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Here is a brief description of Israeli dance and music.  (Thanks to Andrew Weitzen for help with this.) 
Both the music and dance were not at all like I had imagined:  I was totally and pleasantly surprised.  One of the best things about the music used for Israeli dance is the variety of styles.  See for yourself...


Many of the newer advanced-level Israeli dances resemble a mixture of ballet and modern dance.  That is, sometimes the steps can be graceful and flowing or they can be energetic and funky.  The songs vary from exotic, ethnic-sounding tunes to modern pop and hip-hop music.

Most of the dances are done in a circle formation and all are choreographed as opposed to freestyle.  There are also line- and partner- dances.  Israeli dance music includes a wide variety of tempos, from a slow walk to a fast run.  Expect to walk, skip, run, hop & jump.  You can get a great workout (even on slower dances) by putting a lot of effort into it, or you can just walk through the dances with a minimum of effort.  Aerobic or low-impact.  It's up to you.

Although it is technically Israeli dance, the music and some of the steps come from many countries in Latin America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East such as Yemen, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Ethiopia.  Almost all of the songs are sung in Hebrew, although many are remade from originals in other languages.   

Many ballroom and international dance steps and rhythms are used.  They include ChaCha, Fox Trot, Hambo, Hora, Mazurka, Merengue, Polka, Rhallroom dance steps are used    dances.  aught.  rt walk-throughsumba, Salsa, Samba, Swing, Tango, Waltz, and others.


Wear comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement.  If dancing on a studio's wooden dance floor, bring clean, soft-soled, non-street shoes to change into or be prepared to dance in bare feet.  Dance, gym, ballet or tai-chi shoes work well. 


Israeli dance is done by people of all ages. It is best enjoyed by people without physical limitations who like an active workout.  Recommended for teens and above unless your child has had other dance experience. 


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