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Sunday, June 20, 2004

bccy has moved. . .

due to earthlink being just hopeless, i'm now over at

please come see me there, or this page will redirect you! thanks for your patience during this transition! search & archives may be down for a couple of days as i move everything over.

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new digs & baking disaster strikes

as promised, dear readers, here i am at my temporary digs on blogspot. thanks once again to eric case for making this all happen!

overcome by a chocolate urge yesterday evening, i decided to experiment with my favorite brownie recipe by using only splenda. no "regular" sugar at all.

and this was a terrible, terrible mistake. despite what the splenda package tells you, that it measures, cooks, and bakes just like sugar, let me hasten to inform you: no.

only after prowling for some time deep into the splenda website did i discover the explanation as to why the brownies, which looked picture perfect, where dry disasters possessed of some strange chemical aftertaste.

baked goods with splenda will be drier than normal -- you have to bake them 5 mins. less. they will also have slightly reduced volume; that is, they won't rise as well. and in large quantities, say maybe more than 1-1/2 cups, splenda will add a taste to the product.

in short, it's probably not a good idea to replace more than 30-50% of the "regular" sugar with splenda in most baked goods. the all-splenda brownie is a very disappointing object!

let me make this sad experiment so you won't have to!

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