Federal Contract Forage Caps

 High Quality at an Affordable Price!

Click to view large imageFederal enactors have long been frustrated by the lack of authentic, high quality forage caps.   There are plenty of cheap caps out there.  But the good ones are tough to find and typically require a long wait for delivery.  That has finally changed!

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Millions of forage caps were produced for the Federal soldier between 1858 and 1865 - so many in fact that thousands were still left surplus when the army adopted a kepi in 1872.  Our illustrations show a few of these late war, contract produced caps from our reference collection.  Note the common features:  thin, painted leather brim and chinstrap, welted crown, thin black leather embossed sweatband, and paper contractor label.  Our replica has all of these features, including a sweatband stitched in with the correct number of hand stitches.

We are closing out our stock of caps.  Still available are army sizes: #1 (6 3/4), #2 (6 7/8), #3 (7), and #4 (7 1/8).  Measure your head with a cloth tape measure or string, divide by 3.14, covert from decimal to fraction, and you have your cap size!  Or simply let us know the measurement and we'll do the math. 

Sorry, but larger size caps are sold out and there will be no more.  

Price per cap is only $55 postage paid. 

Please click here to ask about specific size availability.  You may use this same email link to request a copy of W. K. Osman's catalog of military replicas and officer insignias.

 Here's one of our production caps, right out of the box:


Sample Cap Front

Sample Cap Inside

Sample Cap Side

To order one of these fine caps just confirm size availability and provide us your shipping address by email.  Then send money order or check for $55.   Paypal is also accepted.   We ship immediately upon receipt of payment if you reserve a cap by email.

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