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Fort Rosecrans
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In addition to maintaining the SDMHA website, I am also the club's historian.  I am currently working on documentation to help new military history volunteers understand what they are representing, and what Fort Rosecrans was like.  Here are some examples of our work at the Park.

Bunker interior, ca. 2012

This is an example of the state of the bunker as of 2012, during the first year that we opened the bunker.  The green paint was done by the Park Service, as part of a stabilization program completed between 1999 and 2000.  We first gained access to the bunker in late 2011, with just enough time to clean it out so it could be the centerpiece of the Park's new Pearl Harbor Memorial event, held during the first week of December.

Original paint.

One of our first goals was to return the interior of the bunker to it's WWII appearance.  To start, we visited the other bunker to see what they contained.  This is the interior of the upper bunker near the whale watching station.  This shows the relatively undamaged original tan paint.  We were able to color-match this shade of tan to a modern paint, which we used as a top coat inside our bunker.

Current bunker interior.

Here is the new paint.  The additional brightness is from a different camera than the earlier photo, and more light inside the room from the open viewing ports.  Most of the equipment seen here is provided by the volunteers.

Stay tuned and come back often.  This is just the start of what I plan to publish here.

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