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"Sundance" One Of Our Sire Beefmaster Bulls


The Red Bull of Choice. Purchase your semen today!

Sundance has predictable offspring. Typically, dark red with muscle, depth, length, and sound structure. Heifers with feminine faces and traits.  This bull is excellent for consistancy and balance!  
  • Sundance's Show Heifers and Show Steers are Winners in the Ring !
  • Sundance's  Herdsire Bulls are Grand Champions !
  • Sundance's  Bred Heifers are Grand Champions!
  • Sundance's Cows are Champions!
Our Cattle Raising Principles are Simple But VERY Affective :
1)   Pedigree -  Historical Performance
cattle's historical data (Proven Performance)
2)  Physicals - Today's Performance
cattle's physical data and traits today (How they Look and Perform TODAY!)
3)  DNA - Tomorrow's (Future) Performance
where we want to take our cattle performance tomorrow - making them better through DNA testing and predictions
***  ALERT ***
 Sundance was injured and had to be put down.  We offer offspring of his through the use of Artificial Insemination. We also offer A LIMITED AMOUNT OF SEMEN. 
UNFORTUNATELY, there is now a LIMITED amount of both offspring and semen! 

Date Of Birth


Adjusted 205 Weaning Weight

603 pounds

Adjusted 365 Yearling Weight

1,421 pounds

Actual Weight 10/2006

2,545 pounds

Scrotum Measurement at 5 Yrs. Old

49.5 cm

BBU Classified

U 1/1

Updated EPD's as Fall 2009

BW  +2.8
WW +15
YW +20
MT -3
TM +5.0

SC +0.7

Gene Star Results
For additional details visit "Bovigen" website (