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New on Sunnyside Records

Frank Kimbrough - MONK'S DREAMS: The Complete Compositions of Thelonious Sphere Monk (6-CD boxed set)
with Scott Robinson, Rufus Reid, and Billy Drummond

"arguably one of the most ambitious and significant releases of 2018.... fresh, varied and inspired." Jazziz

“delightful throughout...you'll come away with an even greater appreciation of Thelonious Monk and be blown away by the brilliant musicianship!”
Richard Kamins, Step Tempest blog

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    Latest trio release on Pirouet Records

    Frank Kimbrough - Solstice
    with Jay Anderson and Jeff Hirshfield
    compositions by Annette Peacock, Andrew Hill, George Gershwin, Carla Bley, Paul Motian, Maryanne de Prophetis, Maria Schneider and Frank Kimbrough

    "“Solstice” may well be this veteran pianist’s masterwork. It’s a sparkling consideration of favored pieces by such Kimbrough heroes as Paul Motian, Andrew Hill, and Annette Peacock, which also displays his telepathic rapport with two trusted associates: the bassist Jay Anderson and the drummer Jeff Hirshfield." The New Yorker
    “astute and poetic” – Nate Chinen, NY Times
    "a subtle pianist of uncommon finesse, a master of introspective piano art. Fabulous, fine-tuned, inspired music....a miracle in chamber format." Peter Ruedi, Die Weltwoche (Switzerland)
    Read Adam Shatz's essay on Solstice at The Paris Review Blog

    Frank Kimbrough - Meantime - Newvelle Records (LP only)

    Frank Kimbrough - piano, Andrew Zimmerman - tenor saxophone, Riley Mulherker - trumpet, Chis Van Voorst Van Beest - bass, R.J. Miller - drums

    Frank Kimbrough - QUARTET, with Steve Wilson, Jay Anderson, and Lewis Nash (Palmetto Records)

  • "This is a Quartet like the Empire State Building is a little shack."
    Will Friedwald, Wall Street Journal
    "....surefooted and poetic..."
    Nate Chinen, New York Times
    "Quartet is a brilliant example of what is truly happening in jazz right now."
    Thomas Conrad, Stereophile
    "Kimbrough operates at the intersection of modernism and the blues, creating radical music that's full of earth and hearty pulsation. Quartet is a hugely openhearted album, a document of virtuosos getting down to meat of song. The effect is radiant and intoxicating."
    Hank Shteamer, darkforcesswing.blogspot.com
    **** 1/2 "Kimbrough upholds and extends his reputation as a masterful musician capable of giving shape and substance to the diaphanous, and bending the shape of what has hitherto been structurally sound and solid."
    Dan Bilawsky, AllAboutJazz.com
    "Kimbrough remains an understated master."
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    Frank Kimbrough Trio - Chant, with Ben Allison and Jeff Ballard, is now available as a download from Palmetto Records

    Also on Palmetto Records:

    Frank Kimbrough - solo piano - Air,
    featuring original compositions and tunes by Thelonious Monk, Duke Ellington, and Paul Motian

    Top 10 Jazz Recordings of 2008 - Fred Kaplan (www.slate.com, Village Voice, Stereophile)

    "Air is a terrific piece of work, one of the half-dozen or so great solo piano albums of the past few years.... I’ve been listening to Kimbrough for 20 years now, ever since he was a protégé of Shirley Horn, up through his years as co-director (with bassist Ben Allison) of the Jazz Composers Collective, his longtime stint in Maria Schneider’s Jazz Orchestra, and his occasional projects with Joe Locke, Paul Bley, and Paul Motian. But I have never heard him play with such freedom, virtuosity, and gorgeous lyricism—all at once—as on these sessions.... The sound quality is warm and percussive. Buy this."
    Fred Kaplan, Stereophile.com

    "Air belongs to a genre that might be called "private solo piano recordings." To say that Air feels even more inner-directed and austere than most recordings in this genre is not a putdown. Kimbrough is a serious searcher and an original thinker, and Air is a high-level recital. The description is a warning to those interested in cheap piano thrills....He does not play licks and never coasts and his fresh designs are always developing, even when they barely move. Kimbrough's journeys come upon many subtle revelations of color and mood and graceful turns into sudden light."
    Thomas Conrad, Jazz Times

    "Frank Kimbrough has a great deal of experience playing solo piano...yet somehow "Air" is his first solo album. Fittingly, rewardingly, it's a mature and personal reflection. He approaches each theme with generosity and composure....His readings of Monk's "Coming On The Hudson" and "Jackie-ing", both resplendent in tensions, hint at an elusive mastery."
    Nate Chinen, The New York Times

    "Frank Kimbrough is at his most subtle and contemplative on this solo piano album full of sly wit and lovely melody. His combination of tenderheartedness and mental toughness is a rare one, indeed. The music's emotional depth and directness, leavened with unexpected quirks and imaginative touches, make it a consistently rewarding album. Kimbrough's music has always been marked by its subtlety and charm, but this solo outing really lets those virtues shine through.
    Ed Hazell, Jazziz
    "This is a beautiful recording, quite contemplative, and richly melodic.....there is not a weak moment in the program. "Air" feels like winter music, as if one should just curl up on the couch and let the sound drop down from the speakers like soft snow. Kimbrough is not a reticent pianist; he has no fear of thorny chords or ragged rhythms, but there is a romantic edge to his work, an area where melody reigns supreme. This is a sweet recording, one that pays no mind to current musical convention and therefore has a timeless feel."
    Richard B. Kamins, (Hartford)Courant.com
    ****"...a spirited, humanistic solo date...Kimbrough uncovers fresh leaves of Paul Motian, rare Duke Ellington, and two homages to Thelonious Monk that, with the best of such, veer into uncharted territories; for all its echoes and resonances, he spreads his new wrinkle less like a furrowed brow than the crease of a wide smile"
    Fred Bouchard, Downbeat
    "...one of the most stunningly beautiful solo piano records in recent times...everything appears to be working in unison through a mysterious force that connects the artist and his art. Kimbrough is a deep thinker and a gifted storyteller. His notes and expressions stick in the mind and tug at the soul."
    Raul d'Gama Rose, Allaboutjazz.com