Walnut Valley Festival

Here are a few images we captured at this years music festival. I've restricted my ramblings about Winfield to a separate page. Feel free to click through for more details on the Winfield experience.

The girls, Christy and Angie, usually secure the same campsite every year. This year someone else grabbed their real estate so they were forced to switch to pioneer mode (I'm sure missing the Winfield exit on the way down didn't effect their choice of sites). We ended up next to some very nice ladies who go by the name of The Bucket Babes.

If the Babes ever visit this site, I'll give them the opportunity to turn these few photos into the Official Bucket Babes Site. Maybe they'll even list it on the Official Festival Site.

Marley's Ghost plays on...

Hardware store fire!
...while the town of Winfield heats up!

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