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Of course, there HAS to be a links page.  Here are the sites that I think you'll find interesting: This is another scooter on-line store, one that stocks the Chinese tire with the Dunlop WWII tread. It's call Scooter Catalog. I haven't bought anything from these guys yet, so I can't make any recommendations. Click here to go to Villiers Services, the engine overhaulers recommended to me for all Villiers engines. Here is the Welbikes group at Yahoo. There are several active collectors and restorers here, so if you don't find the answers you're looking for here, this is where I would suggest you go next.

Hooper Imports, where I bought the new engine for my Welbike.

San Diego Sail and Power Squadron, how I got my start in sailing.

San Diego Maritime Museum

San Francisco Model Yacht Club, used to belong to them when I first started building model boats.

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, I've been a member of this since 1983.

In case you're curious about the program I used to build this site:

Phil Foglio, my second favorite artist.

Click here to go to the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and of Military History, in Brussels. A very nice Welbike is displayed here.

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