1870 Trapdoor rifle: .50-70, G, $650. Refinished white, dinged stock, sight ladder missing slide, Martini rod fits perfectly. Repaired tang, 1863 lockplate, nice bore. Not ready.
SPRINGFIELD 2ND ALLIN CONVERSION: .50-70, G, $750. Stripped and pitted metal, refinished stock. Replaced swivels and middle band. 1865 lockplate, 1866 on block.
SPRINGFIELD M.1816 rifled musket conversion: .69, VG, $800. Converted from flint to percussion(Belgian style); 1842 date on lock plate. Wood is nice with original finish, but has a few chips. Brass bead on front band; never had a back sight; a peep sight could be easily fashioned from sheet metal and attached with the tang screw. Repro rod threaded for 8x32 accessories.  Bore is pitted with good rifling and mikes .695". Also have a dug bayonet for another $75 which fits perfectly on the uncut 42" barrel .
STANDARD ARMS MODEL M rifle: .35 Rem, G, $350, FFL. Shoots good and has a scope mount installed. Shiny bore. These rare guns were made originally in 1910 as the first US gas-operated semi-autos which proved unreliable, so production was changed over to pump-action only. Also made in .30  &.32 Rem, but .35 is the best.(sold)
STEVENS FAVORITE: .25rf, G, $225, FFL. Comes with 100rnds.
STEVENS #44 SS rifle: .256 Win mag, G, $400, FFL. Converted from .25-20 Single Shot, which is different from .25-20 Win. The .256 is a necked-down .357 magnum, and is too hot for this action. Repaired buttstock & forend... Another in .22lr, barrel cut to 26", replaced sights, altered buttplate, good bore, $300, FFL. Not ready.  
SWISS MANNLICHER carbine, M1893: 7.5, VG, $1200, FFL. Nice stock has a few dings, but all #s match, including the magazine! Cold blue touch-up. This can be remedied with rust blue. Bore looks new, which is typical for this model. Uses German-type carbine sling. These nice little carbines were withdrawn from service early because of excessive recoil. They are rare in the US because the Swiss have bought most of them.
M.1871 SWISS VETTERLI: .41rf, VG, $225. Good bore, nice wood, complete except for repro rod.
M.1881 SWISS VETTERLI shooter: .41cf, G, $225. Sanded stock, scattered pitting,  good bore, repro rod. Converted to .41 Frey (10.4x45R cf). The purpose of this wildcat cartridge is to enable the reloader to use ordinary .44 bullets & dies. .44 bullets are also flat-nose, which are safer to use with tubular magazines.
WERNDL rifle, M.1867: 11mm, VG, $350. Replaced cleaning rod, firing pin,  block spring, and swivels. Severe pitting, R&R wood and metal. Make ammo from .348 Win.; good bore mikes .446". Not ready.
WINCHESTER 1903 rifle: .22 auto, G, $350, FFL. Test fired OK; good group. Ringed barrel, refinished stock, cracked forend, wrong front sight. Cheapest working 1903 on the Internet. .22 Long Rifle cartridges won't feed.
WINCHESTER 1873 rifle: .38-40, G, $1100. Altered sights, no dust cover, repair at muzzle, ssn marked, good wood. Test fired: works fine and groups ~2" @10m, but lifter is worn. .41 cal bullets can be used in this gun which will improve accuracy and headspace-- see Home page.
WINCHESTER 1887 shotgun: 12ga, F, $350. (sold)
WINCHESTER 1893 shotgun: 12 ga, G, $450.
30" barrel has I.C. choke. Not Ready. 
WINCHESTER 1895 Standard Rifle: .30-40 Krag, VG, $800, FFL. Even grey/brown patina. Couple dings on receiver and large dent in forend; bore is pitted with good rifling. No extra holes. Made in 1902.
WINCHESTER Model 55: .22, VG, $225, FFL. Unusual single-shot semi-auto.
WINCHESTER 1892 SRC: .44-40, VG, $900, FFL. A weird one, made in 1927. Refinished light colored walnut stock. Brite bore mikes .430". Simple engraving on both sides of reciever, over '2 CELANESE' on L side. Celanese is a large corporation operating in several countries, so this carbine could have been used by security guards.
WINCHESTER 1892 rifle: .38-40, VG, $750, FFL. 24" octagon barrel, good bore mikes .407". Test fired and works perfectly. Replaced rear sight, loading gate, and tang screw. Made in 1903.
WINCHESTER 1892 shooter: .32-20, VG, $450, FFL. High gloss reblue with repaired stock and replaced sights. Made in 1901. Cheapest working '92 on the Internet, and a good choice for SASS... Another, G, more original, made in 1896, $650(not ready). Both have 24" barrels, and good, pitted bores which mike .315".
WINCHESTER 1894 rifle: .30-30, G, $450, FFL. Made in 1909. 26" octagon barrel. Fair bore mikes .314". Repaired tang and damaged buttstock from another gun. Replaced front sight.
WINCHESTER 1894 carbine: .30-30, G, $750 FFL. Replaced rear sight, otherwise all original. Good bore mikes .310". Finish mostly gone on the metal, but walnut stock and forend are sound with minor dings. Made in 1913.
WINCHESTER Model 06 carbine: .22, G, $225, FFL. Early pump action. Good bore, not ready.
WINCHESTER-HOTCHKISS carbine, 1st model: .45-70, VG, $1800. This is the original Cavalry version, with nickel-plated brass forend cap for cleaning rod(missing). (Carbines without this feature are civilian Winchester reworks or cut-down rifles.) Rear sight marked 'H.C.'. Wrist cartouche 'ELA 1878'. Stacking swivel, which I've seen on another carbine, but must be rare. Good bore, original wood finish. (sold)
WINCHESTER WINDER MUSKET: .22 short, VG, $550, FFL. 3rd model Low Wall type, with torsion main spring, full length forend. Rare dark phosphate finish w/minor rust; wood looks original w/ hairline crack at wrist and some dings. Adj. peep rear and incorrect front sight. US marked, sn 131962. Good bore groups 1/2" @ 10m. Can also shoot .22lr, but they're tight. Cases bulge somewhat, but extract OK.
WINCHESTER 1886 lever rifle: .50-110, P, $400. Found recently in old mine shaft in Nevada. All there, except wood and buttplate. Action is completely rusted shut. Screws are frozen, but heads have not been buggered. Bore has rifling.(sold).
WINCHESTER 1876 lever rifle: .45-60, F, $500. Missing both side plates; price goes up when I find them. Repro toggles, sights and buttplate.(sold)










BOLT-ACTION .45-70s (not for sale). There were several to choose from in the 1880s, but for some reason the American military prefered the single-shot Trapdoor rifle. Switzerland had adopted a bolt-action repeater in 1869!

From the top: 1) 1880 Remington-Keene Frontier model. Less than 600 made for U.S. Department of Interior for arming Indian police. 2) 1885 Remington-Lee.  Later models were used extensively by the British. 3) 1882 Chaffee-Reese. Only 753 made. 4) Winchester-Hotchkiss 1st model sporting rfle(repaired). 5) W-H 2nd model. 6) W-H 3rd model.

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GUNS OF THE GURKHAS  (not for sale)
The British would not sell as many guns to the Nepalese as they wanted, so they built some factories and made their own.
1) Slant-breech Sharps copy, .54 cal. 
2) P.1842 musket, India Pattern, .75 cal, made in U.K.
3) P.1839 Brunswick rifle copy & bayonet, .70 cal.
4) 1869 Mk II Snider 3-band rifle copy, .58 cal.
5) Gehendra rifle, .450(Martini) cal. Similar to the Westley Richards.
6) Gurkha Martini, .450 cal. Similar to Francotte, with detachable action.


Some American  CIVIL WAR BREECH-LOADING CARBINES (not for sale) ~.54 cal. percussion (measured) unless stated otherwise. .50 Rim Fire was usually interchangeable with some of the Spencer cartridges. There were about 50 different types of carbines altogether.
1) Smith. 2) Triplett & Scott, .50rf repeater, 3) Maynard. 4) Joslyn, .50rf. 5) Starr. 6) Merrill. 7) Sharps & Hankins, .50rf. 8) Burnside. 9) Gwyn & Campell. 10) Gallager. 11) Peabody, .50rf. 12) Westley Richards, .450 percussion(British).


Some interesting SPORTING RIFLES, not for sale.
1) Sporterized M.1871 Mauser, 11mm. 2) Minature 1871 action Mauser, 8.15x46R cal. 3) Sporter based on the 1888 Commission rifle, 8x57J. 4) 1892 Steyr Mannlicher, .375 Express cal, Webley marked. 5) Great White Hunter double rifle, .50 Express. 6)  1866 Snider colonial carbine, .58 cal.. 7) Sporterized Dreyse Needle-Fire, .60 cal. 8) 1899 Remington-Lee, 7mm. Popular during the Alaska gold rush. 9) Belgian Clement-Neumann semi-auto, .401 cal. 10) Whitney Big Fifty(.50 Sharps) Buffalo Rifle. 11)Werder (Bavarian Peabody), 11mm. 12) Wanzl trapdoor, Austria, 11mm. #s 2,3,8&9 featured in the 1911 ALFA catalog.


Some Early Air & CO2 Pistols, not for sale. From the top: 1) Ampell Acro I, .22 CO2 single-shot, resembles the Thompson Center Contender. 2) Early Crosman 130 pneumatic, .22 cal. 3) Bottom row left: Schimel GP22, the first die-cast look-alike type CO2 pistol, c.1960. 4) Haenel 28, .177cal, high quality pre-war spring pistol, also with a Luger profile. 5) Targ-Aire .22, an American copy of the Haenel, made in the '40s. 6)CZ BB semi-auto. 7) Crosman 600 semi-auto, .22 cal. Possibly the ugliest CO2 pistol ever made, but highly sought after because it works so well. Die-cast construction. 8) Benjamin 422 semi-auto, .22 cal. Finished better than the Crosman, but the primitive magazine sometimes spit out 2-3 pellets at a time. These last 3 were true semi-autos, in which the gas cocks the hammer, unlike most "semi-auto" CO2 guns made today, which are actually DAO repeaters. 9) Webley Mk II, .22cal, Stoeger marked, pat. 1925. 10) Rare Accles Warrior, a competitor of Webley's. Side-lever cocking and piston concentric with .22 cal barrel. 11) Hubertus, early German push-barrel, .177 cal. 12) Haenel 100 BB repeater.


MILITARY AIR RIFLES, not for sale.
From the top: 1) Post-war Haenel Sport Modell 33. 2) Pre-war version of same. 3) Mars 115. 4) CZ 35 w/K98 buttstock. 5) Egyptian Anschutz.


Some Unusual American Air and CO2 Rifles, not for sale: 1) Feltman BB machine gun. 2) wooden 1885 Chicago Air Rifle, BB. 3) 1923 Upton BB 1000 shot. 4) Daisy Buck Jones BB pump. 5) Daisy BB double rifle 6) Apache .25 cal "Fire-Ball" pneumatic. 7) Hahn CO2 BB lever-action. 8) Crosman CO2 .22 cal lever repeater.  9) S&W CO2 BB semi-auto. 10) S&W  .22 cal pneumatic. 11) ABT gallery, shoots 3/16" ball bearings. 12) Palmer CO2 tranquilizer gun, .50 cal rifled bore.