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      "Too many dances, too little time!"  is a favorite saying of Veronica Lane, aka "Florida's Dance Gypsy."  Veronica always had a love for dancing but never got much opportunity until she discovered contra dance (a type of American folk dance) and English country dance in Jacksonville.  

    For most of her life, Veronica has been making the music while other people danced.  She and her guitarist husband, Ted, were members of the US Navy Band in Charleston, SC, for 4 years.  After leaving the Navy, they formed a jazz/rock/pop trio, Seabreeze, and played in Charleston and on cruise ships sailing from Miami.
   After a long absence, Veronica & Ted started playing music again when they began contra dancing and English country dancing in 2001.  They formed an acoustic/electric band, Full Circle, and played Irish and Celtic music for the dances.

    In July 2005, Veronica reached a turning point in her life when she discovered Israeli dance, which quickly became her favorite.  She saw it as a beautiful combination of modern dance and ballet, and she began teaching classes in Jacksonville and Gainesville.
    In 2008, Veronica became a certified ZumbaŽ Fitness instructor, and she taught four different class platforms through 2014. 
    After being involved with English country dance for 11 years, Veronica began calling for ECD in 2012 at her newly-built home studio complete with sprung wood floor. She also started a new Israeli dance group which continues to grow and occasionally performs in public. 
    From 2015-17, Veronica was an avid road cyclist who often rode 150 miles per week with the North Florida Bicycle Club.  Now she prefers to ride her bike on the fine beaches in NE Florida.
    Veronica enjoys traveling to other dances and dance weekends in Florida and out of state when possible.  Contact Veronica via email for details about her English country dances and Israeli dance sessions and special events.


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