Start a Food Not Bombs Group in Your Community

You can begin feeding the hungry and working for peace by starting a Food Not Bombs group in your community. Food Not Bombs is a nonviolent all-volunteer network that provides free, hot vegetarian meals and political support to low income people in over 175 communities in the Americas, Europe and Australia. Food Not Bombs is empowering, rewarding and FUN!

Send $15 to Food Not Bombs for our helpful 128-page book that includes the steps for starting and maintaining a food recovery program, 30 vegan recipes for feeding 100 people, and logos, flyers and letters you can reprint.

20th Anniversary Edition
Food Not Bombs, How to Feed the Hungry and Build Community

PO Box 744, Tucson, AZ 85702-0744 - U$A 1-800-884-1136

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