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For Current versions of Internet Explorer:
Sometimes your Internet Explorer browser windows open in minimized mode. You can maximize the window by either double clicking the VERY TOP (usually blue colored) Title Bar of the IE Window or by clicking on the maximize icon (square) button in the upper right hand corner and the page will maximize. But having to do that every time can be annoying L
To open all new Internet Explorer browser windows in LARGE mode (Large mode will open the window into the entire screen area but will not be technically fully maximized - the difference between Large size and Maximum size is very little) do this:
Close all windows EXCEPT the one that open "minimized"; RIGHT click on your Task Bar and select "Tile Windows Horizontally" OR "Tile Windows Vertically" and that IE window will go to LARGE mode. Close IE and re-open IE and the window will be in LARGE mode along with any other windows that you open that aren't effected by a "minimize" script on a web page. To (technically) fully MAXIMIZE the LARGE window, either double click on the VERY TOP Title Bar of the IE Window or click on the maximize icon (square) button (upper right) and the page will maximize. You will see that there is little difference in between Large mode and fully Maximized mode.


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