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"BOT (Built-Operate-Transfer)"
"TOT (Transfer-Operate-Transfer)"

We have projects for 19 sewage treatment plants, Rivers, Lake clean up, Trash dump leachate, industrial wastewater treatment & recycle, sea water desalination. 70% bank financing, totally secured, return on investment in 5~6 years for 30-year contracts.

"Business Proposal for "WT-FG" Bio-treatment"

A. Market Vision

Chinese government plans to invest Y700 billion on waste water treatment projects in a 15-year (2001~2015) Plan. This is an extremely broad market. Take Guangdong province for example, it intends to invest approx. Y40 billion in 15 years. Therefore, waste water treatment plants are very significant infrastructure projects. Among the above investments, Chinese government hopes to attract 70% of investment funds from outside investors. Therefore, a simple 5% of this broad market share equal to an investment opportunity of Y35 billion.

B. The advantage of "WT-FG" method.

1. The original investment for WT-FG method is reduced by about 30% compared to traditional active sludge method. Currently the constructional cost for sewage plants in Peijing and Guangzhou is approx. Y1,200.00 ~1,500.00 /ton (of waste water), while WT-FG method only requires an investment of Y800.00~1,000.00/ton.

2. Low daily maintenance and repair expenses. WT-FG method use surface circulation for aeration. Aeration equipment is the most expensive equipment for a sewage plant and it also consumes a lot of electricity. Therefore, WT-FG method can greatly reduce the cost of investment as well as operation. Likewise, the maintenance cost is reduced as well.

3. Due to the No. 2 reason, the daily operating expense is reduced by about 30%. Currently the traditional sewage plants are spending Y0.60~0.70/ton on operating expenses. Take a 1 million ton/day Peijing sewage plant for example, the cost of operation is Y0.78/ton. The Haiko city sewage plant (200,000 ton/day), with Germany equipment, used to spend Y0.65/ton on its operating expenses. The plant started operation in 2000, but has incurred a deficit of Y70 million/year for 2000~2001 fiscal period. However, the same plant using WT-FG method currently spends only Y0.40 on operating expenses.

4. Waste water treated with WT-FG method is clear, clean and can be recycled. Thus it dramatically cut down consumption of water, a resource that becomes more and more precious.

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