(VHS - NTSC Format / Approx 120min each)
Highlights From Each Volume :

V1 - Dateline NBC (aired 10/11/93), The Late Show (10/11/93), Homeless Howiewood Squares (w/ Daniel Carver, Underdog Lady, Mark Harris, Lesbians), actor Jan-Michael Vincent (E Show).
V2 - Dance Party, Alec Baldwin, Mark Hamell, Carol Shaya (Playmate Cop), Eric Roberts, (E Show - July 1994)
V3 - Bobcat Goldthwait, Vicki The Drunk, Latoya Jackson, Jack Gordon, Tom Jones, Tom Arnold (E Show - Aug 1994)
V4 - Promoting Private Parts book: Donahue, John Stewert Show, The Road To Albany, Geraldo Rivera.
V5 - 1-900-OJ, Sandra Berhard, Impotent Stroke Victim, Howard Drops Gov Race, Joyce Bova (E Show - Aug 1994)
V6 - Donahue (broadcast 9/30/94 - Howard defends TX Librarian who got fired for offering Private Parts book), Stuttering John Interviews, Fran Drescher, Suzanne Sommers & Alan Hamill)
V7 - Hooker Howiewood Squares (w/ Bobby & Cindy Brady), Japanese Fertility Festival, Name That Tuna, Stuttering John Interviews; Bob Denver & Dawn Wells in "Gag-Agains Island"; The Tonight Show f/ Fartman.
V8 - Sternleywed Game f/ Mr. & Mrs. Dan Forman, Howard & Alison, Stuttering John & Karen, Fred & Alison (July '92), 1992 Season Finale f/ Black Jeapordy, Blind Mans Blind Date, Handicap Beat The Clock, and Underdog Lady.; Stacy Galina in 'Sterny Dancing'. Howards first Letterman Appearance, SNL Parody of Gubernatorial Debate, Branford Marsalis, Malika Kinison, Playmate Kimberly Taylor; Howard Saves Bridge Jumper (1994).
V9 - Bon Jovi (Pt II), Howards 41st Birthday Bash (Parts 1-3) f/ Spin Doctors, Playmate Amy Lynn, Tom Jones, Branford Marsalis, Willie Nelson, Jan-Michael Vincent, David Peel; Gay Rich and Eric Seafranz. (E Show - 1995)
V10 - Conan O' Brien, Jackie Puppet, Heather Locklear, Howard On Letterman Show (Sept. '91), Intern Steve Grillo shaves his head when Dominick Barbara offers $4000, (E Show - Feb 1995).
V11 - Slash, Ralph visits a transexual bar, Susan Olsen (aka: Cindy Brady), Porn Queen Ginger Lynn. (E Show - Mar 1995)
V12 - Patty Davis Reagan, Chuck Norris and his fiance Monika, Jim Carrey. (E Show - 1995).
V13 - OJ Simpson interview parody, Sally Kellerman, Stuttering John at the ESPY Awards, Nicole Eggert. (E Show)
V14 - Sexual Surrogate, Mistress Elaina Beastie, Saturday Night Live skit, Late Show appearance (Mar 31, 1995), Heather The Stripper, Breast Cancer testing. (E Show)
V15 - Adam Ant, Elaine Marks' Phone Tirade, Ralph's Superbowl bet w/ Dominick Barbara, Christopher Cross.(E Show)
V16 - Albert Brooks, Bill Kinison, Danielle Brisbois, Robin visits The Tonight Show, Ginger Lynn at home. (E Show '95)
V17 - 'Zoo Keeper' John Debella, Debella and Capt. Jenx feud, Nina The Stuttering 'Hot Dog Girl', Sexual Jeapordy.
V18 - Roseanne, Jaid Barrymore, Lisa Loring (aka: the original 'Wednesday' from The Addams Family). (E Show).
V19 - Steven Bogert, Pat Cooper, Playmate of the Year - Julie Cialini, Tiny Tim. (E Show).
V20 - John Kricfalusi and Billy West feud over Ren & Stimpy, Anna-Nichole Smith, deaf comedian Kathy Buckley,
V21 - Mike Judge (creator of Beavis & Butthead), Joe & Kim Piscapo, Debbie Gibson. (E Show).
V22 - Tonight Show (promoting 'Miss America' book), Porn Star Jenna Jamison, Robert Downey Jr., Late Show (1995)
V23 - Chynna Phillips, 'Miss America' (E Infomercial), Lou-Diamond Philips. (E Show 1995)
V24 - Ozzy Osbourne, Norm McDonald (as Bob Dole), Branford Marsalis. (E Show)
V25 - Howard's 42nd Birthday Bash f/ Blues Traveler, Marilyn Manson, Jason Alexander, Gov. Pataki, Transvestites, Peter Weller, and much more. (E Show 1996)
V26 - Kelly LeBrock, Playmate Shannon Tweed & Gene Simmons (KISS), A&E Biography (Howard Stern),
Saturday Night Live (2/22/97), The Late Show f/ Porno For Pyros (2/26/97).
V27 - Howard's 43rd Birthday Bash f/ Nicole Bass, Debra Norville, Beck, Chris Rock, The Girls of Scores, Tom Arnold, The Wallflowers, Morton Downey Jr., and more. (E Show 1997).
V28 - MTV Premiere Party for 'Private Parts' The Movie (Feb '97 - 90 min), Robin visits The Tonight Show - (3/14/97), Howard on The Late Show - (3/17/97).
V29 - Larry King Live (3/18/97), Geraldo Rivera (3/11/97) and Late Night with Conan O'Brien (3/14/97).
V30 - Private Parts Movie Preview (E Show 1997), Uncut, Tonight Show (1997), CNN Showbiz Today (3/10/97),
Good Morning America (3/10/97), actress Mary McKormick on The Late Show (promoting Private Parts)
V31 - Sammy Hagar, MAD TV Parody, Phil & Brinn Hartman (E Interview 1993), Howard & The Losers
perform on 'The Magic Johnson Hour' tv show (4/2/98)
V32 - CBS Show 1998 - Nicole Bass, Cindy Crawford, Cindy Margolis, LL Cool J, Kendra Jade, Strippers.