By the living waters of her womb,
By the wise blood that flows within my veins,
By the creative forces that shine within me,
I have learned to look at life.

I live monthly with the blood of my womanliness,
My potential, hitherto unfulfilled.
Today I seek the blood
As I did last night, and yesterday,
and all last week.

Maybe, I am at a crossroads.
Perhaps, there are two paths,
I know not if there's a choice to be made,
I see in all my futures
both hope and joy, sorrow and pain

This I know,
That this is what it is to be alive:
To wonder what if would be like,
Or what it would have been like;
To laugh and to cry for the same reasons;
To hide, and to share;
To accept the whim of chance,
or to reject it, and forge my own path.
To decide to walk alone, or together.

Carol T. L. Phillips
August, 1991



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