Stereographic photography was invented almost immediately after photography itself. Looking at stereographs was as common in Victorian times as watching TV is today. It puzzles me why people today seem to have lost interest in stereo photography, or have never even heard of it! Once you rediscover what it is like to view a photograph in 3-dimensions, you'll never be satisfied with viewing a plain old 2-dimensional photo again!

Several years ago, I began collecting stereoscopes and antique stereographs. Then I discovered a way to take 3-D pictures with my ordinary camera and view them with my antique viewers! I recently purchased a modern day viewer, and now it is even easier to mount the stereo views and enjoy their amazing depth!

I'd like to share with you a brief history of Stereography, how and why it works, and finally show you how to take magnificent 3-D photos with any modern day camera (yes, even the disposable kind!) and view them with a modern day viewer.