Invading of Fithp

This costume had its beginnings when Judy Craft and I wrote a filk, a science Fiction folk song parody, telling the story of Footfall by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle to the tune "Banned From Argo" by Leslie Fish. That filk made the Bucconeer WorldCon Filk Book, and is availble on the web here. This is a page of Ted Scribner's site devoted to the Larry Niven mail list.

Judy Craft gave me two elephant noses and a pair of ears as a present one year. The clerk at the zoo was certain that Judy had miscounted ears and noses. But Judy recognized a SF costume when she saw one. Out of that humble beginnings, a group costume formed. The fithp made their first appearances at WesterCon in San Diego, July 4th Weekend, 1998. My youngest was 5 weeks old and was masqurating as a baby fi' with two grown fithp in attendence, Larry Niven and me. I don't have evidence of that one, but lots of people took pictures who never sent copies to me. The next October, Judy Craft and her son, Benjamin Craft-Rendon traveled with me Ohio to appear with Larry Niven at ConText, where the Fithp invaded the con just before Larry's Guest of Honor speech. The fithp have not been heard from since, although, scattered, they may be trying to infiltrate the herd.

"The Fithp are Invading": Larry Niven and Carol Phillips at ConText, October 1999.

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