Moonlighting, Season One

The Murder's in the Mail

Air Dates: 2 Apr 1985, 10 Sep 1985, 24 Jun 1986, 28 Jul 1987


Dave and Maddie are looking for Roy Hirsch. Arriving at his apartment, they find him dead. They call the police, but when they get to Hirsch's apartment with the police, a different man answers the door, insisting that he is Roy Hirsch, and that he is very much alive, and that there is no dead man in his apartment.

Dave and Maddie dig deeper, and discover that Hirsch is somehow involved with the CIA and the KGB. Hirsch is accused of being a double agent behind a plot to assassinate a “man who's Chinese with a mole on his nose.”

Directed by Peter Werner

Written by Maryanne Kasica and Michael Scheff

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