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Save Money, Avoid lawsuits

(February 5, 2002)

Dai-Tian Mountain Dump, the center responsible for the garbage collection and treatment of over half of Guang-Zhou City, has greatly improved its contamination to the nearby areas due to the newly adopted treatment method. Consequently the Garbage Dump saved millions of pollution fines and compensations to its neighboring villages.

As we know, Dai-Tian Mountain Garbage Dump is now responsible for collection and treatment of Hai-Zhu, Tian-Her, Huang-Pu districts, (Guangzhou, China) etc. In the past, torrential rain caused run-off from the garbage collected in the dump and polluted nearby villages and farms. Thus the garbage dump was routinely surrounded by lawsuits and compensation demands from the area residents.

To solve this problem, Dai-Tian Garbage Dump adopted a new treatment technique for garbage dump pollutants. It was disclosed as the three "secret weapons":

1. "Devour"--using the most advanced microbial technology product "WT-FG" to devour the heavy metals and organic pollutants in the leachate. After treatment, hill sides of the Garbage dump was planted with fruit trees like Li-Zhi, Lung-Yang;

2. "Absorb"--then Xiang-Geng Grass was planted all over the dump to absorb odors from Ammonia Nitrate produced from the garbage;

3. "Cover"--the entire surface of the dump was covered by a layer of special polyethylene which is capable of conducting the rain to flood drains, greatly reduces odor from escaping into the atmosphere, and also prevents insects from breeding.

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