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CHG - 5th Bersaglieri Regiment


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“Here in North Africa, it is the Italian Bersagliere that has aroused the German Soldier’s admiration!”     Erwin Rommel

German General Kesselring on the Italian Soldier: “The Italian is easily contented….he actually only has three fashionable passions, Coffee, Cigarettes, and Women…..the Italian soldier is not a soldier from within…..but their better troops in fact show flashes of ferocity and tactical competence in North Africa, particularly in infantry skirmishes…..”


The California Historical Group (CHG) Italian Secondary Impression Unit is composed of historical reenactors interested in recreating the World War II Italian Soldato.  This unit recreates a squad of the Elite Italian Bersaglieri (bear-sah-lee-air-ey) light infantry.  Our primary focus is on the desert war in North Africa from 1940 to 1943, where we reenact the 5th Bersaglieri Regiment, a unit that was very actively involved in the Tunisian Campaign of 1943.  Our purpose is to educate the public and fellow reenactors on the history and valor of the Italian Soldier in World War II.  The Southern California based CHG and the Northern California based RPS reenactment clubs provide several Italian appropriate tactical events, including annual Desert Battles and various events based on the 1943 Sicily Campaign, or 1944-45 Gothic Line Italian mountain campaigns where the unit portrays Bersaglieri of the RSI.


COME JOIN THE ITALIAN PANZER GRENADIERS!   The unit is open to any participants regardless of race, religion or gender, so long as they are commited to a serious Italian Soldato impression.  Basic requirements for joining the unit are:  You must be at least 18 years old, You must be legally able to carry a firearm, You should be in good physical health, You should have a commitment to authenticity and most importantly, you should have a good attitude!  The Unit is always looking for new recruits from existing CHG units, or persons new to reenacting.  Some loaner gear and weapons are available for new recruit use.  PDF files outlining new recruit information can be forwarded via e-mail by contacting the current unit leader Chris Devincenzi  at: cjadpanther@aol.com  .


The unit has a new 62 page New Recruit PDF file available that covers all the basics on how to get a Bersaglieri impression together.  Just e-mail the unit leader.

Unit "Facebook" Page Link - There are 100's of Photos!


CHG OCTOBER - 2015 Desert Event:  The 2015 desert event date has been set for October 23rd to 25th, 2015 at the new California city site. 

CHG Web Page event info page: 




Bersaglieri Ammunition Pouches:   The vast majority of WW2 Bersaglieri were issued a non standard ammo pouch made of brown leather and of a different design then the normal Army green pouches.  The pouches came in a variety of patterns and designs and like much of the specialized equipment in the Italian Army, they were probably manufactured at battalion, or regimental level.  These pouches are now being reproduced for us by Frank Barone for $40 per set.  They come in a three clip design that holds a complete cardboard 3-clip box of issue ammunition, or in a similar, thinner profile version that holds only two clips of ammo.  Our unit has taken delivery of abouth 10 sets and they are very nice.  Contact him via e-mail.  He accepts payment via PAYPAL and will ship worldwide.


      Frank Barone: e-mail:  frank-barone@sbcglobal.net

   Address: Frank Barone 3906 Randolph Ave.  Los Angeles, CA. 90032





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The CHG, founded in 1979 and incorporated in 1992, is a non-profit organization that is recognized by the Department of Defense as a World War II educational and reenactment organization. The CHG's 5th Bersaglieri Unit is a non-political group whose sole purpose is to preserve World War II history through uniform, equipment and vehicle restorations, static displays, and historical reenactments. We do NOT support or CONDONE any activities involving Neo-Nazis, extremist, or anti-American organizations. We are not involved, nor do we have any involvement with any anti-government activities.

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