Superman and Lois Lane
Motor City Comic Con, Novi, Mi, May 2000.

Above: Clark Kent tips his hat

Below: Clark begins his transformation into The Aging Super Hero

Larry, who is thinking about entering the masquerade at WesterCon in Hawaii with someone else as Lois Lane, is working in a skit, but I've written a speech for Lois:

"Clark! I've been looking for you. I've been re-evaluating my priorities. I've decided that I've been chasing rainbows with this school girl crush on Superman. It just isn't going anywhere with him. Freeing myself from the bondage of my past feigns has really opened up my eyes. I've finally noticed how attentive and dependable you are. You are so quiet, I didn't notice you before. It is just so easy to fall for the flashy big strong guy that sometimes a good dependable man is just invisible. Clark, I've fallen real hard for you and I want you real bad. I need you. [rips off his clothes] Clark! where did you get Superman's costume! why would you wear his costume under your clothes? Don't tell me that you are Superman, not after all I've been through!"

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