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Soap Box

This is the place where I share my personal opinions, about life, the universe, and everything!  

Some things that are currently making me crazy:
Drug commercials;  I wonder if all the commercials on TV about diseases and drugs are making us focus too much on disease, and not enough on the pleasant parts of life.  If we spend all our time thinking about if we have this or that disease, and do we need this drug or that one, when will we spend time on happy stuff?  And making our lives better over all?  

I want some kind of magic so that once I have cast my vote, (I vote by mail, and usually finish voting a week before the election) all the commercials will stop.  They will stop in the mail, on the TV, and on the phone!  

Birth Control In The Water.  I agree with Grace Slick.  Everyone has to take a test to drive, but a child has more impact on society than a bad driver does;  I think one should have to take classes or prove they will be a good parent to get the antidote to have a baby.  This will solve several problems right off the top.  If you want to have a kid, you take the class, you get the antidote, and you have a kid.  This will fix the abortion problem; and by the way how many "pro life" people have volunteered to raise a baby that would have been aborted?  You have no right to tell me how to live unless you are going to help.

I wish I could cast a magic spell on the roads so that if some one litters, that litter will appear on their front lawn in front of a sign saying "I am a litter bug", and if they throw out a lit cigarette, there is a chance that there house will catch on fire.  

I want a car that gets 85 MPG.  We are no longer impressed with a wimpy 30 MPG.  If we want to decrease our dependence on foreign oil, 30 MPG will not cut it.
Also, I want a car, not an suv, not a truck, not a cross over.  This CAR should be able to carry 8 or 9 people, or 4 girlfriends and all their luggage for a 3 day weekend out of town, or 15 bags of concrete, or a whole bunch of costumes, or a door, or a sheet of plywood, or furniture, or a bunch of plants.  Most of which I can do in my Taurus Wagon, but I want a tow package, and a transmission to pull it up hills.  
I will not buy another car until they make a car that dose all my current one dose.

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