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Updated 11/24/2003

December 8-11:00am
Presentation to Harris County MUD District 18 Board of Directors on the 26th floor of the Phoenix Tower, 3200 SW Freeway at Buffalo Speedway.
December 2-11:45am
Presentation to Malcomson Road MUD District Board of Directors at the Law Offices of Young & Brooks on the 5th floor of Wedge Tower, 1415 Louisiana,- in downtown Houston. See contacts page for directions.

November 23
Concerned Residents Update Meeting in the Community Meeting Room upstairs at the Signature Kroger Store at 13135 Louetta Road. (The intersection of Louetta and Grant) Discussion will focus on results of meetings and information gathered since November 2nd. Invitations have been extended to County Commissioner Eversole and representatives of Malcomson Road MUD and MUD 18.

November 19-7:30pm
Presentation to Cypress Creek Flood Control Coalition Board of Directors Meeting at 14223 Lakewood Forest Drive. (The same location as the previous Lake Forest MUD board meeting.)

November 10-11:00am
Presentation to Harris County MUD District 18 Board of Directors on the 26th floor of the Phoenix Tower, 3200 SW Freeway at Buffalo Speedway.

November 6-7:00pm
Heatherwood Community Association Meeting at the Heatherwood Community Clubhouse, 15118 Willow Branch Drive.

November 4
Presentation to Malcomson Road MUD District Board of Directors at the Law Offices of Young & Brooks on the 5th floor of Wedge Tower, 1415 Louisiana,- in downtown Houston. See contacts page for directions.

November 3-7:00pm
Lakewood Forest Fund Meeting, at the Fund Offices, 12415 Louetta Road

November 2 - 4:00pm
Residents' meeting. Issues covered: Response and proposal by AAA Storage, outdated and incomplete FIRM maps used by Flood Control, petitions, letter campaigns, and upcoming meetings.

October 23 Watch "This Week" in the Houston Chronicle for an article by Kim Hughes.
October 21 Presentation to the Lake Forest MUD board.
October 19 Residents' meeting. Additional methods for getting information to residents as well as ways to encourage county participation were discussed. Volunteers are needed to help distribute flyers in both communities prior to the next meeting. If you can help, please email this site.
October 2 Articles covering the September 28 meeting appear in "This Week" section of Houston Chronicle and the 1960 Sun.
September 28 - 4pm
Residents met at facilities in Kroger's Grocery store at 13135 Louetta Rd. (intersection of Louetta and Grant). Discussion centered on possible sources for funding to purchase and maintain property.
September 8 - 7:00pm
Lakewood Forest Fund meets at 12415 Louetta Road. Resident volunteer presented information to the Fund.

Presentation to MUD 18. Heatherwood resident volunteer presented concerns to board members.
September 4 - 7:00pm
Heatherwood Board meets at Heatherwood Clubhouse, 15118 Willow Branch. Residents attended to voice concerns to the board.
September 2 - 11:45am
Presentation to Malcomson MUD. Lakewood Forest resident volunteer presented concerns to the board.

Sunday, November 24. Thank you to all who have taken time off of work and out of your schedules to attend meetings with Lake Forest MUD, MUD 18, Malcomson Road MUD, CCFCC, your Homeowner's Fund meetings, and our recent meeting with County Commissioner Jerry Eversole. Your presence in significant numbers combined with our petitions sporting over 300 signatures the first week of circulation underscored that all who live along this section of the Cypress Creek Watershed are concerned and active in preventing additional commercial runoff into Faulkey Gully and the surrounding drainage facilities.

Currently, we have focused our efforts on two possible solutions. First, in our meeting with Commissioner Eversole, we requested his assistance in convincing the Harris County Flood Control District to quickly acquire this property under the ongoing Cypress Creek Stormwater Management Plan. This plan proposes several improvements to the watershed including additonal detention and multipurpose waterways. We has specifically requested that this property be purchased to improve and expand the existing detention pond, and to extend the adjacent walking/biking trails onto the property in keeping with the current plan goals. Commissioner Eversole supported this proposal and met with Director Mike Talbott, of HCFCD, to promote the plan. It is our understanding that Mr. Talbott discovered a similar proposal was put forth nearly 20 years ago. He has agreed to conduct a study of the site as soon as possible within the next 30 days to determine the feasibility of our proposal. Special thanks are due to members of the Cypress Creek Flood Control Coalition and others who assisted us in locating relevant studies and making helpful contacts.

Our second proposal, in the event HCFCD fails to acquire the property, is to approach the three adjacent MUD district boards, and Commissioner Eversole to acquire the property in a joint venture for the same purpose.

There is ample room on the property to expand drainage and detention, and there are a multitude of valid reasons to do so quickly. At today's Resident's Meeting, we reviewed studies that suggest the runoff difference between the previously forested property, versus the proposed impermeable asphalt and roofing, can increase the volume of water released by more than twice as much water in a quarter of the time per acre. Although the developer will have to provide plans certified by their own engineers, the regulations in Harris County are significantly less stingent than in surrounding Counties. In addition, since the development will cover less than 10 acres, there are fewer requirements the developer must meet as long as they pay an impact fee to Harris County. It is particularly alarming that few detention improvements appear to be planned along the Faulkey Gully Watershed considering the increase in development to the north. Although all water from this area eventually makes its way to Faulkey Gully and Cypress Creek, most of the proactive detention planned is significantly Northwest of our communities.

Now that we have a possible solution, it is imperative that each of us continues to be diligent. Although hundreds of you have signed our petitions, and many have distributed flyers and attended this month's board presentations, this weekend's Resident Meeting attendance dwindled to 1/3 the turnout on November 2nd. Despite the bad weather and impending holiday, representatives from your MUD boards attended to recieve community input. It is essential that we not lose momentum if we hope to prevail.
Right now, we are scheduling follow-up visits to the MUD boards to formally request their commitment to fund the joint venture purchase of the property if HCFCD does not. These meetings are posted on the calendar to the left. Although the time is difficult for many, you can voice your support through letters to your MUD board. Additionally, your letters of support can be directed to the Harris County Flood Control District. Samples with contact information are available on our What Can I Do page. With the holiday season upon us, additonal Residents Update meetings will not be scheduled until after the first of the year. However, most of our battle will be waged between now and then. In order to better keep you informed, we have added a feature to our home page to allow you to enter your email contact into our addressbook. While general updates will be posted here, those on our mailing list will receive notification and updates of meetings and other significant events and needs. Your information will not be provided to any other organizations for any purpose.

Sunday, November 2. CONGRATULATIONS to the volunteers who hand delivered over 800 flyers announcing today's meeting to Lakewood Forest and Heatherwood. The appreciation of your neighbors was demonstrated when standing room began to run out at today's gathering. We updated newcomers on the proposed development and actions taken, and the importance of their attendance at upcoming presentations. A presentation of AAA Storage's response to select issues raised at previous meetings, and their proposal to negotiate with the adjacent neighborhoods for a charge of $4,000, for the period between November 10 - December 10, was made.
Residents also examined the current FIRM maps used by Harris County Flood Control to evaluate the flood plain. Although these maps were revised and reprinted on April 20, 2000, specific revisions to the panel containing 11555 Louetta Road and the surrounding areas do not appear to have been made since November of 1996. They predate the existence of the gully running parallel to the property and flooding in nearby areas in both subdivisions. Residents drafted petitions to both Commissioner Eversole and the three adjacent MUD district boards requesting updated studies of this area before development is allowed. Harris County Flood Control's current policy is to rely entirely upon the study conducted by engineers hired by the developer. Volunteers will be circulating copies of these petitions during the next week.
Those most active in spreading information about the proposed development and its potential impact stressed the importance of high attendance at the upcoming meetings with the Funds, MUD boards, Commissioner, and other organizations. While planned attendance of evening meetings is high, the crucial meetings to appeal to the MUD boards to purchase this property are held on weekday afternoons. This makes it difficult for many concerned residents to attend. Anyone able to accompany presentors to these meetings is encouraged to do so. Volunteers are available to provide transportation for anyone in need.
Tuesday, October 21, THANK YOU to the residents who attended our presentation to the Lake Forest MUD board. Your presence made quite an impression. Our meeting was productive and the board members offered valuable suggestions and their support. Both Malcomson Road MUD and MUD 18 will be meeting during the first weeks of November. We are on their agendas, but need volunteers to attend to show that this is an issue of community concern. Details will be available at the Nov. 2nd meeting.
Sunday, October 19, residents met and discussed improved methods of announcing upcoming meetings and updated information to all residents of the communities involved, as well as the need for large, organized groups of residents to appear personally at upcoming MUD board and Fund meetings, and to write letters to the County Commissioner's office encouraging their participation. Volunteers are needed to distribute flyers prior to the November 2nd meeting. If you are able to help, please contact us at
Sunday, September 28, reporters from both the Houston Chronicle and the 1960 Sun covered the meeting where concerned residents from both Heatherwood and Lakewood Forest discussed possible sources for funding to purchase the property at 11555 Louetta. Since AAA Storage is beginning the planning stage of their proposed development, the time to raise funds is running out. Residents of Heatherwood who attended the meeting are planning to meet again within the next two weeks to explore the viability of homeowners purchasing each parcel of land contiguous with their own property, and other alternatives. Please watch for this upcoming meeting and plan to attend, especially if your property is adjacent to the cleared area.
On August 28th, Mr. Roy Kimble, representing AAA Storage, renewed the offer made at the August 16th meeting to sell the back four acres of the property, at 11555 Louetta Road, to residents, and agreed to entertain offers on the entire property.
He asked that offers be submitted quickly since AAA Storage is entering the planning stage in preparation for development. Residents in Heatherwood and Lakewood Forest have been trying to spread the news via word of mouth in an attempt to organize a purchase offer. To date, both Lakewood Forest and Heatherwood Funds have remained on the sidelines. However, residents of both neighborhoods continue to voice concerns about the impact this commercial development may have on the flood plain, traffic patterns along Louetta where the only access to the property from the westbound lane is a tight u-turn, and the safety of residents who will have their backyards exposed to 24-hour public access. The current state of the property, having been essentially reduced to a debris field, also has many residents worried that the dry timber poses a fire hazard. Resident volunteers have presented concerns to Harris County, the Malcomson MUD board and the board of MUD 18 and urged these entities to either purchase and annex the land as part of a contiguous flood plain and easement, or at least to carefully review the proposed plans to ensure that there will not be a negative effect on the flood plain, stormwater quality, or private property. On Sunday, September 28, residents of both subdivisions met to discuss possible sources of funding to purchase the property, and to define the main issues of concern if development does occur. Heatherwood residents in attendance are organizing another meeting within the next two weeks to explore the possibility of each resident purchasing the portion of the property directly attached to their own. Others are contacting county and other officials to request baseline studies of the flood plain before any development is approved. The Lakewood Forest and Heatherwood Fund organizations could significantly aid in petitioning both MUD districts, the commissioner's office, and Harris County to follow through with the land purchase. However, without an overwhelming response from residents, the Funds will not get involved.

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