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( Translated from the book of )

"Government procurement in China"

(Our subsidiary company Joinbo Industrial LTD. is in chapter 10 of the book " Government Procurement in China")

Hong Kong Joinbo Industrial Limited (FWT China) own the patented "WT-FG" bio-technique. This is one of the most advanced techniques used in treating waste water, it not only requires less initial investment, also has better result within shorter periods of time. Used in treating rivers, city sewage, high- concentration industrial waste water and garbage dump leaching water, the technique has proven highly effective in reaching the targeted standards of the nation's ground water and waste water .This company has approx. 1,200 microbes and "FG-21" enhancer. "WT-12" is a highly concentrated mixed dried microbes.

"WT-FG" bio-technique has five advantages:

1). Instead of activated-sludge, it uses patent formulated "WT-12" microbes, specially mixed microbe treatments that targeted to specific purposes, and is extremely effective.
2). Instead of traditional aerators, "FG-21" enhancer is much more economical and effective
3). No secondly pollution caused, no new activated sludge.
4). Lower cost , faster results. Compared with the sludge method, initial investment and space needed saving are about 30% of the traditional method.
5). The treated river and waste water can be recycled to irrigate farm land with better results than using tape water or untreated river water. The treated water can balance the eco-system within a short period of time and allow fish and snailsto regain their habitat.

The company have many Ph..D.s and engineers working to research and develop biotechnology, they are devoted to design the system of "WT-FG" and its application; the company also has a group of experienced engineers and onsite supervisors, dedicated to the projects of long term waste water treatment and management to ensure the quality of treated water keep up to the national standard . The company has already established branch offices in Shanghai, Guangdong, Hainan, Shichuang, Peijing in order to provide long-term, comprehensive services to various government agencies and industries. The company determined to find cheaper, more effective way in the waste water remediation in China, is devoted to improve the environmental industries in China.

In Jan. 2000, under the supervision and leadership of Hainan Environmental Protection Agency, "WT-FG" bio-technique has successfully treated city sewage and polluted river. Hainan Province sponsored a seminar, inviting State EPA officials to the meeting, and formally approved the technique. Central Television and Shanghai, Hainan Television station all made exclusive reports. Later the technique was successfully applied in Guang-dong province, Shanghai city, Hainan province on treating rivers, sewage, and garbage dump leaching water. At present, Zhejiang province, Jiangshu province, Peijing city have already prepared to apply the "WT-FG" bio-technique to treat their rivers, sewage, and industrial waste water.

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