Winner of the Best System Enhancement category
in the 1999 Newtie Awards!

January 14, 2001
New Clipboard Palette!

The only reason we hilghilght text to edit them, and that's when this text-editing keyboard pops up! And Hilite2000 (h2k) closes automatically after you're done editing the text!
It contains buttons for most of common things we do to selected text:

Hilite2000 automatically appears when an item is highlighted. There is no need to launch it. Use its various buttons to edit the selected text. It also disappears when text is unhighlighted! The "caretpaster" also appears automatically when there is an item on the clipboard. Once the clipboard is empty it dismisses itself.

I think this feature should be part of all PDAs operating systems! I've seen this only on the old Magic Cap OS and nowhere else.

In the next version I'd like to add: