Keith McHenry

Food Not Bombs co-founder, Keith McHenry was born in Frankfurt, West Germany in 1957 while his father was stationed there in the army. His paternal great great grandfather was James McHenry, who signed the United States Constitution and served as a general in the Revolutionary War and as Secretary of War under George Washington. Keith's maternal grandfather was an intelligence officer for the U.S. Army during World War II and helped plan the fire bombing of Tokyo and the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Keith moved with family to Logan, Utah in 1958 where his father worked for Morton-Thiokol testing Minuteman Missiles while he studied zoology at Utah State. Coincidentally, C.T. Butler's father also worked at Thiokol in Utah during this time. However, Keith and C.T. did not meet until 21 years later at a protest of the Seabrook Nuclear Power Station in 1979. After leaving Thiokol, Keithıs father worked for the National Park Service while Keith was growing up; so, Keith lived in the National Parks at Yosemite (CA), Yorktown (VA), Grand Canyon (AZ), Big Bend (TX), Shenandoah (VA), and the Everglades (FL).

In 1974, Keith began studying painting at Boston University and worked afternoons,weekends, and summers as a tour guide and museum curator on the historic Freedom Trail in Boston. After college, Keith worked three years for the National Park Service, traveled across the United States working odd jobs, and made trips to Seabrook, New Hampshire to protest nuclear power.

In 1979, he started an advertising firm in Boston. He designed calendars, ads, and brochures for the Boston Celtics, the Boston Red Sox, the Environmental Protection Agency, and a multitude of commercial and alternative businesses. In 1980, Keith and seven friends created Food Not Bombs. After eight years of serving free food and doing graphic arts work in Boston, Keith moved to San Francisco where he started a second Food Not Bombs group. Since then, Keith has been arrested over 100 times for serving free food in city parks. In 1995 Amnesty International and the United Nations Human Rights Commission joined thousands of supporter in working for his release. He faced 25 years to life after being framed under the California Three Strikes Law, because of his Food Not Bombs work. Today, Keith continues to volunteer with Food Not Bombs, draws, works at the Piano Technicians Guild, and roams the world working for liberation and peace. He lives with his partner Marion and their two cats Mourek and Smudla in Kansas City

The illustrations in the Food Not Bombs handbook came from Keith's pen.

Keith's resume, art and designs

PO Box 32075, Kansas City, MO 64171-5075-U$A 1-800-884-1136

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