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Hello and welcome to my website.  What I've tried to do here is present some unusual topics and information in what I hope is an entertaining format.  Use the links above to see what I have.  Hope you enjoy it!


Click on this link below for information regarding the

San Diego Military History Association and Fort Rosecrans

In case you've been surfing the web for awhile, I'll remind you that the time is now:

What's New?

Getting more Welbike inquiries, thanks everyone for making me one of the most visited Welbike sites on the internet.  I am also expanding the Fort Rosecrans/Coast Artillery Corps sections.  I've been doing extensive research into the CAC and plan to start publishing the results of this research here.  Also, a new Welbike repair to document.

Well, another year has gone by without any updates, and I apologize for this.  I have updated the Fort Rosecrans/SDMHA page.  Interestingly enough, but Welbike traffic has dropped off in 2013.  I used to get two or three Welbike inquiries per year, this year I've had one.

Been told about a YouTube video that shows a whole gaggle of Welbikes.  Click on this link to see it.

Added a new Welbike parts source.  See the Welbike Technical Info page and look under the "Data, Parts and Supplies" section.

Added a new page about Fort Rosecrans and the Cabrillo National Monument.  Find out about the military base with the prettiest views!

Updated the Welbike pages, removed some dead links, and corrected some typos.

In response to a rise in hits causing me to exeed my bandwidth, I deleted the flying page to save space.

Pardon my dust, I'm trying to resolve a server issue so some of the pictures in the Flying page may dissappear.

Found a dead link; if anyone knows what happened to British Motorcyle Spares, please let me know.  I've also updated information regarding correct Welbike colors.

Happy New Year!  Added better information and photos to show where to find frame and contract numbers to identify Welbikes.

Removed two defunct Welbike parts suppliers from the Links page, "fairsfairplay" and "airborne engineering".

Changes and corrections to the WWII Welbikes pages regarding Corgis.  Resolved some server issues.

Updated the Welbike Technical Info page with current information and a new link to a books and manuals supplier.

Added a photo of a recently sold Welbike.

Changed the Art page to a Featured Sites page, with a link to an air raid siren that a friend has restored.  And found an alarming number of typos that are now fixed.

Added information regarding a recently completed Welbike auction, look at the bottom of the Welbike Technical Info page.

Updated some Welbikes Today information, changed a few internal links so the site works better, and added a Welbike Tech page to reduce clutter.

Added a link to a video I made of a friend's air raid siren.

Added some information regarding the most recent repair of Mowgli, with photos.

Revised the Folding Bike and Welbike history pages.

Finally some good news to post about Mowgli!

Woo hoo!  Yet another small update, this time to the Flying section.

Changed the Sailing page to feature my friend's artwork.

EXCUSE OUR DUST!  An overhaul of some of the pages is planned for this month.  If some of the photos stop working, that's because I'm in the process of updating the site.  I've run out of storage space and have to delete old photos to get space to put new photos in their place. 

Added the Folding Bicycle page and updated the Flying and Sailing pages.  Also discovered that I'm at the 10 mb limit that Earthlink allows me.  Time to start rotating content.  Oh well...

Added some maintenance details regarding the Z50 engine.

Added some news about the Welbike and where to get a film that features the machine to the Welbikes Tech page.

Finished correcting the information about the Dutch Welbikes and added some current events to the Flying section.

Major correction to the "Welbikes Today" page after being contacted by a member of the Dutch Welbike club.

Re-launched the website after 5 years of neglect.