Celtic Music
for Flute and Guitar

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Twenty great duos

  • Nynth Gwcw

  • Hewlett
  • Cary Jane
  • Song of the Chanter A Lilt
  • Road to Listonvarna
  • Carolan's Farewell
  • Jenny Pluck Pears
  • The Exile Song
  • Kathrine Bairdie
  • Pastheen Fionn

  • My Thousand Times Beloved
  • Linda's Love
  • Heartland Air
  • Mrs Farrell
  • Rug Muir Mac de Dhia
  • Carolan's Memories*
  • Separation of Soul and Body
  • Woe Betyd Thy Wearie Bodie
  • Manx Lullaby

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About the book

This is the Celtic music we have always wanted to play. The flute and guitar dance as independent partners, beautiful melodies are intertwined, rhythmic phrases combine to form a kaleidoscope of sound. The music is colorful and exciting, warm and enchanting. We love playing together, and we loved making this Book/CD.

Find someone who plays the flute or guitar (depending on your instrument). You will have the time of your life. This music will move you; it will make you laugh and connect to the musician within you.

It should be fairly easy to find a playing partner. Flute clubs and guitar societies abound. You can find them on the web. Put up a sign in a local music store or on a bulletin board and tell your friends. Playing with another musician will round you out; you will get an incredible education and at the same time have a great time doing it.

This music is different. There is an independence to the parts. The guitar and flute have equal roles, speaking and responding to each other with canonic phrases. The nature of the music is conversational, and the fun is in passing these melodic ideas back and forth. We have both contributed to the finished compositions. From the exciting "Nynth Gwcw" to the haunting "Exile Song," there is not a bad tune in this book. More importantly, it is so much fun to play these pieces.

This is a great book to take on gigs, or to just play with a friend. The point is, the music is good. You have to play the tunes in this book to appreciate what we are talking about. The CD will give you insights into the music, and it will be enjoyable to listen to on its own merit. Be sure to check out our web site at http://www.fluteandguitar.com for additional information.

Allan and Jessica

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Other Editions

Renaissance Music for Flute & Guitar

Also available are Allan Alexander's first four books published by ADG Productions: "Celtic Music for Guitar," "Renaissance Music for Guitar," "Celtic Music for the Guitar Vol II," and "Christmas Music for Guitar." Each book is available with an optional CD. The music is presented in both music notation and guitar tablature. The CD's are also available separately from ADG Records. Price $22.95 for the Book with the CD.

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