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"I have really enjoyed the Israeli dance sessions taught by Veronica Lane in Gainesville, Melbourne, and Sebring. Veronica teaches in a clear, concise manner and she is encouraging and friendly and she can get everyone dancing (and smiling) in unison! I like Veronica's choice of dances and I like hearing what the name of the dance means. I wish that I could dance Israeli dances with Veronica more often!"

Catie Geist (Palm Bay, FL)

 "Veronica, is a wonderful, gentle teacher. She combines a cheerful, lighthearted attitude with the perfect words and clear, well-defined step demonstrations that are very easy to follow. She never criticizes her students, and as a result her classes are fun, and always leave me with a smile. I couldn't imagine a better teacher!"

 "I enjoy the way you teach--you are very patient and never object to repeating something if we did not get it the first time.  You wear the proper clothing so that we can see your feet and follow you and your sense of rhythm is  wonderful.  I think you are a great teacher and am glad you will  have some time at Sebring to teach some Israeli dances."

  "Veronica is a wonderful teacher who goes above and beyond for her students to not just provide a fun Israeli dance class, but also a social experience we all look forward to weekly.  The members of the class have become like family.  Veronica donates her time every week to offer free classes for 2.5 hours.  She is patient, will repeat steps as often as necessary and will even videotape the sessions from time to time in order to help the dancers learn the steps.  She takes into account the needs and dance preferences of her students in order to provide a fun and educational dance session. Veronica has opened her home on a variety of occasions for extra dance practice when needed.   She is not just our Israeli Dance Teacher, but has also become a great friend.  Thanks, Veronica for all that you do and for cultivating and nurturing our love for Israeli dance! "
Tim and Shoshanah Hilmer

 "Veronica does a wonderful job teaching and really gives of herself to make Israeli dancing the most it can be! Her gifts and talents work together beautifully, as a dancer, a musician and an artist in her own right to present this very challenging kind of dancing into something everybody can do if they want to learn it and perform it when the opportunity presents itself.
 From the beginner to the advanced dancer Veronica gives a well rounded and enjoyable program to work on each week.
I have been doing Israeli dancing for a number of years, from the D.C. area to Jerusalem, and she can hold her own and we are blessed to have her in Jacksonville!"

L. Parker 

 "Because she is a musician, I can always trust that the music Veronica chooses for our dance sessions will be beautiful. She is excellent at breaking down the steps into teachable parts, and she is also easy to follow if I haven't yet learned the steps and just want to copy her through the dance! Veronica is skilled at tuning into the skills of her dancers to decide what dances would be appropriate for them."
Karen in Gainesville

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