(We proudly recognize these sites for their steadfast devotion and support for the accordion.)

Accordion-O-Rama -- This accordion SUPERSTORE is featured in our book and can serve all your accordion needs. -- This page by Jeroen Nijhof is the most comprehensive list of links to accordion sites that we've found.

Accordions USA -- Bookmark this site to keep up with the accordion news in the United States.

Accordions Worldwide -- Bookmark this site to keep up with the International accordion news.

American Accordion Association (AAA) --  A non-profit organization formed in 1938 for professional accordionists, teachers, students, and hobbyists.  Contact the AAA and become a member of this important organization. 

Castiglione Accordion and Distribution Company --  Looking for a specific brand of accordion?  With over 600 accordions in stock, this Warren, Michigan company (founded in 1933) can match an accordion to meet your need -- new or used.

Cleveland Accordion Museum -- The Cleveland Accordion Museum gratefully accepts donations of accordions to become part of their collection.  View their website or visit this museum when in the Cleveland Area.

Confederation Internationale des Accordionistes (CIA) -- An international organization whose goals are to elevate the status of the accordion and standard of musicianship among players of the instrument.  Hosts the annual Coupe Mondiale competition.

Coupe Mondiale -- New website for information about the Coupe Mondiale international competitions for accordionists.

Iorio International Accordion Museum -- This site features vintage accordions patented and manufactured by the Iorio family.

Joe Vento Music -- This site is a must "visit" for every accordionist as Joe Vento is one of the true music legends of our time.  He is a Grammy Award Winner.  Although he can play some 60 instruments, his favored instruments are the accordion, piano, and organ.  He trained at the famous Julliard School of Music and the New England Conservatory of Music.  Among his early accordion teachers were Guido Deiro and Anthony Galla-Rini, and by his venerated-mentor/surrogate father-image...Charles Magnante.  He has played with all the great orchestras of our time and movie studios, including the MGM studio.  Check out his site and order some of his CDs and DVDs as his music will truly amaze you.

Petosa Accordion Museum -- Would you like to see some of the antique accordions from years' past, some dating back to 1900?  When in the Seattle area, a visit to the Petosa accordion museum is a must!  However, if you can't make it to Seattle, click this link to take a virtual tour of the museum and view the antique accordions on your computer's screen.

Petosa Accordions -- This premier accordion manufacturer is featured in our book. Contact them for custom-made accordions.

Nancy's Polka Store -- This site is for accordionists who love Polka.  This site has a wide variety of Polka items.

New Zealand Accordion Association (NZAA) -- Bookmark this site to keep up with accordion activities in New Zealand.

Syn-Cordion Musical Instrument Co --  The Iorio family is featured in our book.  Dating back to the early 1900's, the Iorio family manufactured organs and accordions, and the company remains in business today as the Syn-Cordion Musical Instrument Co.  Founded in 1907, this business is believed to be the oldest family-run accordion company still operating in the U.S.

The Brothers Deiro and Their Accordions -- A new book by concert accordionist, Henry Doktorski, brings to life the fascinating lives and enduring musical accomplishments of the brothers Pietro and Guido Deiro.  This book is an important contribution to the history of the accordion as it has been lauded as the first definitive and authoritative biography of two of the greatest piano-accordionists of the early twentieth-century.  Visit the home page of Henry Doktorski to order this book, as well as CDs of his own concert performances and other accordion artists listed on his on-line gift store. 

The History of the Accordion in New Zealand -- A comprehensive book commissioned by the NZAA and written by Wallace Liggett.  An exhaustive historical work written to preserve an important part of NZ musical heritage that might otherwise be lost.

Trieste Music.   An interesting caffe in San Francisco where you can relax, enjoy some coffee, and listen to accordion music.

United States Accordion Clubs and Societies

Visit the following websites to check out accordion activities in various areas of the country. 
The clubs listed below are arranged in alphabetical order.
Atlanta Accordion Club - Central Florida Accordion Club - E. Texas Accordion Club - Florida Accordion Association - Fort Bend County Accordion Club - Michigan Accordion Society - Milwaukee Accordion Club - Minnesota Accordion Club - National Accordion Association - Northern California Accordion Society - Northwest Accordion Society - Peoria Area Accordion Club - Salt Lake Area Accordion Club - San Francisco Accordion Club - Southeastern Accordion Association - Washington Metropolitan Accordion Society - Other Clubs Across the USA