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About Us

Freilah graduated from Cornish College of Performing Arts in 1988, with a B.F.A. in performance Production, Costume Design.  
Since then, she has costumed several plays, done tons of alterations, sewed prototypes for customers, made lots of wedding dresses, lots of garb for many period players, made special clothes for rituals and ceremonies,  became a high priestess and presided at weddings and funerals, built a pond, poured a yen and yang patio, became a Grandmother, and finally in 2008, started sewing again.  Freilah now exclusively makes her own original designs, and sells them at The Enchanted Closet, where she also reads Tarot cards.

Our Business Philosophy

At Fashions By Freilah:
It is my goal to make excellent quality, innovative designs in wearable art.  All my garments are one of a kind. I only make one at a time.   Most have pockets, and many are machine washable.  Who says art has to hang on the wall?  It's much more fun to wear your art!

At The Enchanted Closet:
The objective of our business is to provide local artists with an outlet to sell their original art, and to give you a place to find art from your favorite artists.  Great customer service is very important to us.  We hope you will enjoy visiting our web site and using our products as much as we enjoyed providing them for you.

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The Company

The Enchanted Closet has been in business since 2005.


Fashions By Freilah has been in business since 1988.


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