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"Client List"

---Amoco Oil Company Kansas City, Missouri---

Sugar Creek

Cleaned up 140,000 yards of oil concentrated soil by creating the world's largest bio-reactor (300 feet by 300 feet by 16 feet deep) Also decontaminated 5 million gallons of waste oil.

---Pennzoil Oil Company Sherevport, Louisiana---

Waste discharge for microbes to consume acid discharge from this refinery.

---Texaco Oil Company Houston, Texas---

Blends of 11 protein eating microbes were added to the digester system to reduce sludge at this refinery.

---Chevron Oil Company Lake Charles, Louisiana---

Added aerators and microbes to consume oil discharge at this refinery.

---Texaco Oil Company Leesville, Texas---

Treated this refinery discharge reducing the contamination from 75,000 ppm to 100 ppm.

---Tyson Chicken Processing Plant Laurel, Mississippi---

Treated animal blood and fat prior to discharge into sewer system. A strain of 4 microbes were used to reduce waste volume by 70%.

---Valentine Sugar Company Louisiana---

Treated discharge ponds that contained high levels of sugar. Prior to treatment, discharge waters were contaminating a local river. After treatment, discharge levels were with EPA compliance guidelines.

---Violux Corporation Marseilles, France---

Animal tanning plant that produced handbags and luggage. Treated discharge waste prior to release.

---Clinton Wastewater Treatment Plant, Clinton, Wisconsin---

Trickle filter process for primary clarifier. Uses microbes to reduce BOD and TSS. Microbes are used to keep new plant in balance.

---Viroqua Wastewater Treatment Plant, Viroqua, Wisconsin---

Covered oxidation channels. Uses microbes to improve settling in secondary clarifier.

---Commonwealth Edison Utility Company, Illinois---

Use microbes to stabilize organic degradation in RBC (rotating batch reactor) unit that treats sanitary waste from nuclear power plant.

---Wisconsin Electric---

Use microbes to improve BOD reduction in activated sludge system.

---Fort Howard Corporation City, Oklahoma---

Use microbes and Enrich to stabilize activated sludge system that undergoes seasonal heat shock. Microbe strains have proven very effective in thremophyllic conditions ( up to 120 degrees F )

---Candlewick Lake Waster Treatment Plant, Poplar Grove, Illinois---

Activated sludge system that uses microbes to maintain balance of BOD discharge. Has eliminated frequent fines from governmental agencies.

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