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I've been interested in costuming since I was little. My mother kept in a bag some Halloween costumes she made, which I always enjoyed going through. I loved dressing up in plays. I particularly remember playing the Queen of Hearts in HS. "Off with her head!" Don't know how Alice survived me.

I've been designing and sewing costumes at least since my mother stopped making me Halloween costumes. I decided to dress up as ObiWan Kenobi when the Cheerleaders announced a "Star Wars Day" to boost school spirit. The only other person who dressed up went as... you guessed it, Darth Vader. I started being weird young. That ObiWan costume lasted me though several SF cons in the late 70s. Sorry, no pictures of that one. I think that is one thing I like best about SF conventions, costumes! I sold personalized Halloween Costumes through my church's Service's Auction for years.

Isis and Osiris
Invading Fithp
Superman and Lois Lane

coming soon:

Carmen Mirandas Ghosts (sic)
Caduceus Baby Bunting
The Mermaid and the Net (Otherwise known as the Mermaid and the Track)
The Train and the Track (Otherwise known as the Train and the Net)
Belly Dancer (Services Auction item)
Peter the Pan
Troll Hunter

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