Frank Kimbrough - Noumena

A repeat recipient of funding from Meet the Composer and, most recently, Chamber Music America's Doris Duke Jazz Ensembles Project 2000-2001, Frank Kimbrough's compositions have been the focus of many concerts presented by the Jazz Composers Collective. From 1997 through 2001 he composed primarily for his Noumena group with saxophonist Scott Robinson, guitarist Ben Monder and drummer/percussionist Tony Moreno.

"Frank Kimbrough's quartet, performing a suite of six original pieces, opened the concert... Their music was impressionistic and calligraphic, defined by Mr. Kimbrough's tolling piano chords, Ben Monder's feathery guitar lines and Scott Robinson's tenor and bass saxophone sounds." - Ben Ratliff, The New York Times

"Noumena is a quartet I put together to play my compositions," says Kimbrough. "The name comes from Kerouac's book On The Road, where he writes that ‘Noumena is what you see with your eyes closed.' The group features some of the most imaginative players that I've come in contact with. Scott Robinson, whom I've known for twenty years, plays tenor and bass saxophones. He's an amazing multi-instrumentalist who's well versed in the jazz tradition, yet he's always searching musically. Ben Monder is a wonderful guitarist, a real orchestrator with a fantastic imagination and incredible technique. He also knows the value of economy. Tony Moreno plays drums and percussion. He's a very sensitive listener and collaborator who's always full of surprises. Scott, Ben and I have played in Maria Schneider's band for the last six years. Tony and I met when we played in the house band at the Blue Note's late night jam sessions a few years ago."

"Frank Kimbrough has assembled an ebb and flow of shadows and light on this imaginative sax-piano-guitar-percussion quartet disc. There's nothing hurried about these compositions and improvisations - and often you can't tell the two apart. Yet there remains an ever present twilit tension and subtle call and response here that's as dramatic as your next breath." – Bill Smith,

Noumena was recorded live at a Jazz Composers Collective concert in late 1997 – the first Collective concert to be released on CD. It is the complete set, in real time, with no edits, recorded by Jon Rosenberg. The group is characterized both by a harmonic openness and a loose, transparent approach to time that give the musicians tremendous creative latitude.

" of extreme delicacy, rich with fascination....musical alchemy - magical, alive and vibrant." – Fabio Chiarini,

Frank Kimbrough: noumena Soul Note (SN 121318-2)

1. Air
2. 727
3. Nightscape
4. The Spins
5. Quiet As It's Kept
6. Over

Frank Kimbrough - piano
Scott Robinson - tenor and bass saxophones
Ben Monder - guitar
Tony Moreno - drums

all compositions by Frank Kimbrough, Kimbrough Music, BMI