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About First Time Ranch

We are about


Raising Cattle A Cut Above The Rest !

Our Business Philosophy

The objective of our business is to provide a high quality product and reliable service for our customers. We do everything the all natural way ! No Implants!  No hormones!  No steroids! Nothing but the real BEEF ! Remember we are working hard in Raising Cattle A Cut Above The Rest !
 We hope you enjoy visiting our website and give us a call to assist in finding you the perfect beefmaster. The Elite of the Elite. First Time Ranch & Beefmaster Cattle Co. Ltd. is all about RAISING CATTLE A CUT ABOVE THE REST and OFFERING THEM TO YOU OUR VALUABLE CUSTOMER! Thank you for letting us serve you to the best of our ability "Our Valuable Customer".

Our Breeding Philosophy
Our Cattle Raising Principles are Simple But VERY Affective :
1)   Pedigree -  Historical Performance  (cattle's historical data (Proven Performance))
2)  Physicals - Today's Performance (cattle's physical data and traits today - How they Look and Perform TODAY!)
3)  DNA - Tomorrow's (Future) Performance (where we want to take our cattle performance tomorrow - making them better through DNA testing and predictions)

Our Dedication

First Time Ranch & Beefmaster Cattle Company Ltd. has some of the Best Registered Beefmasters.  This can be see in just some of our Top Sires "Sundance"(son of "Scarlet's Pride"), "Cassidy" the son of "Total Eclipse"x"Precious Treasures",   and  semen used from top bulls such as "BlackJack 21", "Onyx", "Grand Cherokee", "Crimson Magic", "Cavalier", "King Cotton", "Atlas", "Charlie's Pride", "Spartacus", "Tiger Paw", "Sgt Pepper", "Bandlero", "Black Gold", "Blizzard", "Mr.Coffee", "Havana", "Postman", " Big Show", "Desperado", " Night Train",   "Celebrity", "CJ Advantage", "Total Eclipse", "Gladiator", and "Rangers Pride";  just to name a few.
Several of our prime proud Dams are:  "Lady Daisy Belle" (the daughter of "Atlas");   "Miss Sandy" (the granddaughter of "Spartacus");   "Dutchess" the daughter of "Polled Warrier" she is the mother of "Paddi-Jo" who is the daughter of "CJ Advantage"; "Lady Lacy" (daughter of "Grand Cherokee" x "Juliette") who is the mother of "MoonLight";   "Two Socks" (daughter of Prolific") who is the mother of "First Lady" which is the daughter of "Celebrity";  "TBone" (granddaughter of "Cavalier"):   "Jessabelle" (Daughter of "SmoothConnection") who is the mother of polled "Avery";  "Velvet Lady" (daughter of "King Cotton" x "Lady Tiger") who is the mother of "Black Velvet" she is the daughter of "Total Eclipse"; Hallie Berry (daughter of :"Prodigal Son" x "Fancy B"; "Delilah" the daughter of "Polled Perfection"; and "CC" the daughter of "Black Gold"; just to name a few. We have many to many to mention.

Our Company

We have been interested in starting our own customer focused business for many, many, years and are excited to have finally reached that goal. Taking our business to the web makes the process even more exciting.
We take pride in our commitment, honesty, and hard work for you. We invite you to be our special quest to visit our ranch. See what we have to offer to you, our dedicated customer!

Our Ranch

All naturally raised high quality cattle is what we do and we enjoy it!  
Location: Busters Pond on FIrst Time Ranch
There is nothing like All Naturally Raised Premium Beefmaster Cattle.
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