By Ronald Flynn, Edwin Davison, and Edward Chavez

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1992 Revised Edition:  The Golden Age of the Accordion, ISBN 0-9625899-1-8

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Price Per Copy: $62.95
Standard Shipping: $6.00 (USA); Priority Mail: $10.   Rates for International Shipments are figured by
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Click Here to Hear a Sound Bite of Leo Aquino (WAV 300+K)Click Here to Listen to a
 Sound Bite of Leo Aquino
(WAV 300+K)

The sound file of this selection has been provided courtesy of Leo Aquino, a Canadian concert accordionist, who is also featured in our book. If you have enjoyed this sound clip of "Fiddle Faddle" by Leroy Anderson (Arr. L. Aquino) and wish to obtain a listing of his three current solo CD recordings spanning 47 years, write to him at the following address: Leo Aquino, 1620 Westover Road, North Vancouver, B.C. Canada, V7J 1X6, or visit his own web site shown below.  Previously available only on tape, these CDs have been digitally remastered to greatly improve the sound quality.  Each CD also includes extensive new biographical information in the linear notes.  The current price for one CD is $19 US, two CDs for $36 US, or all three CDs for $53 US.  To hear additional sound clips, go to Leo Aquino’s own web site at

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