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"Civil disobedience is not our problem.
Our problem is civil obedience."
-Howard Zinn

We no longer meet on a regular basis,
although we will still get together as
needed to plan specific peace events.

Activist Radio: We are
on 91.3 FM (WVKR) every
Thursday from 5:00-6:00 pm
Listen to past programs on the
webpage or as a podcast.

If an Agent Knocks. Download
and read a PDF file from the
Center for Constitutional Rights.

Diane Sommer, local activist
and member of the Dutchess
Peace Coalition, has recently
returned from a trip to Syria
where she helped film Iraqi

The Iraqi Student Project
Link to Diane's great photos

Print out flyers against empire:
Empire.pdf and HiddenCosts.pdf.

The Bard/Mid-Hudson ~
Larreynaga Sister City Project:
active in promoting peace and
social justice through its links
with Nicaragua.

The Story of Stuff.

Interview with former Israeli pilot
Yonatan Shapira about Gaza.
Counter Recruitment PDF:
HS Handout 1
HS Handout 2
Opt-out form
Print them out and give them to
a student.

"Before you enlist"
Watch before you join.

You and the US military:
ASVAB in local schools
Draft registration
Enlistment rights
Know enough to enlist?
Click here before joining
Poisoned by DU
DU testing for vets
CO while in the service
GI Rights and legal advice
Leave my child alone
Common recruiting abuses
Student Privacy Protection Act

GI Rights Hotline:
877 447-4487

We Can't Make It Here Anymore
by James Mcmurtry. What life
is like in the empire.

We joined two peace groups:

Peace Action NY State


The Peace Alliance

End the War! Yard Signs $5.00

America's image in the world
(picture from Abu Ghraib)


German Carnival floats show Trump no mercy.
A float at the Düsseldorf parade.

-Sunday, September 21, NEW YORK CITY: What is projected to be the “largest climate march in history” will take place in Manhattan, two days before the 2014 Climate Summit will convene at UN Headquarters. As of Aug. 1 there were over 700 national and local groups that will participate. Buses and special trains will arrive in NYC from all over the country, including from at least 10 different New York State locations. There are several in the the Hudson Valley including buses from New Paltz. Woodstock, Bus, Buy a ticket here. Annabelle Vinois,, 845-443-0880

Greens Says No To Syria Intervention

The Green Party of the United States opposes U.S. threats of intervention in Syria and the Obama Administration's 'blank check' abuse of military power.

In a statement released Thursday, Green Party leaders said that accusations by the United States that the Assad regime has used deadly nerve gas against rebellious civilians have been contradicted by numerous foriegn media reports. Greens insist that U.N. inspectors be allowed to continue their investigation into claims of chemical weapons use in Syria.

"The U.S. should use its clout to broker a cease-fire," said 2012 Green Party Presidential nominee Jill Stein. "U.S. military intervention will make it impossible for us to bring the two sides together for a political solution. We will sacrifice the only real pathway to peace for an act that can only pour gasoline on the fire."

Green Party leaders warned that intervention or military aid would likely result in more mass civilian casualties on all sides.

Greens call for a repeal of the Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF) passed by Congress on September 18, 2001, which the two most recent Presidential administrations have used to justfy attacks on other nations. 

Click here to read the Green Party's full statement.

In Appreciation of Gun Appreciation Day
Many People Were Shot

At this week-end's Gun Appreciation Day, at least five people were shot at three separate gun shows. The incidents ranged from a guy shooting himself trying to reload his gun in the parking lot to a vendor shooting three people while removing a shotgun from a case. But those weren't the only shootings that day. Oh no. At least 38 more people were shot. The youngest was five.

-Abby Zimet (Common

"Our real enemy is not the ones living in a distant land whose names or policies we don't understand. The real enemy is a system that wages war when it's profitable...Our enemies are not thousands of miles away. They are right here in front of us."

Winter Soldier testimony of Mike Prysner, Iraq Veteran Against the War and founder of March Forward!

God Bless America

In one year, guns murdered 17 people in Finland, 35 in Australia, 39 in England and Wales, 60 in Spain, 194 in Germany, 200 in Canada, and 9,484 in the United States. The United States is an outlier, in part, because our gun laws are woefully inadequate. The United States remains an outlier when you control for population.

We passed out flowers on Mother's Day, along with
peace flyers urging an end to wars in the Middle East.
(see other pictures on our blog above)

Seven of us held signs and a banner to call attention to the
fact that CVS carries products made in the illegal West Bank
settlements. CVS should stop selling Ahava, as well as other
products made in Israel's illegal settlements. These include
L'Oreal's Natural Sea Beauty, Dead Sea Salt Foot Soak,
and Swisa Beauty Esensuals. Call CVS headquarters at
401 765-1500 and request Customer Relations.

Members of Dutchess Peace met at Occupy Poughkeepsie
and stayed to take part in the general assembly.

Another generation comes to understand
the fascist nature of the American Empire.

Occupy Wall St activists clash with
New York Police after being removed
from Zuccotti Park. -Guardian UK

Support Occupy Poughkeepsie at Hulme Park (72 Market Street).
Also look up "Occupy Poughkeepsie" on Facebook.

You are the 99 Percent!

Take a Dutchess Peace Survey
(only takes five minutes)

What the media just won't say about the deficit.

Economic Hitmen, Assassintion and Empire

We continue to get good crowds for our monthly movies now
that we have changed to the Friends Meeting House. UPDATE:
We are now at the Crafted Kup, 44 Raymond Ave.

Our movie nights were beginning to draw some big crowds.
But the Muddy Cup in Poughkeepsie closed and we moved
our films to the Friends Meeting House.

We decided to try a vigil on 44/55 during rush hour.

We want to organize more of these counter recruiting
demonstrations outside the recruiting office in Wappingers.

We have been using our Guantanamo jumpsuits to dramatize
human rights abuses. Here we are at the impeachment protest.
The signs say "US Constitution" and the "Bill of Rights."

We have been reading Guantanamo poetry at various
poetry nights. Here Diane, Pat and Fred read at the
Muddy Cup in Poughkeepsie

Several of us attend the Peace Vigil
on Saturdays (12:00 - 2:00 pm) on Rt. 9 and 9D.
Read about the vigil in the NY Times.

Pete Seeger with Fred and Gary on the 9 and 9D peace vigil.

Pictures from the "Poughkeepsie Journal"