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1. (Mainly) Carol's Stuff:

Original Poems
(by Carol) 
Filks etc  Religion 
Ambivalence  Comets Are Deadly  The Flaming Chalice on the Swan 
Dusty and Dry  The DHMO Song
by Mark Mandel  
The Wedding of Carol Phillips and Peter Taylor 
I Remember Daddy  The Viking Keegan Dedication Song A Really Short Course in World Religions 
Why I Do Not
Like Water
 The Uniformity Police   
The Rains  The Long Broad Smile   
  The Fithp Invasion Song
by Carol Phillips and Judy Craft

2. Peter Taylor's various essays (etc.) by topic
(or in chronological order)

On the space program:
Why are space launch costs so high? [86k] Where (in space) do we go from here? or Why do we have a manned space program? [68k]  Ringworld Modal Analysis
[12k] Structural dynamics FANAC (fannish activity) based on Larry Niven's science fiction novel, Ringworld
Long version [30k]
Why Rutan Matters [6k] Conflicting Visions of the Manned Space Program [25k]
Response to Dr. Mike Griffin's Speech on Real vs. Acceptable Reasons [7k] The Matador's Cape
A review of Rand Simberg's
Safe is Not an Option
Mars meteorite filk song
Polyatheism Sermon  
An Atheist's Views on Neopaganism [16k]
Is Rational Religion Possible?
The functions of religion and their implications [78k]
There are "conservative" Unitarian Universalists. Here is my UU church's Conservative Covenant Group FAQ, a homily about it, our covenant, notes from a 2005 SWUUSI workshop on UU conservatism, and a discussion of our name.
A Discussion of Guenter Lewy's
Why America Needs Religion:
Secular Modernity and its Discontents
The Baby and the Bathwater:
an Atheist Mourns the Death of God
The Church of Glaucon
How do we design a better religion?
A short rant on the performance of
John Lennon's "Imagine"
at Unitarian Universalist church services
Response to Rev. Matt Tittle on Border Policy
Immigration and religion, pt. 1:
The numbers do matter.
Do Ideas Matter in Religion?
Immigration and religion, pt. 2:
A gamer's perspective
Universalism and Particularism
Immigration and religion, pt. 3:
Whom do you trust?
Unitarian Universalism (BAUUC) and Islam (CLIC)
Immigration and religion, pt. 4:
Puzzling bedfellows.
Electoral Politics:
Three-Fifths of a Floridian:
A Discussion of The Electoral College Primer, by Lawrence Longley and Neal Peirce [16k]
Reasons for Supporting Spoilers:
Three Models for Minor US Political Parties [17k]
Wooden Computers
Tabletop demonstrations of the Condorcet, Borda, Plurality, and Approval voting systems
Electoral Reform:
Instant Runoff Voting
and why you should support it [55k]
Here is the Pascal source code for the single winner election systems discussed above [24k]
Duverger's Law and the Libertarian Party
More discussion of the spoiler problem [16k]
Election Systems 101 [182k]
a curriculum for a 5 hr. short course comparing Plurality, Instant Runoff, and several other systems, with an appendix on the US Electoral College [14k]
Partisan Politics:
The Dog Ate My Manifesto:
Reflections on Moderate Libertarianism
[Short version 24k, long version 535k]
Jane's Law and the Progressives
or The Care and Feeding of Scapegoats [27k]
When a Majority Feels Persecuted
Christianity in the United States [8k]
Comments on the
War in Iraq [18k]
Book Review of Bryan Caplan's
The Myth of the Rational Voter:
Why Democracies Choose Bad Policies
The Market for Sanctimony
or why we need Yet Another Space Alien Cult [148k]
A Review of Michael Strong's
Be the Solution:
How Entrepreneurs and Conscious Capitalists Can Solve All the World's Problems
What Does "Morality" Mean?
Musings on Claire Berlinski's
There Is No Alternative:
Why Margaret Thatcher Matters
Does the Ruling Class Exist?
A review of The Ruling Class (Angelo Codevilla),
The New Road to Serfdom (Daniel Hannan),
and Get Out Of Our House (Tim Cox) [39k]
  A Gentle Introduction to
Mencius Moldbug's

 "A Gentle Introduction to Unqualified Reservations"
The Resurrection of Classical Liberalism
(the libertarian movement meets Young Frankenstein) [82k]
Epistle to the Libertarians
An offer of Dark Enlightenment [10k]
  The Fourth Profession:
Leftism as Prophesy [47k]  
Random thoughts on gay marriage Freedom of Speech and Godwin's Law
The difference between ad hominem and ad baculum fallacies [14k]
An open letter to passionate opponents of Donald Trump
Politics in light of Steven Pinker's The Blank Slate
  The Art of Stupidity
a venting of spleen [16k]
Separated at Birth?
Mysterious parallels between the Unitarian Universalist Association and the Republican Party [4k]
As a public service, I also include here a copy of
The Gesargenplotzian Gospel,
[7k] explaining the origins of the earth, humankind, and religion, as revealed by the Great Gesargenplotz itself to Dr. Harlan B. Miller, Professor of Philosophy, Virginia Tech.
Dark Mark
seen over Taylor Phillips household, evidence of Death Eater attack on Halloween, 2007
Texas Watermelon Receives Death Penalty
Carol Phillips JKN, executioner
Honesty, Flattery, or Fealty?
The nature of beliefs [38k]
Linux Dualboot Adventures
Installation, booting, nVidia graphics, multimedia
Various Debian, Mint, OpenSuSE versions
In defensionem iacentis felem mortuum
(In defense of heaving dead cats):
The Art of Persuasion
When is verbal abuse appropriate?
Why Johnny Can't Proselytize:
A Primer on Meta-Ethics
Why is it so hard to construct a good moral argument? [76k]
In Lieu of a Blog
Industrial Engineering Dharma Talks and other short articles that don't seem to belong anywhere else


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