Renaissance Music
for Flute and Guitar

Including Ancient Music from Ireland and Scotland

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Twenty-Nine great duos - Almost 70 Minutes on the CD that comes with the Book.

  • Dance of the Washerwoman

  • I Serve a Worthie Ladie
  • Saltarello Hear the Music
  • A Fancy
  • A Merry Ronde
  • A Child's Ronde
  • A Winter's Ronde
  • Two Rondes Hear the Music
  • Medieval Song No. 3 Hear the Music
  • The Troubadour Song Hear the Music
  • Italiana Hear the Music
  • Medieval Song No. 1 Hear the Music
  • The English Hunts Up
  • Sumer is Icumen in
  • Kemp's Jig
  • Out in the Meadowe Hear the Music

  • Song of the Ass
  • Medieval Song No. 2 Hear the Music
  • Bransle Charlotte
  • Cantiga de Santa María Hear the Music
  • Untitled from Rowallan
  • The Gypsy's Lilt
  • Volta No. 1
  • Kalenda Maya
  • Angelus ad Virginem Hear the Music
  • Canaries Hear the Music
  • Blind Mary
  • Two Medieval Dances Hear the Music
  • Adew Dundie

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About the book
There is great music to be found in all times and from all countries. This is what we are always looking for... pieces that surprise us (pleasantly of course), tunes that make us say "I want to hear that again," and music that we can't stop playing.

We have compiled a tremendous collection of Renaissance and Medieval duos for flute and guitar. If you love playing independent, interesting parts and if you like communicating with your musical partner, this is the book for you. This music captures the feeling of the Medieval and Renaissance times. It comes alive when you play it.

During the Renaissance, it was the performers who wrote the music. Often they added variations; they were excited about the melodies. We bring some of this approach to the music in this book. Good music need not be difficult to play. When doing arrangements, we make sure that the pieces lay well on the instruments. A few of the pieces in this book are our own, because we also love to write. Nothing is more satisfying, nothing gives us greater pleasure than creating a tune that we want to come back to over and over again... and this is truly in the spirit of the Renaissance.

There are almost 70 minutes of music on the CD, and 29 pieces in the book. This is a great book to take on gigs, or just to play with a friend. The point is, the music is great. You have to play the tunes in this book to appreciate what we are talking about. The CD will give you insights into the music, and it will be enjoyable to listen to on its own merit. Be sure to check out our web site at for additional information.

Allan and Jessica

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Other Editions

Each book is available with an optional CD. The music is presented in both music notation and guitar tablature. The CD's are also available separately from ADG Records. Price $22.95 for the Book with the CD.

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