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Dance like kings and queens !
(or at least like the gentle folk of the 1800's) 
Monthly Sessions Winter-Spring 2019
WHEN:  1/4*, 1/11, 2/1, 2/10 (Roses & Romance Party), 3/1*, 3/8, 4/12, 4/26* --Email to confirm dates.
TIME:  7:30-10:00pm on Friday dates, 2-5pm on Sunday 2/10
WHO:    Sessions marked with * are open to experienced dancers who can do longways dances with minimal teaching and those who feel comfortable doing 3- and 4-couple dances.  We will work on style and performance.
Dance on a real sprung wood floor
All dances walked through and called
Carry in clean-bottom, soft-soled shoes to change into before dancing
(No heels permitted)
Bring a snack or drink to share with other dancers
Free admission
Adults only; No child care provided
 Venue:  Laurel Oaks & Gardens, Orange Park, FL
Email for address or directions
Watch a 3-minute introductory video to English Country Dance here.
Watch "Newcastle," an advanced 4-couple dance, done by the Country Dancers of Westchester here.
Here is a medley of energetic dances performed by Nonesuch English Country Dancers

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